Nope review Ending Explained:Camera detonates balloon and kills monster

Movie Nope Detailed plot analysis

The male protagonist OJ (Daniel Kaluuya) is a professional horse trainer in an amusement park. His daily job is to train horses to complete some difficult movements. Although not very rich, the monthly salary can barely support the family’s life.

This afternoon, OJ came home from get off work as usual. He took out his mobile phone and wanted to contact his sister to go home for dinner. As a result, when I looked down, my phone went black for no reason. Before OJ could react, there was another ear-piercing low sound from above his head, as if something had fallen to the ground.

Dad, who was still training horses just now, suddenly fell off his horse. He hurried over to check and found that there was an extra hole in Dad’s head. Before arriving at the hospital, my father died. What’s even more bizarre is that the doctor found a coin in Dad’s head. The sudden strangeness made OJ’s back feel cold. How could so many coins fall from the sky? But what OJ didn’t expect was that the weird things had just begun.

At night, there was a sudden power outage in the house, and OJ turned his head to look. A mysterious unknown object appeared in the sky. After the mysterious object disappeared, the power supply was miraculously restored. He hurriedly turned on the monitor, wanting to see what was just now, but there was nothing in the monitor. The series of strange things made OJ a little uneasy, but the little sister on the side was excited. Combined with OJ’s statement, she felt that the thing just now may be a legendary UFO, and if it can be confirmed, it will surely make a sensation in the world.

In order to investigate the mysterious flying object, the siblings decided to upgrade their monitoring equipment. Early the next morning, the two went to a nearby town, where they purchased high-definition surveillance and backup power. This allows the monitoring to function properly even in the event of a power outage.

When I got home, my sister couldn’t wait to install the surveillance cameras on the roof. Night fell quickly, and the two were waiting at the window. But the two brothers and sisters squatted for a long time without seeing the so-called flying objects. Just when OJ thought that the flying objects would not appear, the lights in the mansion suddenly turned on. He came to Maji, but there was no one here. OJ thought that the horse touched the switch by mistake and didn’t care, but just as he was about to leave, the white horse in the mansion seemed to sense something, and it broke free from the rope and ran wild.

The hapless OJ accidentally tripped, and he got up in a hurry to get back to the white horse. But when he looked up, OJ saw a strange scene again. Looking at the statue that was sucked into the sky, OJ’s whole person is not well, what is it that can suck a ton of statues into the sky? Just when OJ was in a daze, the sister behind him suddenly shouted, she told her brother to run, there was something in the sky. Although he didn’t know what happened, OJ didn’t dare to stop. OJ hurriedly hid in the trap, and the flying object in the sky left strangely.

Looking at the long flying object, my sister became more convinced of her guess, it must be the legendary UFO. The two hurriedly turned on the surveillance, but unfortunately the surveillance still did not capture anything. Just when his sister was lost, OJ discovered something was wrong. He noticed a strange cloud on the hillside. The other clouds were moving all the time, but this one remained motionless. This convinced OJ that the aliens might be hiding in that cloud.

OJ asked Brandon Perea, who installed the monitor, to point the monitor at the cloud. As long as the cloud layer moved, the spacecraft would definitely be photographed. Just as my sister and Brandon Perea were adjusting their angles, the cloud suddenly moved. OJ looked around and saw that the target of the clouds was actually the circus below, and he hurriedly drove over.

The audience in the circus didn’t know that the disaster was coming. The host was about to start the show. Just as he was about to release the pony from the cage, a strong wind suddenly blew around the venue, and then there was a harsh low sound in the sky. …… By the time OJ arrives, the entire circus has been blown to ruins. Tourists and staff also mysteriously disappeared, leaving only a pig on the roof. Looking at the tragic scene, OJ’s legs became weak. But before he could react, the mysterious flying object appeared again. OJ hurriedly hid, and through the gap, he clearly saw that the mysterious flying object was not a UFO at all, but a monster with a huge mouth. Apparently, the missing tourists must have been eaten by it.

OJ immediately told his sister what he had found, but just halfway through his words, a harsh low voice came from the other end of the phone. Immediately after the communication was interrupted, the younger sister looked up and saw that the monster had come to the top of the house. She and Brandon Perea hurriedly hid under the sofa. It didn’t take long for the sound to disappear, and the two thought the monster was gone, so they went out to check. But as soon as he got up, there was a sparse sound from above his head. My sister turned her head and saw that red rain was dripping from the window. Immediately afterwards, many objects fell from the sky.

