Samaritan Review & Ending Explained:Joe was Nemesis

Samaritan Plot Storyline

The elderly Joe lives in the poor by picking up garbage, and the 12-year-old Sam is his neighbor in the building opposite. Every time Joe came back from picking up the trash, the two would greet each other, and they became familiar with each other over time. Sam, who also lived in the poor, was smart since he was a child. When he was short of money, he climbed into an abandoned house with his friends and pulled out the wires in the walls of others and dismantled them into copper wires to sell. Those who can collect waste products are young, and the price of 400 yuan copper wire was reduced by 10 times, and they only received a mere $40. At this time, the little gangster Reza saw them and made up his mind, asking him to help him attract attention and give 100 yuan. Sam urgently needed the money and agreed.

Reza gives Sam a packet of ketchup, tells him to enter the lottery booth to get the owner’s attention, then sneaks in through the back door and steals the lottery box. But when they got back to the base, they found that the box wasn’t a lottery ticket but all chips, Reza pushed the matter on Sam, and the two fought. At this time, the boss Cyrus appeared to control them, thinking that Sam would be kind to fight back, so he let him go. But the next day, Reza met Sam on the street, trying to save face, and the three of them caught up with him and kicked him. Joe appears and rescues Sam and leaves alone, but Sam suspects that he is the legendary hero Samaria he worships after reaching the dagger bent by Joe.

Although the TV newspaper said that the legendary hero died 25 years ago, Sam always believed that Samaria was just hiding. Sam ran home and saw Joe with the binoculars, with scars all over his back, and he seemed like a storyteller. When Sam took the other party to pick up the trash, he quietly crawled into Joe’s house to find evidence that the other party was Samaria. Found a scrapbook full of news about Samaria.

As soon as Sam stole the scrapbook home, he was approached by Joe. After Joe asked for the scrapbook back, he said that he was actually a fan of Samaria. At this moment, a car came rushing fast and knocked Joe out directly. It turned out to be Reza, who had been taught by him before, and asked his brother to help with revenge. When Sam saw Joe’s whole body contorted, he fell to the ground bleeding and he didn’t know what to do. Joe even straightened his broken bones and stood up again. Sam finally proved his conjecture at this time, and the old neighbor in front of him was Samaria, the superpower security guard.

Meanwhile, Cyrus’ comrades stole an advanced blackout bomb from an abandoned military base that, when exploded, can destroy all electrical facilities within a few hundred meters. Relying on this kind of bomb, he broke into the evidence room of the city police station and found two broken masks and a hammer with mysterious power.

It turns out that a few decades ago, the city’s superhero Samaria and a fellow villain, Nemesis, both had superpowers since childhood and were hated by others. The house was burned by others, and the parents of the two brothers died tragically in the fire. But as they grew up, the two went their separate ways. Samaria became the vigilante of the city, while Nemesis was blinded by the flames of vengeance, and forged a sword that poured out all his hatred and habits. Angry hammer. The two faced off in a power plant, and both died in the explosion of the power plant.

Cyrus took the mask of Nemesis to the streets and called on the people of the slums to join him in rioting to overthrow the city’s rule. Sam was on the side of the road and saw Cyrus grab someone back, and he quietly followed them to the warehouse. A policeman is caught, and Cyrus bribes him to put a power outage bomb on the city’s power plant, thereby plunging the city into darkness. The police were reluctant to help him, and he was shot by Cyrus.

Sam was so frightened that he trembled. On the way home, Sam saw Reza’s group beating his friend. He rushed to save him but was knocked unconscious by Reza. Just when Reza was afraid of causing death and sent Sam home, he accidentally discovered that Joe, who was killed by his brother, was still alive. Reza told his brother and Cyrus what happened and saw the car crash like that, but the old man seemed to be fine! Cyrus became interested in the old man.

Joe takes Sam to the hospital, he informs Sam’s mother to take care of him, and he leaves home. A few people behind him followed him and told Joe that his boss wanted to see him, but how could Joe be so annoying? All at once. The little girl on the side saw all this, thought he was Samaria, and wanted to take a photo with Joe. The bad guy got up and took out a bomb and threw it at their feet. Joe hugged the girl and overturned the car directly, blocking the impact of the bomb.

Joe’s heroic deeds were all photographed by the surrounding pedestrians. At this time, the city is being ravaged by Nemesis, played by Cyrus, and the people desperately need a Samaritan-like hero to save them. Seeing the news on TV, Joe was about to leave the city. But Sam informs Joe that Cyrus wants to blow up the power plant and wants him to stay and help the city solve the crisis. Joe, who was tired of fighting and killing, refused on the spot. Sam accused Joe of not being able to save him. The two broke up like this.

Samaritan Review & Ending Explained:Joe was Nemesis

Samaritan Ending Explained: Turns out Joe is Nemesis

Cyrus takes Nemesis’ hammer to Joe’s house to show him who the real hero is. A group of people rushed into Joe’s room and shot frantically, but no one was found, and Joe had already left. Cyrus saw Sam in the opposite building through the window, grabbed their mother and son, and tried to ask Joe’s whereabouts. Joe, who was about to leave the city, thought of Sam’s words and turned back. But Sam’s family is in a mess, and his mother tells him that Sam has been taken away.

Joe drove the garbage truck against the machine gun fire and rushed into the opponent’s base camp. In the face of dozens of guns, Joe was not afraid at all. Cyrus took Sam as a hostage and rejected Joe’s one-off suggestion, but wanted to kill Samaria in front of everyone to gain power. Joe is knocked to the ground with a hammer by Cyrus, telling him that this is the end of a good man and that no one can save you. Joe grabbed Cyrus’ hammer with one hand and said he wasn’t that nice.

It turned out that the one who died in the explosion was Samaria, and Joe was the villain Nemesis. After he got his hammer back, he burst into the crowd, and the gangsters were killed by him like chickens. Seeing that the situation was not good, Cyrus secretly took the boy Sam away. Joe finishes all the enemies attacking him, and when Joe finds the captured Sam, Cyrus grabs the hammer from behind and sneaks at him. Joe’s heart suddenly beat violently, and white gas came out of his body. He was no longer Cyrus’s opponent after losing his strength, and almost went to the fire.

Sam pulled out the pole and knocked on Cyrus, giving Joe time to catch his breath. Joe twisted the hammer into a circle to trap Cyrus, then lifted him up and threw him into the fire. At this time, the house was on fire, Joe picked up Sam and sprinted through the wall, flew out of the building, and fell into the building next door. With him as a pad, Sam was unscathed. When Sam asked him if he was Nemesis, Joe said that everyone has good and evil in their hearts, and they have to make their own choices in their hearts, and the incident ends. Joe is again everyone’s hero Samaria. Although the hero will eventually grow old, his will will be passed on by Sam.

Samaritan Review

The movie “Samaritan” is quite good, with Stallone’s wonderful performance, there is too much foreshadowing in the first half of the film, and it should create a more concise and efficient story. Mistakes at this point, and the film struggles to gain momentum from the start. Thankfully, the pace picks up considerably as the film reaches its climax, with the final 30 minutes benefiting from the addition of action scenes. With the revelation of Joe’s true identity, it is here that Stallone shines, and the film really comes alive. This is Stallone’s first superhero movie after “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2”, and the 76-year-old Stallone’s opportunity to show his muscles again is really the highlight of this movie.

Pace issues and storytelling shortcomings aside, Stallone has always been likable and believable. It’s clear he’s invested in the character Joe, he’s given his all. As for the rest of the movie, the supporting cast are all good, and the grim backdrop and gloomy aesthetic add some oomph to the story.

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