Orphan: First Kill plot analysis Ending Explained & Review

Remember “Orphan” in 2009? After 13 years, the sequel “Orphan: First Kill” is finally here. Still the little girl, she seemed to have grown up, but it wasn’t obvious.

Orphan: First Kill Detailed plot analysis

In an orphanage in Estalia, there is such a lovely little girl named leena(Isabelle Fuhrman). In fact, she is 31 years old, but because of dwarfism, leena still looks like a child. Don’t be fooled by her little girl’s appearance, she is a fierce and intelligent beast.

Leena, who is very eager to get father’s love, will often watch TV with father’s love day to satisfy the vacancy in her heart. A security guard came to deliver something to leena, and leena lured the security guard into his room with sweet words, and then killed the security guard. Leena took the security guard’s access card and went out through the heavy checkpoints. She then hid in the trunk of an orphanage worker’s car and was killed by Leena when the worker arrived at the home.

Leena walked into the staff’s home and searched the Internet for information on missing children in the United States. She found a little girl who looked like herself among the missing children, and began to impersonate her, and changed her name to Esther.

Orphan: First Kill plot analysis Ending Explained & Review

Esther was deliberately swinging outside by himself late at night, and was found by police officers patrolling nearby. Esther’s parents, Allen(Rossif Sutherland) and Tricia(Julia Stiles), were contacted by the U.S. embassy after he told police his parents were in the United States.

Tricia went to Estonia to take Esther back to the United States. At the airport, Esther was greeted by his father Allen and Esther’s older brother Gunnar(Matthew Finlan). The moment Allen saw Esther, his eyes filled with excitement. Gunnar also greeted his sister warmly, and the family’s happy time kicked off. I don’t know if it looks too similar, or the family misses their daughter so much that they didn’t realize that this Esther was a fake.

Tricia told Esther that she would take her to a psychiatrist the next day, saying that the psychiatrist had seen Esther before, and there was a parrot named Sydney there. On the second day, the psychiatrist asked when Esther disappeared and what happened to her during this time? Esther immediately changed the subject and started fighting the parrot next to him. In order to prove that he was Esther, he deliberately called the parrot’s name “Sydney”.

After that, the doctor called Tricia to the office, and Esther overheard the conversation between the doctor and Tricia next to him. The doctor told Tricia that Esther did not look like your daughter, she had just called the parrot by the name Sydney, but the parrot was not Sydney, who had died two years earlier.

Esther tore her clothes on purpose, and asked Tricia to take her home immediately. On the way back, Esther found a man secretly filming her. After returning home, Allen packed a studio for Esther after learning that Esther likes to paint, which moved Esther very much. In the afternoon, Tricia found a notebook in Esther’s room. When she was about to open it, Esther rushed to grab the notebook and hid it in the cabinet.

During dinner at night, the man who secretly photographed Esther during the day came to the house. It turned out that the man who secretly photographed Esther was Donnan, a policeman who was also in charge of Esther’s disappearance. Esther hid behind the door and eavesdropped on their conversation. Donnan expressed the hope that he could collect some of Esther’s hair and go back to verify that Esther was Tricia and Allen’s daughter. Donnan’s suggestion was rejected by Allen, who believed that Esther was their biological daughter, and Donnan had to leave.

Esther knew her identity might be revealed, and she planned to sneak out of the house stealing jewelry and cash. But when she left, she found that Allen was staying up late to paint for herself. Esther was moved by Allen’s actions, and she decided to stay for a while.

The next night Tricia and Allen went out to the party, leaving Gunnar and Esther at home, where Gunnar invited some friends to have a party. At this time, police officer Donnan came uninvited. He used the bathroom for an excuse, but in fact, he quietly came to Esther’s room and stole the record from Esther’s room, intending to take it back to extract fingerprints for comparison. But when Donnan came out of Esther’s room, Esther found him. Esther thought Donnan was here to steal her notebook, she checked that the notebook was still there, but her record was taken away, which made Esther very angry.

Tricia and Allen then returned home, only to find that Esther was not there. Tricia came to Esther’s house and found the notebook. Tricia opened the notebook and found that Esther seemed to have a special feeling for Allen. Tricia also found Donnan’s photo, and the seal of the orphanage in the notebook, and Tricia immediately realized that Esther was on the move.

Donnan quickly extracted Esther’s fingerprints. After comparison, it was confirmed that Esther was a counterfeit, but Donnan was one step too late and was killed by Esther. Then Tricia arrived and shot Donnan a few more times. Are you all stunned when you see this? In fact, Tricia knew from the beginning that Esther was a fake, because the real Esther had been killed by her brother Gunnar in four years, and Tricia did not want to lose her only son. She and Gunnar dump Esther’s body in a dry well, without telling Allen, and Tricia reports Esther’s disappearance to the police.

Why didn’t Tricia expose Esther? Because police officer Donnan has always suspected that Esther was killed by Tricia, but he cannot be convicted if the body cannot be found. The appearance of fake Esther can help him get rid of suspicion, so Tricia did not expose Esther. Esther can obviously leave with the money, so why should he stay? Esther didn’t answer her, but at this moment Esther hoped that Tricia would let him go, she promised Tricia would leave forever, because she was afraid.

