Secret Headquarters review & Ending Explained:It’s great to have a superhero dad!

Secret Headquarters Plot Synopsis storyline

The film opens with Jack (played by Owen Wilson) camping in the wild with his wife and children. The three of them had a great time, but who would have thought that there was a loud noise in the sky at this moment, and something seemed to fall not far away . Jack wanted to visit, but his wife advised him to stay out of business. Jack decides to check it out anyway, and while driving Jack encounters Irons (Jesse Williams), an Air Force soldier.

Then the two came to the place where they fell and saw a stunned scene. This unknown object in front of me doesn’t know what it is, and it will change its shape at will. At this moment, an extraterrestrial magic ball floated out, searching for the surrounding environment. The magic ball came to Irons, presumably because Irons was too ugly and was directly rejected. The magic ball came to Jack’s side, and finally chose him. From this, Jack gained the power against the sky, and then the wreckage next to him started the self-destruction program, and Irons was blown up and died.

So 10 years have passed, Jack has become a superhero, and crime rates around the world have plummeted. But also because he is busier and busier, he has less time to spend with his son and wife. But superheroes sometimes have no way of revealing their identities at all, so they often have to live in misunderstandings. Whether it’s a child’s learning competition or a birthday, Jack appears very rarely.

My son admires every time he sees the superhero being reported in the news. Because of this superhero’s appearance, the business of Argon (Michael Peña), who specializes in the defense industry, has been seriously affected.

Today, the wife is going to let Jack accompany the child, but he also said that he has something to do, but the wife said that you can miss it once, but you can’t miss it every time. In the end, the wife sent her son Charlie (Walker Scobell) to Jack’s side. Jack has been living in this remote hut for work all these years. Of course, the child, just coax it. For example, give him a game console or something, and then play games with him, but Jack has something to do while playing, and the two also quarreled over this matter.

Charlie said I called my mom to pick me up, but he called a few of his best friends, and the ones who ended up at the cottage were Berger, Lizzie and Maya. Charlie is very fond of Maya, and sure enough, American children are quite precocious. Originally, everyone was playing casually in the house, but Charlie accidentally opened a channel, and Lizzie, a decryptor, really unlocked the password.

Several people took the elevator to descend quickly to a secret headquarters, where they found a lot of high-tech things. Charlie was still a little confused at this time. There was such a thing under the house where his father lived, and all these high-tech technologies seemed to be related to the superhero. Several other people knew that the superhero was probably Charlie’s dad, but Charlie said maybe my dad was just working for the superhero.

Of course, few people know that Argon hired the former Air Force soldier to help him investigate the superhero thing. After all, Jack’s appearance ruined his business. Argon is still investigating, but a few children are playing at the base. They take out all kinds of things on the table and play with them. I wonder if you are sure that this thing is not dangerous? There are electric batons that can be pulled, wrist straps that can increase strength, and of course, apertures that can shuttle, aircraft, and more.

They even started a luxuriously equipped car, so it wouldn’t be a big deal if a few people were just having fun. It’s a pity that they drove the car outside, and even borrowed these devices to cheat and play games in the school. Finally, the signal was captured by Argon and his group! Then they followed them all the way to this partial hut, which should be the strongest act of hurting Dad.

At this time, Jack was still on a mission outside and didn’t even know it. Because his son was in the hut, Jack didn’t activate the security system, so Argon and the others easily came in and came to this secret headquarters. The three kids escaped, but Lizzie was caught. At this time Berger’s brother also found this place, why did he come? Because both of the brothers were interested in Lizzie, but unfortunately he got caught too.

Charlie found the magic ball while fleeing, perhaps driven by curiosity, he took it away, and the three went into hiding. What I didn’t expect was that Berger grabbed Argon with an electric rope-like device and learned the secret of the magic ball from him.

