Resident Evil Episode 3 & 4 Recap

Resident Evil Episode 3 Recap

The zombies are too diligent, tirelessly pushing the turntable generator, and the converted electricity illuminates the originally dark bunker, bringing precious light to countless people. Jade Wesker is very puzzled. Why do zombies with no thinking ability take the initiative to do coolies? At this moment, the working zombies suddenly stopped moving, the lights in the room became flickering due to lack of electricity, and there was the sound of a chainsaw turning not far away, Jade Wesker hurriedly picked up his head and looked over, a guard from an umbrella company was led In front of the man in the hood with the chainsaw in his hand. I saw the man in the hood cut the poor guard into several pieces, and the zombies at the bottom of the building smelled the blood and became restless. The man in the hood ignored it, but threw the meat into a dark iron cage. There was only one zombie held here, which was obviously a very special existence.

I saw that this special zombie suddenly started screaming in the sky after eating and drinking, and those zombie coolies that were originally still began to mechanically push the turntable again. Jade Wesker was dumbfounded. Did zombies evolve social relationships? The fat man Buck on the side was nervous. The one who just became food was his subordinate. Maybe the next one would be him, so he immediately decided to escape from here. Jade Wesker, who was behind her, knew that now was not the time to care about personal vendettas. She quickly stood up to help, and the two of them worked together to finally pry open the iron door. After a few tricks to overturn the guards, Buck released his subordinates immediately. The poor Texas Chainsaw Maniac was just about to get angry when he was shot and killed by Buck.

There are a lot of weapons stored in the iron cabinet on the wall, and all the guards of the umbrella have one hand, and they began to fight back against the bunker militants. Buck thought this was not exciting enough, so he opened all the cages of the zombies in one breath, and the three parties fought together, and suddenly fell into a chaos. I have to say that Buck’s skills are much more agile than imagined. But Jade Wesker did not participate in it. She had a more important purpose, which was to find the leading zombie, which was the best specimen for studying virus evolution.

Jade Wesker grabbed a fleeing bunker guard and asked about the origin of the lead zombie. It turned out that they were accidentally discovered in the forest, and they were called the Queen of Zombies by everyone. Suddenly, a whistling sound came, and the zombie queen walked out with a group of zombie younger brothers. Jade Wesker saw the opportunity and pulled down the gate in time to isolate the zombie queen from her younger brother. Jade Wesker chopped off the head of the zombie queen with a chainsaw, and the zombies beside him suddenly fell into a frenzy. Jade Wesker didn’t dare to stay any longer, picked up the queen’s head and didn’t leave. But the zombies behind her were chasing after her. She hid in a small room. Unexpectedly, it was a completely enclosed space. The zombies kept flapping at the only exit. Jade Wesker was obviously in a desperate situation. She silently picked up the satellite phone and finished the job with her daughter. Finally said goodbye, and then stood up and prepared to fight with the zombies at the door. Unexpectedly, the chainsaw broke at a critical moment. She angrily threw the chainsaw on the ground, but accidentally saw a box of grenades. Jade Wesker pulled off the safety ring of the grenade and threw it at the zombies.

Jade Wesker looked at the corpses all over the ground, and walked out of the door staggeringly. He happened to meet Buck who was still fighting in blood. He didn’t expect that there were so many zombies in the bunker. The two fought and retreated, and were finally forced to the corner of the elevator shaft. Jade Wesker jumped up without hesitation, followed by Fatty Buck, but unfortunately he was so heavy that Jade Wesker couldn’t pull it at all. In the end, it was pulled down by the zombies, and the poor buck was drowned in the zombie tide.

This time it was Jade Wesker who escaped alone, and she was taking a deep breath of fresh air, never feeling so happy. Just when Jade Wesker was about to leave, there was a huge roar in the sky, and the strong light shone her eyes. Unexpectedly, the guard of the protective umbrella appeared again, and this time Jade Wesker was unable to escape. When the guard at the front took off his helmet, Jade Wesker instantly showed a very shocked expression, and his thoughts returned to before the outbreak of the natural disaster virus. At the beginning, she bypassed the firewall through the computer, and found out that many years ago, the employees of the umbrella company who were bitten by experimental animals fell into a frenzy and hurt people. Jade Wesker had to tell Billie the news, even if his life was short, Billie should have the right to know the truth.

Looking at the countdown set on the phone, there were only more than 3 hours left before the attack, Billie decided that even if he died, he had to live a wonderful life in the last moments of his life. So she took the initiative to say that she was going to attend the party organized by her classmates, where she forgot all the sadness and showed the splendor that the girl in the flower season should have. But the arrival of a man instantly destroyed the atmosphere of the scene. He was the reporter Rubio who had passed the video with Jade Wesker before. He knew that someone here was bitten by an experimental animal, and he had to come to see it from a long distance. Rubio quickly found sister Jade Wesker through the location of his mobile phone. He understood the dangers of contracting the T virus better than anyone.