However, Tricia didn’t plan to let Esther go. She asked Esther to cooperate with her to finish the trick, or she would expose her and send her back to the orphanage. When they got home, Tricia reminded Gunnar to watch out for Esther. After that, Tricia began to transform Esther, starting from the appearance, making her look like a good girl, and inviting relatives and friends to come to the house as guests. At the same time, I saw the psychiatrist again, and the two cooperated perfectly in front of everyone, so Tricia successfully dispelled everyone’s doubts.

Tricia saw that the time was right to get rid of Esther. She sprinkled poison on her daughter’s egg fried rice, and her daughter Esther was more alert. She said she wanted to bring the rice to the room to eat, and then she gave it to her little one. pet. At night, Esther found the little pet dead, which completely ignited the anger in Esther’s heart.

After having breakfast the next day, Allen went on a business trip, and Tricia bluntly said that she would throw Esther into the dry well. Esther drove away from Tricia’s car, Tricia immediately called the police, and Esther was brought back by the police shortly after. Tricia told officers that Esther had been mentally ill since returning and had been prone to self-harm. Apparently, Tricia found a reason to exonerate in advance to kill Esther.

Orphan: First Kill Ending Explained

Tricia and Gunnar stopped pretending, Gunnar hugged Esther, Tricia planned to cut Esther’s wrist with scissors. At this moment, Esther’s mouthful of thick phlegm spit in Tricia’s mind window, and then an iron elbow hit Gunnar in the waist, taking the opportunity to escape. Gunnar immediately chased after him, hugged Esther and threw it hard, and Esther was knocked down the stairs and didn’t move.

Allen called and said he would be back soon. They looked back and found Esther was gone, and then Gunnar grabbed Esther with a sword, then Esther appeared behind him with a crossbow, and shot Gunnar down with a precise shot. Then Esther picked up Gunnar’s sword and kept stabbing him, and by the time Tricia arrived, Esther was exhausted.

Tricia then forces Esther into the kitchen, where both sides are injured after a fight. Esther then set fire to the house and fled to the roof, followed by Tricia. At this time, Allen also rushed to the house, and when the two scuffled on the roof, their feet slipped and both hung on the edge of the eaves. Allen arrives with a world-class problem in front of him, with his daughter and wife hanging from the eaves, who should you save first?

Even though Tricia says Esther is fake, Allen saves Esther and Tricia falls. Allen squeezed Esther’s face excitedly, but he didn’t expect to get Esther’s dentures out. Allen also realized that the daughter was fake. Esther got nervous and accidentally pushed Allen down.

In the end, the police believed that the couple jumped off the building to avoid the fire. Leena successfully got rid of the suspicion and was sent to the orphanage again, waiting for adoption by the next family.

Orphan: First Kill plot analysis Ending Explained & Review

Orphan: First Kill Review

The first half of the story is the kind of plot that you can know without looking at it. Although the reversal of black and black is a bit interesting, the mother is obviously too stupid. The mother’s direct showdown has no meaning at all except to make herself passive. A prequel was filmed more than ten years later, and the actors were still the same, which seemed to be much less persuasive. I think since the first one is already known, what else is there to watch? I didn’t expect a reversal, so it exceeded my expectations.

However, the pace of the plot is too fast, and it can be a little more detailed. The problem with most prequels is that the audience loses the surprise when they know the future fate of the characters, and this movie is no exception. What the film can do is to reproduce the background settings of the previous work, repeat some of the bridges of the previous work in limited scenes, and stage the climax of the film in the second half.

On the production level, technological advances have been able to give actors a whole new look. Although the little girl Isabelle Fuhrman is an adult, she is digitally transformed back into a little girl, which is an absolute treat for the actor’s performance.

The whole film is foggy, even in broad daylight I can’t see the characters clearly. Since it is a prequel, in fact, the ending has long been expected, but I didn’t expect that Esther in this film is not like the previous one, but a psychopathic woman who simply loves to grab men. A real case in reality is used in the story. Although that case is still unsolved in reality, it is clear that the plot development of this movie is a reasonable guess by most people about that unsolved case. Because of the addition of this real case, the whole story has a feeling of “reversing good and evil”.

The fly in the ointment is that the film doesn’t seem to have a particularly complete framework. Although the development of the story has some reversals, the game between the two sides hastily ended within a few rounds. Especially the ending part is rather sloppy, and the overall look and feel can’t help but look a little thin. In short, it is still a fairly qualified prequel movie.

2009’s “Orphan” was a horror film that made viewers experience insecurities through the adoption of a child by a normal family. Children are not children, but also the biggest reversal and selling point, and also the villain’s biggest charm and innovation. When this reversal has become well known to everyone, the audience will follow this perspective to see whether her criminal purpose can succeed, the sense of terror and horror disappears, and it becomes a crime movie in which criminals kill each other.

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