OJ, who was driving back, also saw this scene, and the statue that disappeared yesterday just hit his car. OJ could only hide in the car and did not dare to go out until the strange rain stopped the next morning. OJ hurriedly drove back to the racecourse, luckily his sister and Brandon Perea were not found by the monster. The three hurriedly drove out of the area.

The strange things about the circus soon spread to the outside world, and a director specializing in investigating supernatural events found OJ. When he learned that there was a monster in the cloud, he decided to record it with a camera. But monsters can eat people, how can we get them out? The director thought of a way. He found a lot of balloon dummies and placed them in the open space of the farm. As long as the wind blows, the dummy will sway with the wind, and the monster must be able to see these things.

In order to make sure nothing goes wrong, the director also found a hand-cranked camera. That way, the monster’s electromagnetism can’t interfere with the camera. Everything was ready, and everyone hid on the hillside. But just as everyone was waiting for the monster to appear, a gust of sand suddenly rose not far away. My sister walked in and saw that a motorcycle guy seemed to be filming something. The man, Devon Graye, an internet celebrity with millions of followers, had also heard about the circus. Devon Graye drove to the farm in order to get hot.

The younger sister knew how powerful the monster was, and she made an excuse to trick Devon Graye into leaving. But Devon Graye didn’t listen at all. He stepped up the accelerator and rushed to the plain not far away. But as soon as he entered, something strange happened. The motorcycle suddenly stopped, Devon Graye and the car fell to the ground, OJ immediately realized that something was wrong, and he hurried over on horseback. But Devon Graye still didn’t realize the seriousness of the matter, and he insisted on staying. Just when the two were arguing, the monster appeared again. Seeing that Devon Graye was unwilling to leave, OJ had to run alone.

Although Devon Graye bought OJ a little time, how could it be possible for four legs to fly in the sky. It didn’t take long for the monster to fly over OJ’s head. At this time, OJ remembered yesterday’s encounter, and the monster seemed to recognize its prey by sound. He hurriedly stopped the horse and remained motionless. This trick really worked, the monster didn’t even find him. At this moment, a strong wind blew, the dummies around made a noise, and the monster was led over. Seeing the monster go away, OJ immediately starts running. But he didn’t run for a few minutes when the monster came back.

Nope review Ending Explained:Camera detonates balloon and kills monster

Movie Nope Ending Explained

In order to record the whole picture of the monster, the director ventured out of the studio, only to be swallowed by the monster. After the monster ate, the director actually evolved, and after the demeanor, the monster changed from an oval shape to a super-large butterfly, and the evolved monster seemed to have grown eyes. It stared at OJ in the distance. Just as the monster opened its mouth to swallow OJ, the sister on the side flashed by on Devon Graye’s motorcycle, and the roar of the engine successfully attracted the monster. At this time, my sister saw the puppet balloon of the circus. This kind of large balloon is filled with hydrogen gas. As long as it touches a little spark, it will instantly become a super bomb.

The younger sister hurriedly turned around and led the monster to the circus. Before the monster arrived, she undid the rope that tied the puppet balloon. The huge doll balloon quickly caught the attention of the monster, and just as the monster chased the balloon, the younger sister came to a dry well. There is an old-fashioned star camera hidden in the well, which emits a strong light when taking pictures, and my sister is going to use the flash to detonate the balloon. Seeing the monster open its square mouth, my sister saw the right moment and shook the handle. After a loud bang, the monster just disappeared.

Movie Nope review

The most interesting thing about the American film Nope is the elastic flow between the story level, the narrative level, and the metaphorical level, so that the story maintains a sense of rhythm even at the climax. There are still too many inflection points in structure, spectacle and metaphor. The most exciting part of the UFO swallowed the whole town crowd and rained blood on the character door! Chimpanzees on stage! I know this is inseparable from the topic of race. In the plot of detonating the puppet balloon at the end, is there really a camera that can detonate a hydrogen balloon? This may be the legendary art, encounter the photo war of aliens! Return to the original essence of the film “recording”. Image is a weapon, and we are fighting an invisible, huge, ever-changing enemy that is above us and all around us. Finally, Emerald’s efforts cannot be ignored, a photo is to witness the truth and lies of the moment!

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