sci-fi movie “Rubikon” storyline Ending Explained: Hannah’s family will return to Earth!

Rubikon storyline

The latest sci-fi movie “Rubikon” in 2022 is from Austria. The story takes place in the near future, the environment of the earth has passed the critical point, and only a few rich people can live in the air silo. At the same time, large companies replaced the government and the country, using capital to form an army to compete for resources and territory, but in the end, it failed to stop the deterioration of the earth, leaving only a company named Nibla to study the theoretical possibility of survival for the earth. However, the operation was not very smooth at the beginning, and it was almost in danger when docking with the space bomb. Fortunately, the astronauts finally reached the space station smoothly.

The heroine Hannah Wagner (Julia Franz Richter) is an excellent navigation pilot and co-captain, accompanied by a man named Gavin Abbott (George Blagden), a biologist. They had just arrived on the spacecraft to relax their heavy hearts and started playing simple games, but judging from their speech and manners, it turned out that Hannah Wagner was a supervisor sent by the company. The project has been researched for so long with no results, so Hannah Wagner urged Dr. Dimitri Krylow (Mark Ivanir) to speed up the progress, but this was strongly dissatisfied by the doctor’s son, saying that your rich children are used to living in the air silo, how is it possible Knowing the hard work of the researchers, the atmosphere was very noisy.

At this time, the crew of the spaceship brought news that the route map for tomorrow was temporarily changed, which puzzled Hannah Wagner. The explanation given by the crew was that an unknown fog mass in the northern hemisphere had killed hundreds of people. This news made Gavin Abbott nervous. It seems that he should have known about the fog mass, but he has not been able to find out. This is the purpose of his visit to the spaceship.

Immediately afterwards, the first team was ready to set off, returning to Earth with the researched samples. However, judging from the expression of the doctor, it should not be difficult for us to guess that the research results are still not fully mature. The reason for returning to Earth is entirely under pressure from the company. Later, when Hannah Wagner reported the situation, the company suggested that even if the project did not take shape, it should be implemented as soon as possible. It is conceivable how bad life on earth is now.

Hannah Wagner was going to start the project secretly according to the company’s insistence, but an accident happened at this time. The small group of people who had just set off lost contact with the headquarters before they reached the ground. Hannah Wagner also tried many times, but still could not get in touch. In this way, Hannah Wagner went outside to check the signal transmitter to see if there was a malfunction there. As a result, a terrible scene happened at this time. The team members’ help came from the microphone, and then the signal was lost.

Immediately afterwards, a more terrifying scene appeared in front of Hannah Wagner, that is, the earth has been shrouded in the entire fog. Hannah Wagner ran into the house and learned through a friend’s video that the earth had been destroyed by a police disaster. Wherever the fog mass went, there was no grass, and only a small number of people hid in the underground bunkers.

There were only three members left on the ship, Gavin Abbott, Hannah Wagner and the Doctor. The most important thing now is to study what this deadly fog is. The doctor who lost his son was in a very bad mental state, and he was not in the mood to discuss the matter at all. Hannah Wagner couldn’t be happy, because all her relatives were on the earth. Only Gavin Abbott’s research day and night finally ushered in New discovery.

Gavin Abbott broke into the isolation chamber by mistake, but the doctor and Hannah Wagner were rescued in time. But Hannah Wagner wondered why Gavin Abbott would do this. Could it be that he wanted to kill himself. But now the tricky thing is that Gavin Abbott, the only one willing to study the project, is seriously injured and bedridden. Hannah Wagner can only try again to repair the communication equipment and get in touch with the ground, but it has no effect.

At this time, Gavin Abbott, who had been fascinated for a long time, woke up and said what he had discovered before, that is, this kind of fog is highly poisonous, and it is a chain reaction. The only possibility of causing such a disaster is the poisonous gas emitted by the melting of the permafrost due to the high temperature, and now the earth is hopeless. Although some people escaped to underground bunkers, they will run out of resources and die sooner or later. This is why Gavin Abbott chose to commit suicide, because he feels that his current situation is the same as that of the earth. s life.

However, Hannah Wagner’s words surprised Gavin Abbott, that the seaweed alternate breathing project was successful, the implication is that there will be a steady stream of air on the spacecraft, and these seaweeds can also be used as food. In other words, the three of them will live forever on this spaceship until they die of old age. But Gavin Abbott doesn’t think so. He would rather bring the project back to Earth than live in this small space for a lifetime.

However, this idea of ​​Gavin Abbott was immediately interrupted by the doctor, because seaweed needs the carbon dioxide exhaled by people to convert it into oxygen, and this critical point is the respiration volume of 3 people, which means that 3 people can survive by complementing each other, and one less person It will lead to insufficient carbon dioxide and eventually death.