The magic ball does not come from this planet, but from outer space. It has very advanced technology. Argon feels that the superhero has only unlocked a little bit of power. He wants to use this thing to benefit mankind and solve the world’s problems. But a few kids aren’t stupid, you just use this thing to make weapons, right? However, Argon’s mouth-cannon skills are still powerful, and he even persuaded Charlie to hand over the magic ball to himself, and promised that he would protect it. Because Charlie actually doesn’t want his father to be a superhero, so he won’t have time to accompany him. Although his thoughts are selfish, it’s normal. Why would a child think so much?

Argon, who got the magic ball, changed his face instantly. Although the children fought against the bad guys with high technology, the final result was that several children were caught. Irons got the magic ball, and when he was holding the magic ball, he saw a lot of pictures, he seemed to understand why the magic ball didn’t choose him, but the magic ball couldn’t really fall into the wrong hands. With the cooperation of several children, the magic ball was finally transferred to the school bag using a teleportation ring.

Jack finally came, he had already noticed something was wrong, but unfortunately the suit needed magic balls to charge. Without electricity, he is actually an ordinary person, but in order to protect the children, he can only pretend to be silly and say that he is helping superheroes work. In the end, the instant ultimate move was made, but it was no match for Argon at all.

Secret Headquarters Ending

Argon is going to take Berger to get the magic ball. Only by getting the magic ball can he really control the whole world. Why does Zuo feel that the villain’s goals are so grand? Take over the world or destroy it. Berger secretly took the bomb from the soldier next to him while riding the elevator!

To make matters worse, Argon blocked the base, changed the code, and planted a lot of explosives. If they didn’t crack the code, they would be killed in the end. At this time, Lizzie needed to make a move. She borrowed the wristband to quickly enter the password, but every time she entered the wrong password, unexpected things would happen. Fortunately, the password was successfully cracked at the last moment, and several people escaped in a very thrilling manner. Now it’s time to stop Argon’s conspiracy.

Argon and Berger arrive at the school, the magic ball is in the cupboard. The teacher happened to come here. I thought this teacher would foolishly hand over the magic ball to the other party, but I didn’t expect that she had already discovered that something was wrong with the man with the eyes. The teacher helps Berger escape. Soon Jack’s group arrived here, but Jack, who had no energy, was no match at all. Charlie couldn’t really let his father face this bad guy alone. He drove the car and rushed in. Berger also took this opportunity to throw the magic ball in the past, and Jack succeeded in charging. In the end, Argon was beaten to death, although there was a little trouble in the middle, but with the help of the bomb, the bad guy had the bad guy’s ending.

At the end of the film, Charlie, who knows that his father is a superhero, is completely happy, and occasionally goes out with his father, such a life is so cool!

Secret Headquarters review & Ending Explained:It's great to have a superhero dad!

Secret Headquarters review

Paramount+ Secret Headquarters is a family-friendly superhero movie packed with action and fun for all ages. Walker Scobell starred in Netflix’s “The Adam Project” and is now working with another comedian, Owen Wilson. Although they rarely appear together on screen, they have great chemistry when they are together. Walker Scobell proved his acting skills in “The Adam Project” and “Secret Headquarters” also proved that he is a child star to be reckoned with.

Walker Scobell is a great choice as the lead character in this film, and is easily likable and relatable from the start. It’s impossible not to support him when he takes on the bad guys. Owen Wilson plays his father, who is also a superhero, but he doesn’t appear much in the movie.

This is a film about the friendship and father-son relationship between children. They have to cooperate to face the enemy, which is a lesson young audiences should learn and a fun way to teach.

The kids work so well together in the film, which is where this movie shines. Actors can make or break a movie, and luckily all of them shine in Secret Headquarters.

Due to the nature of this film, there are a lot of action scenes. The movie takes place mostly in the secret headquarters, which is filled with all kinds of tech gadgets. It’s pretty cool to see these props used in big fights, and it’s probably the funnest part of the movie. Michael Peña, who plays the villain Argon in the film, fights alongside Jesse Williams, and the two are a perfect match.

Paramount + Secret Headquarters is a lovely movie perfect for family movie night. The ending leaves room for a sequel, and we’ll definitely be watching Secret Headquarters 2 curled up on the couch with our family.

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