The old raccoon city was destroyed many years ago because of this. In order to prevent the situation from getting out of control, the official detonated a nuclear bomb to raze the old raccoon city to the ground, not because of the gas leak as publicized. Billie felt it was too big and had to talk to his father Albert. Rubio was immediately surprised. Didn’t Albert already die in a nuclear explosion, so who is this father now? Sister Jade Wesker thinks Rubio is talking nonsense and doesn’t want to mess with him any more.

Reporter Rubio is surrounded by guards, and it turns out that his investigation over the years has been detected by the umbrella. In a secret interrogation room, Evelyn, the owner of the umbrella company, asked Rubio where he came from. Rubio did not hide, saying that someone in the new raccoon city was bitten by an experimental dog, and the tragedy must be stopped as soon as possible. But exactly who was infected, Rubio did not know at this time. Sister Jade Wesker watched the reporters being taken away, she was very guilty and ran down the street. At this time, it was not far from the 72-hour attack time. Billie could even feel his body shaking. Could it be that the corpse transformation is about to start? Jade Wesker stared at the countdown nervously. When the number on the dial returned to 0, nothing happened to Billie. Change, the sisters instantly burst into tears. The reporter was really a liar, but Jade Wesker kept his eye on it. The news reported on the Internet could not be all fake. Maybe my father knew some inside stories.

The two little girls searched around in their home and found a lot of unexpected things. There was a dog whistle in the cabinet and a work notebook under the bed. Because he couldn’t log in because he didn’t know the password, Jade Wesker immediately thought of his fellow hacker Simon. With his help, Jade Wesker turned on the computer and checked everything one by one. An e-mail that requires a specific action to send caught her eye with a terrifying content that, if Albert dies suddenly, the umbrella will take the Jade Wesker sisters.

The two sisters had to leave as soon as possible, so Albert left a bag for them. Following the clues, the two sisters finally found a black travel bag in the dark compartment under the piano, which contained some cash and two fake passports for their escape. This makes the two sisters even more confused, convinced that the father and the umbrella company are hiding a big secret. The hacker classmates reminded that in this case, they would definitely hide some important information in a more concealed dark room. The two sisters avoided the surveillance at home and began to carefully search the wall. They found a hidden sensor switch behind the cabinet. The sisters tried it with their own fingerprints and faces, but there was no response at all, presumably only Albert himself could open it.

The hacker friend reminded again that generally this kind of sensor switch will definitely have a backup opening method. Jade Wesker remembered the dog whistle she found in the cabinet. She tried to blow it. The pet dog at home ran over immediately. Jade Wesker picked it up and shook it from side to side. The sensor switch changed color instantly, and a hidden secret door opened. . The two sisters walked in curiously, but they didn’t expect it to be a hidden laboratory, which should be where Albert worked at home. In the freezer, they found blood drawn from their own bodies every week, and there were many old videos in the closet, dating from the time when the old Raccoon City was destroyed.

Jade Wesker casually took out a videotape and watched it. The content was that the German soldiers of the Umbrella Company were catching a terrifying monster called Lisa. The eyes on his back made people shudder. Jade Wesker opened the work log in the computer, which contained a very detailed test record after Billie was bitten, which made Billie feel very uncomfortable and wanted to leave here immediately. Jade Wesker nodded in agreement, and planned to take all the video files with him before leaving, even the main computer. Who knows the next moment, the laboratory’s alarm sounded, presumably Jade Wesker’s operation of unplugging the computer triggered the safety program, and as the countdown ended, countless flames appeared around the laboratory, burning all equipment and materials. The two sisters hid in the center nervously, and were not affected by the flames.

It didn’t take long for the fire to be doused with spray, and the door to the laboratory opened again. Father Albert walked in with a gloomy face, and the two sisters were so frightened that they backed away. At this moment, his father seemed to be a different person and began to yell at them. Billie behind him picked up the iron bench and smashed it at Albert, making him lose it immediately. Consciousness passed out. When Albert woke up again and found himself tied to a chair and unable to move, his attitude became much more relaxed. He said that everything he did was to protect the two sisters, and at the same time, he also answered many questions for them. It turned out that Lisa in the video was a human who was injected with the T virus, and Billie was also infected without any change. It was because Albert had modified Billie’s genes at the embryonic stage of the virus. Only then did the two sisters know that they were both artificially cultivated. But Billie didn’t get sick after being bitten, so she must not let the umbrella know. Jade Wesker immediately remembered that Rubio, the reporter who was taken away by the protective umbrella, knew a lot of news. Albert instantly became nervous and said that he had to go to the company to solve the disaster immediately. Sister Wesker knew about her life experience, and although she was unhappy, she still chose to believe in her father.

