Purple Hearts Ending Explained: Cassie and Luke live happily ever after

Purple Hearts is a love story where Cassie and Luke come from different backgrounds and have different life goals. Although they intend to part ways, their paths cross.

The movie is full of emotion and soul, and has great music to complement the story. It also makes the audience worry about the protagonists, because if the secret is revealed, it could mean the end of their careers. Along the way, they have to deal with other issues. If you’re wondering how Cassie and Luke will end, we’ve got spoilers for you

Cassie works in a bar and she also performs with her band. In addition to that, she was a delivery boy, and in order not to be kicked out of the apartment, she gave piano lessons to the landlord’s daughter. As if that wasn’t enough, Type 1 diabetes made her medical bills even more unaffordable. She needs insulin for maintenance, but her insurance doesn’t cover insulin, which is too expensive for her.

When she discovered that marrying a Marine would give her insurance and financial security, she found a solution to this dilemma. She met Luke, who had just enlisted and was ready to go to Iraq for the first time, he was leaving in a few weeks, and he had a debt…

Cassie and Luke seem like a match made in heaven, but the problem is they are two completely different people. Thankfully, Luke’s time in Iraq created distance between them, which allowed them to develop a friendship that was tested when Luke came home from an injury. Now, they must continue their sham marriage lest anyone discover their secret and be criminally charged.

Purple Hearts Ending Explained

Things are always a little dangerous for Luke and Cassie. Their first meeting didn’t make a good impression, and if it wasn’t for their personal reasons, they would have wanted to keep their distance from each other. It was a stopgap marriage for both of them. Over the course of their marriage, a friendship and understanding developed that was never expected.

Despite their differences, they take care of each other. Cassie helps Luke recover from his injury and Luke takes care of her as she is almost unconscious due to her diabetes. They became so close that they successfully fooled everyone about the nature of their marriage. But then, Luke’s past upsets the atmosphere and unravels their fake romance.

Drug dealer Johnno begins to pester Luke to pay back the money. It turns out that after his mother’s death, Luke was infected with drugs. One day he was cornered and stole a very expensive car that had gone to his father’s garage and he destroyed it. Luke had to borrow some money from John. When he married Cassie, Luke started getting extra money, allowing him to slowly start repaying Johnno.

To remind him of his debt, Johnno broke into Cassie’s mother’s house. Seeing that his past is dangerous to Cassie, Luke decides to pay off the entire debt, but he also hits Johnno. Johnno got revenge by telling Cassie’s mother the truth about their marriage. Not only that, but he also exposes Luke, which leads to his arrest and court-martial. Before his court appearance, both he and Cassie felt their relationship had changed a lot from when it started.

Cassie wrote songs about him, which skyrocketed the popularity of her band. She’s written songs before, but doesn’t have the emotional depth of this one. For Luke, Cassie has been a source of support since his drug problems escalated and left his family at a distance from him. Cassie even bought Luke a dog!

In the end, Luke sacrificed his entire career to set Cassie on the path to success. She started getting some gigs that really propelled her career.

During the hearing, Luke put all the blame on himself to avoid Cassie’s trial in civil court. For this, he was sentenced to six months in prison, after which he will be released for good behavior. As he prepares to go to prison, Cassie performs at the Hollywood Bowl. As she sings the song she wrote for Luke, she realizes that despite everything, she still loves Luke. After the show, she hurried to find Luke.

She caught Luke just in time and confessed to him. They both agreed not to divorce, despite their initial plans to divorce. They realize that in playing the roles of husband and wife, they have real feelings for each other. Despite their many differences in thinking and ideology, they have found one thing in common, they look to each other for support and care, and they won’t give up on all of them. So, when Luke came home, they started a real marriage.

In the end we see Cassie, Luke and their dog and live happily ever after.

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