Off The Hook Season 1 review French Comedy TV Series

Off The Hook Season 1 review French Comedy TV Series

The Netflix French comedy series Off The Hook is like hot chocolate on a winter night, sweet and warm, and the plot revolves around two cousins. Léa (Tiphaine Daviot) and Manon (Manon Azem) are women in their 30s looking for a stable life, both addicted to their phones and social media.

Off The Hook review

The opening basically sets the scene, introducing us to Lea and Manon in the same fun way. Lea was obsessed with her ex-boyfriend Guillaume, whom she had followed for more than a year, and eventually, he blocked her online. Meanwhile, Manon is trying to make it big in the music business, but an on-stage misfortune has catapulted her to Internet fame, with memes and hashtags that seem to destroy her career as well as her mental health. Both young women were impulsive when they were drunk and decided to smash their phones and say goodbye to technology. This is easier said than done.

The show’s two storylines are intertwined, and both delve into the dangers of addiction and how difficult it is to quit. This series isn’t about alcohol, drugs, or gambling, it’s about social media addiction. Together, Lea and Manon feel like they’re walking down the street in their panties, which is a great way to show how vulnerable a person can be when they’re trying to let go of something that has become integral to their way of life.

As far as comedy goes, the characters are quirky in their own right and definitely standout. Lea is a hopelessly romantic person with many flaws, and you can only support her silently and make her life better. As for Manon, she is strong and determined, with a never-say-die attitude.

Overall Off The Hook is a funny but flawed French comedy drama with characters that are certainly endearing. If you like lighthearted things, this show is definitely worth watching.

Off The Hook Season 1 Plot

Léa started the show by creating multiple accounts, stalking ex-boyfriend Guillaume on Instagram, installing a spy camera on his bike and hacking into his phone and email. Guillaume found out and stopped her. In desperation, she broke into his workplace and was quickly arrested. Eventually, Guillaume got fed up with her antics and complained to the police.

Meanwhile, Manon aspires to be a rapper. Manon was widely ridiculed online during embarrassment, when people made videos and posted them on the Internet.

The cousins ​​later realised they were so addicted to their phones and social media that they decided to wean themselves off electronic devices for a month. They gave all the equipment to Gagan, the owner of the local convenience store, for safekeeping.

Unfortunately, this plan to quit electronic devices is easier said than done, especially in a world where 99% of people are on the Internet. These two women try to change their lives.

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