Resident Evil Episode 3 & 4 Recap

Resident Evil Episode 4 Recap

Jade Wesker escaped from a bunker full of zombies and encountered the most powerful armed organization, the Umbrella Company. When the leading guard took off his helmet, Jade Wesker’s eyes widened, not realizing that the other person was actually his twin sister. Jade Wesker was quickly taken into a bunker, and even the head of the zombie queen was taken away. The sisters met for the first time after many years, and there was no happy fusion as imagined. It was obvious that their positions were completely opposite. Billie is at the heart of the Umbrella Company, and Jade Wesker can’t stand the wanton destruction of the world by the umbrella. Jade Wesker is now thinking of a research organization called “University”. After being reprimanded by his sister, Billie suddenly became sad. Billie said that she didn’t want to stay in the umbrella company, but she couldn’t help herself. Then Billie took the initiative to untie Jade Wesker and helped her remove the locator implanted in her arm.

Jade Wesker did not forget his mission, turned around and ran to the warehouse to retrieve the head of the zombie queen, and then flew all the way to the beach, where he met with the university organization. Jade Wesker finally showed a relaxed smile when he saw his like-minded colleagues again. After a brief physical examination, Jade Wesker boarded a speedboat and arrived at a large cargo ship in the deep sea. Unexpectedly, the so-called “university” organization is located here. They keep many plant seeds and technologies before the extinction of the world, looking forward to the arrival of a new world one day.

Jade Wesker was finally reunited with his daughter who had been thinking about it day and night, and the whole person was completely relaxed, especially lying on his own soft bed, which naturally had a different flavor. But Jade Wesker was born to work hard and came to the laboratory early the next morning. She never forgot the special feature of the zombie queen and wanted to thoroughly understand how the zombie queen controls other zombies. After testing, it was found that the cells of zombies can secrete two special enzymes, but unfortunately they are decomposed when exposed to oxygen. The female colleague next to me reminded that maybe adding auxiliary ingredients can take effect, such as the saliva of the zombie queen, etc., only This is just a conjecture. To confirm the specific auxiliary components, it also needs to go through a lot of tests.

A whole day passed, but unfortunately there was no progress in the experiment. Jade Wesker spit angrily at the experiment dish. Who would have guessed that this unintentional act allowed the special enzyme of the zombie queen to take effect in the air. Jade Wesker and colleagues were overjoyed, but the next test is the most critical. The two isolated enzymes were added to the T virus samples respectively, and it was found that the virus extremely repelled the red enzyme, but was very friendly to the green enzyme. Jade Wesker immediately thought of its actual value. The red one can make the zombies dare not approach, while the green one can demarcate the enemy and let the zombies hunt him for thousands of miles. But all of this is just an inference, and in vivo experiments are required.

The female colleague suggested waiting for the ship to dock in two weeks, but Jade Wesker couldn’t wait any longer. She remembered that she passed several unmanned accident ships during the day, and there must be zombies there. Taking advantage of the dim moonlight at night, Jade Wesker took the speedboat alone to the vicinity of the accident ship. After some salvage, he found a zombie that had sunk to the bottom of the sea and quietly transported it back to the laboratory. Jade Wesker could not wait to prepare for the test. Just then, daughter Sarah suddenly appeared, and Jade Wesker asked her to keep her distance.

Next is the moment to witness the miracle. Jade Wesker has prepared a mixture of red and green enzymes in advance. After spraying the red liquid on his body, he pricked his finger with a needle. Jade Wesker approached the zombie nervously and shook it to bleed. arm. The red enzyme really worked, and even the smell of blood couldn’t make the zombies move. Daughter Sarah cheered repeatedly when she saw it, but accidentally stimulated the zombies. I saw that the zombie broke the rope in an instant, pushed Jade Wesker away, and then quickly chased towards Sarah. The little girl ran all the way, and soon came to the deck. The female colleague did not know why, and was instantly thrown down by the passing zombies. Although someone killed the zombies immediately, the female colleague has turned into a cold corpse. Everyone looked angrily at Jade Wesker who was operating illegally, especially the husband of the deceased, who couldn’t kill her with a single shot. But at this moment, there was a roar of machines in the distance, and several armed helicopters flew over. Unexpectedly, the umbrella company was chasing here.

