Resident Evil Season 1 Ending Explained: Season 2 should be about Jade rescuing his daughter

Resident Evil Season 1 Ending Explained

The troubled Jade smashed a special potion that could attract zombies, and the effect was far beyond expectations. Groups of zombies attacked. Seeing that the large guardrails were broken through, and the guards were getting fewer and fewer soldiers, Billie slapped Jed to the ground with an angry slap, and then immediately returned to the camp to take out the computer that controls the drone. She didn’t intend to sit still, but chose to fight back with the Jedi, and Billie controlled the drone to shoot the zombies.

At this moment, Billie suddenly found that Jade was gone. It turned out that just a few minutes ago, Jade had just woken up from the daze, and he killed the guards beside him with ease almost in an instant. She happened to see that the cargo ship organized by the university had set sail and was slowly moving away from the dock. She knew that this was the only hope of escape. He accelerated his legs through the dense group of zombies, and quickly ran towards the pier. Fortunately, Ueto only had one goal, which was the umbrella’s tent, and did not block Jade in any way.

Jed successfully reached the freighter through the rope. After taking a breath, he immediately ran to the operation room to persuade the person in charge, Professor Jin, to release the ultimate weapon quickly. She knew that Billie would never let the freighter go after she killed the zombies. Professor Jin thought for a long time and finally nodded in agreement.

Unexpectedly, it is so cumbersome to open the ultimate weapon, and it takes two people to insert the key at the same time to eject the button switch. Jed took it without hesitation, but he never thought that the so-called ultimate weapon was actually a giant crocodile infected with the T virus. It had been fixed to the bottom of the freighter by iron chains. When the start switch was pressed, the huge crocodile finally woke up, and the iron chains on his body also fell off automatically. At this time, it was like Godzilla, exuding a terrifying sense of oppression all over his body.

Jed looked at the coastline from afar, guessing that Billie was out of luck this time around. The flashback also goes back to the time before the end of the natural disaster. At that time, the two sisters had a deep relationship and worked hard to unearth some secrets. Unexpectedly, the father who raised them for many years was actually a clone, and they had to rely on their blood to survive. Their movements are also restricted by the umbrella company, and they need to live in the umbrella headquarters. The sisters who came home felt that the whole world was cheating on them, so it was better to leave everything behind and leave. But before they took two steps, they were discovered by the umbrella guards.

Perhaps because he was too excited, the virus in Billie’s body broke out again, dragging the black guard tightly, allowing Jade to escape into the box beside him. It’s a pity that Billie’s virus infection was finally revealed. When Evelyn, the head of the company, learned that Billie’s infection with the T virus did not turn into a terrible monster, she forcibly suppressed her excitement and pretended to be extremely sincere, saying that she could be cured Billie’s illness.

In fact, this is also Billie’s greatest wish, expressing willingness to cooperate with the treatment. Evelyn smiled complacently. In fact, the so-called treatment was just a pretense, and her real purpose was to develop a method to resist the T virus. Unexpectedly, after a series of tests and drug experiments, Billie suddenly began to twitch violently, and then it seemed like a different person. She pierced the experimenter’s eye with a needle, and hated Evelyn even more.

At this time, Billie felt dizzy, and visions kept appearing in front of his eyes, obviously it was about to start to change. Fortunately, a man appeared in time to wake her up at a critical moment. Billie, who had regained consciousness, was a little curious. Why did the man in front of him look like his father Albert? After some communication, I found out that the other party was actually Albert’s No. 2 clone. He had been held in the isolation cell under the umbrella until Evelyn broke with Albert 1, Billie’s father, and Albert 2 was reactivated.