The three of them lived a never-ending life in a small space. Men and women were in the same room, and everyone knew what would happen. First, Gavin Abbott and Hannah Wagner fell in love, and then the doctor joined the team of young people, watching movies, playing cards and singing, looking more like a kind old father and his two children. I don’t know how long this kind of life has passed. Suddenly, Hannah Wagner made a major discovery, that is, messages sent by some survivors on earth. I didn’t expect that there are still living people on earth after so long.

The news made the three of them very excited, not to mention how excited they were to hear human voices again. Soon Hannah Wagner began to ask questions, wanting to know what caused the fog, but people on earth don’t know it. At present, only the fog is known to be poisonous, which seems to be the same as Gavin Abbott’s analysis. But at this time, people on Earth told Hannah Wagner that the oxygen in the underground bunker is running out. If possible, I hope Hannah Wagner can bring the seaweed project back to Earth to save the remaining human beings.

The three fell into an embarrassing situation again. The idea of ​​Hannah Wagner and Gavin Abbott is to use Hannah Wagner’s excellent navigation technology to drive the spacecraft back to Earth, so as to save human beings and regain the freedom they want. But the doctor doesn’t think so. Since there is no navigation system support at all, no matter how good the navigation technology is, you can only identify the direction with the naked eye. Even if you get to the ground by luck, you can’t reach the underground bunker where the survivors are.

In this way, the three of them quarreled, but at this time, God made a joke with Hannah Wagner that she was pregnant. This also increased her determination to return to Earth again. Of course, she did not want her child to live in this small space station as soon as she was born. Hannah Wagner persuaded the doctor to prepare to return to Earth together. However, things were far from being as simple as they thought. Just as they were about to start the spacecraft, the connection system failed. The cabin is thrown into space.

This defeat has dealt a big blow to Hannah Wagner and Gavin Abbott. Could it be that their fate will be like this? After that, Hannah Wagner found the doctor, because the space station also has a secret facility, that is, the koti automatic escape pod, which is a special escape pod prepared for emergencies, which means that the three people have one last chance. But at this time, there was a reversal of the movie. The reason why the plane failed last time was not because of a system failure, but because of the doctor. Because he didn’t want the two to go back to save mankind at all, he told the truth.

The reason why the company is so anxious to bring the project back to Earth is because the executives knew that disaster would come, but they did not make this secret public. The reason is naturally that the underground bunker space was limited and could not accommodate everyone at that time. Only a lot of wealthy people were notified of the news, one is to ensure their own interests, and the other is to have money to keep the underground bunkers running. As for civilians, they have no right to live at all, and not even soldiers have tickets to underground bunkers.

This made Hannah Wagner realize that the company just gave Hannah Wagner a random position, and using her to bring the project back to earth quickly is not to save mankind, but to continue their capital operation. In order to prove whether all this is true, Hannah Wagner also deliberately returned to the control room to talk to the person in charge of the earth, but from the perspective of the dialogue, it was exactly the same as what the doctor said.

sci-fi movie "Rubikon" storyline Ending Explained: Hannah's family will return to Earth!

Rubikon Ending Explained

Hannah Wagner gave up the plan to return to Earth and decided to give birth to a child to live in the space station, but was strongly opposed by Gavin Abbott, because there are also innocent children in the crowd below, so many lives cannot be wiped out because of personal emotions. After that, Gavin Abbott secretly tied the doctor to a special escape pod, and told Hannah Wagner that if we can successfully return to Earth this time, we can not only become heroes to save mankind but also form a family to live the life we ​​want. Under this huge temptation, Hannah Wagner agreed, but when the spaceship was about to start.she realized that it was just a beautiful lie. If she returned to Earth, as a soldier, she would be ruthlessly driven out of the bunker. , instead of saving human beings without humanity, it is better to face death together.

Hannah Wagner not only blocked the activation of the escape pod, but also destroyed the algae circulation system. This is just for the sake of conscience. Although Hannah Wagner did not save more than 300 lives, he at least chose to be buried with them. But at this time the scene of the drama happened, and there was another reason why Gavin Abbott wanted to return to Earth. As mentioned before, it takes 3 people’s breaths to maintain the oxygen balance of the space station, which will be disrupted if a child is born.

Gavin Abbott chose to commit suicide again, so that the mother and daughter could live safely. However, a more dramatic scene happened at this time. This statement of breathing balance was just a lie from the Doctor. At that time, he was afraid that Gavin Abbott would commit suicide again, but he did not expect this to be the reason that eventually took his life. Hannah Wagner didn’t say anything after knowing it. After all, the matter had already happened.

Years later, Hannah Wagner is living on the space station with her daughter and Dimitri Krylow, and this is the biggest twist in the movie. The signal transmitter that Hannah Wagner had repaired before suddenly made a sound. It turned out that this fog was just a biochemical war initiated by the Northern Hemisphere company to plunder capital, but I didn’t expect that I could not escape this disaster. The healing power of the earth is unimaginable by human beings. Now people in the southern hemisphere have lived a happy life, which means that the Hannah Wagner family can return to the earth to live the life they want.

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