The more Jade Wesker thought about it, the more wrong it became. He hurriedly checked the head of the zombie queen, and sure enough, he found a positioning chip inside. It turned out that she was still caught in the trap of her sister Billie, otherwise in the vast sea, how did she find the position of the freighter? Jade Wesker knew that he had made a big mistake again, and his unwillingness and remorse welled up in his heart. The Umbrella Company has forced the ship to dock and invited the head of the university organization, Professor Jin, to interview the conditions. Professor Jin met Evelyn, the person in charge of the umbrella, and the other party said arrogantly when he came up that he would take over all the members and property of the university organization, which was no different from robbery. Professor Jin is not a lamb to be slaughtered. As early as the beginning of the world’s destruction, they kept a lot of video evidence of Umbrella’s illegal research. If Evelyn dares to mess up, they will publish these videos and make Umbrella the public enemy of the world. .

After listening, Evelyn immediately changed the conditions, saying that as long as the university organization handed over Jade Wesker, it would be fine. In fact, Jade Wesker himself did not expect that the umbrella would easily let the people who searched the cargo ship this time. What she is most worried about now is the safety of her daughter Sarah. The materials for escape are the same as those that his father Albert prepared for him many years ago. At this moment, the leader of the organization, Professor Jin, told Jade Wesker the requirements of the umbrella company, and Jade Wesker readily agreed. Before leaving, Jade Wesker repeatedly told the organization that once he got ashore, he would quickly start the freighter to leave the coastline, and press the ultimate button by the way. It must be a hidden killer move.

Jade Wesker, escorted by a group of people, soon arrived at the temporary camp of the umbrella. Unexpectedly, she was completely dumbfounded as soon as she entered. Evelyn, the person in charge of the umbrella, was dancing, which was completely different from her usual image. At this moment, my sister Billie came in. It turned out that all Evelyn’s actions were under her control. In other words, Billie is the actual controller of the umbrella company, and Billie’s desire to control the world is stronger than Evelyn’s. A look of contempt appeared on Jade Wesker’s face, which made Billie very unhappy, and immediately manipulated Evelyn to order and seize the freighter organized by the university. Jade Wesker was so angry that he took out the green enzyme that attracts zombies from his pocket and smashed it hard on the ground. The scene fell silent in an instant, an invisible aura of terror spread outward, and the guards on the coastline suddenly sounded the alarm, and saw countless zombies rushing over from all directions like a tide. Well-prepared guards can’t stop it at all, and it must be a matter of time before the group is destroyed.

At the same time, the ultimate move of the university organization is also gaining momentum, and it is estimated that the umbrella company is doomed this time. Billie pulled Jade Wesker’s arm out of the tent, staring at everything in horror. Ironically, the two sisters used to hold their hands like this before the end of the natural disaster, but they were relying on each other to face the coming huge crisis together. The reporter, who knew that Billie was bitten by the experimental dog, was caught by the umbrella company. Father Albert knew that he would never be allowed to tell the truth. Albert found the person in charge of the company and said that he could use drugs to get the reporter to explain the truth. In fact, it was just a lie. In order to cover up the biting of his daughter, Albert had to deal with him in pain, and at the same time figured out a reason to escape the crime. At that time, it was just an injection to the reporter, which was a drug that could put aside concerns to confess, but the big boss Evelyn was not so easy to deceive.

Evelyn asked Albert to be restrained first, and then immediately performed an autopsy on the reporter. The cause of the reporter’s death was quickly found out. It turned out that Albert injected him with a high-purity lethal drug, which was an obvious killing blow. Evelyn wasn’t interested in knowing why Albert did this, she just wanted him to continue helping her develop new drugs. Albert wouldn’t agree to Evelyn’s request, but because Evelyn knew Albert too well, she had hundreds of ways to force him to do it.

It turns out that as early as more than ten years ago, Albert invented a cloning technology. In order to improve work efficiency, he copied several clones that were exactly the same as himself. As the head of the Umbrella Company, Evelyn naturally knows the secrets well. The real Albert is actually dead, and now the No. 1 replica is working for the umbrella. When the No. 1 clone was just born, it only took 6 months to grow into a twenties. The price of rapid ripening is that when a certain age is reached, the cells in the body will collapse rapidly, and special drugs must be injected regularly. . Now Evelyn has stopped giving Albert 1 medicine until he agrees to do it for herself.

Unexpectedly, Albert would rather die, so Evelyn had to change the method and let her subordinates go to Albert’s house and invite sisters Jade Wesker and Billie to the umbrella company. When the two sisters saw their father who fell to the ground, they immediately became excited. Evelyn tells Albert’s clone while having blood drawn from Jade Wesker. What’s even more surprising is that the drug needed to treat the defect in the cloned human cells is actually the blood of the two sisters, which is why Albert draws blood from them every week. The two little girls didn’t believe it at first, until they were completely dumbfounded when they saw Albert pouring Jade Wesker’s blood into his body. It turned out that the protection mentioned before was all fabricated excuses, and the two little girls left the scene angrily.

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