This time, the project Evelyn was going to study was even more dangerous, and it was actually a human infected with the T virus. Although Albert 2 agreed, he was reluctant. After Albert No. 2 learned about Billie’s identity, he felt that Billie should rescue his father. He really loved the two sisters, otherwise he would not have given so much in silence. Billie was finally moved, but when she came to the room where her father was being held, she found her sister Jed was also there. It turns out that after my sister escaped from the umbrella guard, she immediately sought help from fellow hacker Simon, hoping that the other party could help rescue her sister Billie, because Simon also has an important identity, that is, the son of Evelyn, who is in charge of the umbrella.

When Simon learned about the various crimes of the Umbrella Company, he finally agreed to Jade’s request and used his hacking skills and identity permissions to easily enter the Umbrella Company. Accidentally came to the room where his father was imprisoned, and the family was reunited here. Several people were about to leave immediately when the company’s siren suddenly sounded. It turned out that Evelyn arrived with many guards. Maybe because he was too nervous, Billie fell into a frenzy again, biting Simon next to him uncontrollably. Billie returned to normal after feeling the taste of blood.

At this time, Evelyn had brought the guard here and saw that her son was bitten by Billie. She actually picked up the pistol and pulled the trigger to shoot her son. Jed suddenly fell into great grief, and then fled into a chemical laboratory. Father Albert 1 had already figured out how to deal with it. After filling the ground with flammable liquid, he asked Albert 2 to take everyone away first, and then stayed to fight by himself. .

Sister Jed felt the fatherly love from Albert again, and Evelyn arrived at the laboratory not long after they left. Albert immediately ignited the ground, and the entire laboratory suddenly turned into a sea of ​​fire. At this time, the sisters had successfully escaped from the umbrella company and set off towards the next destination under the escort of Albert 2. Jed silently opened the note that his father had stuffed into him, and there was a contact person on it, and that was a person in Japan. Surprisingly, Evelyn, the head of the umbrella, was not killed in the explosion. Just as the firefighters were trying their best to rescue, the arm of the T-virus infected person suddenly stretched out, and the story of sister Jade’s teenage years came to an end.

Resident Evil Season 2 should be about Jed rescuing his daughter

Resident Evil Season 2 should be about Jed rescuing his daughter

The adult sisters will also usher in the final ending. Billie controls the drone to finally wipe out all the zombies, but before Billie has time to be happy, the ground suddenly begins to shake violently. A huge crocodile sprang from the bottom of the sea, and ordinary zombies can fight together. What should we do with such a big monster? In the end, Billie threw a high-explosive bomb and blew the crocodile back into the sea, and Billie took a helicopter and left.

Unexpectedly, Jed’s daughter Sarah was also nearby. It turned out that when the freighter left the coast, Sarah obeyed her mother’s advice and drove the speedboat away from the freighter to the coast alone. I happened to meet the big crocodile, and what was extremely shocking was that the crocodile didn’t mean to attack Sarah, and it seemed to reveal a bit of intimacy in his behavior.

When Sarah even stretched out her hand to touch the crocodile, Billie drove the helicopter back and shot the big crocodile with two consecutive high-power missiles. Sarah was not injured.

Jed was in the cabin room and couldn’t find any trace of his daughter. He found that the escape bag was missing. He immediately guessed that she should have landed, so he came to find someone immediately. It was unexpected to find the daughter on the shore so smoothly, but Billie reappeared with the guard. Billie saw the intimate behavior of Salad and the crocodile with his own eyes, and felt that the other must have research value and must be brought back to the laboratory. When Jade heard this, he was immediately angry and scolded Billie for being a monster. Unexpectedly, the other party was not angry, but laughed and said that Jade is the real virus, and everyone around him will suffer!

Billie pulled the trigger. Although Jed was not killed on the spot, he lost his ability to resist and could only watch his daughter be taken away.

The interlacing of the two timelines of the TV series “Resident Evil” often makes people off-screen, and the plot of the boyhood has been told for a long time, but it is clear how the zombie virus broke out, and even how the twin sisters broke up was not clear. Judging from the final picture, the next season should be about Jed rescuing his daughter.

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