Rogue Agent storyline & Ending Explained

Fregard Rogue Agent is a crime film that tells the story of a dangerous criminal named Robert Fregard. He has the ability to manipulate people so much that they are willing to believe anything he says. He has deceived a lot of people over the years and stole their money. But things changed when he met Alice Archer. When deceived, she decides to delve into Robert’s story to find out who he really is. How did she track him down? Has Robert Freegard been brought to justice? Let’s find out.

MovieRogue Agent Plot Synopsis

In 1993, when the IRA was causing trouble for Britain, a man named Robert Freegard, who described himself as working for the British Intelligence Service, persuaded a young man and two women to become him at university. eyes and ears. For months, he trained them to complete the task, but nothing came of it. Then, in the middle of the night, he took them away, saying their identities had been revealed, and now the IRA was after them.

Nearly a decade later, we find Robert working as a car salesman when a young lawyer named Alice Archer catches his eye. He begs her to go out on a date, and soon she’s hooked. Still, something was wrong with her, so a background check on him turned out that Robert Freegard was like a ghost. Freegard argues that he’s a spy, and Alice takes the plunge and starts planning for their future.

When he runs away with her money and kidnaps an American woman, it alerts the FBI, which teams up with Alice to catch him.

Rogue Agent storyline & Ending Explained

Rogue Agent Ending Explained

That’s where Alice Archer stands out, she’s a lawyer, and she’s got a knack for it. She has the ability to unearth information on all kinds of people, things even her boss doesn’t notice.

Later, we find out that Alice, in order to catch Robert, with the help of a policeman named Sonny Chandra, finds Mae Hansen, one of the girls that Robert kidnapped in 1993. To Alice’s surprise, she finds out that Mae and Robert have two children, and even after ten years of listening to his lies, Mae still believes that Robert is a spy. That’s when Alice realizes that she can’t have a normal conversation with Robert’s victim, that she can’t overturn his ruse, which has been deeply ingrained in the minds of those he has manipulated over the years.

Alice uses his scheming to get Mae to hand over Robert’s diary, which contains a string of disposable phone numbers. There are so many numbers on the list that show how long his victim list really is. Like Sophie, he kidnapped and manipulated many people.

Sophie’s situation also gives us the answer to the fate of Julie Harper, the girl who was tricked by Robert. He must have used the same method to manipulate her into the streets, convincing her that this was just another exam and that she would be recruited by MI5. Sophie was found because her disposable phone was a recent one and was still able to answer calls. Julie was different and had no idea what happened to her on the street or if she would survive. Even if she knew, maybe she was still trying to pass the test, waiting to be found by MI5.

Alice knows what Sophie is thinking, and she uses this to get Sophie to speak of Robert’s safe house. Alice, Chandra, and Agent Sandy Harlan get there just in time to capture Robert, who is still trying to manipulate Alice.

Knowing that his fate was now in her hands, Robert Fregard tried to convince her to escape with him. Robert Fregard was caught and taken to court, where Alice and the other victims appeared to testify against him.

Robert Fregard was sentenced to life in prison, but even there he couldn’t break his habits. He couldn’t stop lying and manipulating, and he did the same with the inmates and the guards in the prison. For a moment, he seemed to manipulate their brains and figure out a way to escape.

A court has dropped two kidnapping cases on appeal, years after Robert Fregard was imprisoned, it has been revealed. Their argument was that the men were not kidnapped against their will and could go home at any time. On this technical detail, he managed to get out of the justice system.

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