Suspense Kdrama Big Mouth episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained

Kdrama Big Mouth episode 7 Recap

Lee Doo Geun and Jung Chae Bong were released from prison, but they needed to wear electronic shackles on their feet to facilitate police surveillance. Lee Doo Geun changed the weather and transferred the shackles to the feet of his subordinates. In the trio, only Han Jae Ho was left behind. Alone, he had no other support and could only humbly depend on the bald head. The prison playground, the bald head and Park Chang Ho’s camp were eyeing the situation, and the warden noticed the situation before returning home. I specifically told the prison guard not to let Park Chang Ho get close to Han Jae Ho. The prison guard agreed, but the next second he sat in the warden’s office, looking forward to a good show on the big screen.

The bald head didn’t believe Han Jae Ho, but treated him as a traitor who betrayed Gong Ji Hoon. He and the younger brothers tied Han Jae Ho firmly and took it to the auditorium to prepare for the start. At this time, Park Chang Ho brought someone in to save Han Jae Ho. The two groups immediately scuffled together, and Park Chang Ho successfully rescued Han Jae Ho.

In the infirmary, Han Jae Ho is grateful to him. Park Chang Ho is very direct, saying that if he is grateful, he will tell himself what Professor Xu’s paper is about. But this sentence seems to have triggered some fear switch in Han Jae Ho. He shook his head again and again and admitted that once he said it, even if he was still alive in the future, it would be like living in purgatory. The forces behind Gong Ji Hoon are very brutal.

In the church at the moment, the two groups of people who were fighting each other with wooden sticks just now were sitting on the ground, helping each other to deal with the wounds on their bodies, laughing constantly. It turned out that the big fight just now was just a game. Park Chang Ho asked the bald head for help, and deliberately used the reason of conflict between the two to smash the statue of the Virgin in the church. No one knows why Park Chang Ho did this. I saw him draw a tarot card from his pocket and squeeze it tightly in his hand. Whether he can see the true face of Big Mouth is at this crucial step.

In Jiuchuan Hospital, Go Mi Ho received a call from a patient in critical condition. She rushed to the ward immediately, but saw a group of nurses quietly standing aside, and no one did any rescue. Go Mi Ho checks the patient’s pulse, it’s not too late for emergency treatment. But the head nurse held her back and told Go Mi Ho that this was a patient who had signed a prohibition on first aid, and told her not to push her. In this way, in the silent waiting, the patient’s vital instrument finally tends to a straight line.

Go Mi Ho attended the patient’s funeral and overheard the conversation of the patient’s family, claiming that the agreement prohibiting first aid also contained a confidentiality clause, that home inspections were absolutely not allowed, and the remains had to be cremated. Go Mi Ho felt very suspicious, could there be some secrets hidden in the patient’s body. She decided to secretly draw the deceased’s blood for testing. Go Mi Ho turned around and went to the hospital’s housing room, where she successfully found the body and drew blood. Who knew her whereabouts were seen by the security guard and immediately reported to the dean. Go Mi Ho finished everything, and as soon as he left the morgue, he saw the dean waiting in the hallway.

The dean asked his subordinates to search Go Mi Ho’s backpack and body to see if she took suspicious items. However upon inspection, nothing was found on Go Mi Ho. At this time, the mayor came behind the dean and looked at the confronting two people for unknown reasons. The dean has a headache for Go Mi Ho, and thinks that she is restless and always causing trouble. Maybe she should find an opportunity to fire Go Mi Ho. Hearing these words, the mayor immediately understood that Go Mi Ho’s small actions were all aimed at rescuing Park Chang Ho.

After escaping the inspection by the dean, Go Mi Ho had a chance to return to the dwelling room and groped for a bag of needles containing blood. It turned out that she had already expected that the first action would be monitored, so she hid her hands like this. With blood, Go Mi Ho walked carefully into the elevator. A man in black jumped down from the top vent, took a knife and started attacking Go Mi Ho. Go Mi Ho struggled desperately and knocked off the knife of the man in black. He had to press Go Mi Ho to the ground and squeeze her neck tightly. At this time, the elevator reached a certain floor, and the mayor was standing outside the door. He immediately stepped forward to scuffle with the man in black, and finally drove him away to save Go Mi Ho. After safety, Go Mi Ho immediately touched the blood in his pocket, and was relieved to see that he had not been taken away. She told the mayor that the secret of Professor Xu’s thesis might be in this tube of blood.

Soon after the church’s statue of the Virgin was smashed, a philanthropist donated a new one and sent it to prison. Park Chang Ho finished the church service that day, came to the confession room, and put a chariot tarot card into the Bible. The chariot represents victory and decisive execution, which is exactly the trap that Park Chang Ho set to catch him. Who exactly is Big Mouth, we’ll find out this time tomorrow.

The next day, Park Chang Ho came to the church with a book. First, he checked whether the tarot cards in the Bible had been taken away. Sure enough, there were no cards left in the pages of the book. Then Park Chang Ho came to the statue of the Virgin again and opened the pages of the book in his hand. The center of the book had been hollowed out, and a mobile phone was hidden. And the phone is connected to a pinhole camera hidden in the statue of the Virgin. It turned out that the purpose of Park Chang Ho’s breaking the Madonna was to allow his lawyer friends to send in the Madonna with a camera, so as to record the people who entered and left the church to take the cards and found the real Big Mouth.

Park Chang Ho stared at the surveillance screen, and sure enough, a figure entered the screen. This person is none other than Jerry. Park Chang Ho was a little surprised, but after thinking about it, Jerry is the person closest to him in the prison, and he is the easiest to know his movements. It makes sense that he is Big Mouth. Park Chang Ho decided to find Jerry for a showdown, he took Jerry to the unmanned bath and gave him three chances to tell his secret. Jerry looked confused, but the sharpness on Park Chang Ho’s face still made him shudder. He began to recall what he had done wrong, and at the third chance, finally said that he had been in and out of the church and had read the tarot cards. Jerry justified that he didn’t take the tarot card, just glanced at it and put it back in the bible. Jerry’s expression was very sincere, Park Chang Ho observed for a moment, felt that he was not like Big Mouth, and let him leave.

Then he took out the surveillance video, and found that the time in the upper left corner was suddenly edited for half an hour. Could it be that Big Mouth cut his own picture. At this time, Go Mi Ho called and told Park Chang Ho that he had received an eastern white chrysanthemum and a tarot card. Park Chang Ho looked at the photo sent by Go Mi Ho, which was a fool’s card reversed, representing seeing Hye’s stupid and wrong move. Park Chang Ho understands that this is Big Mouth’s warning to himself, and the only people who know that the Madonna statue has a camera are Go Mi Ho, a lawyer friend, and his father-in-law. How did Big Mouth find out?

When Park Chang Ho left the church, Jerry hadn’t left. He also read a bit of the inside story from today’s situation, speculating that Park Chang Ho is not really Big Mouth, but someone who works for Big Mouth through the instructions of the tarot card. The big brother who has been following is not the real Big Mouth, which makes Jerry a little disappointed. In this way, Park Chang Ho’s promise to help him realize his wish is just a pretense. Jerry wanted to inquire about the whereabouts of the real Big Mouth, but was warned by Park Chang Ho that if he wanted to live, he would forget what happened today.

On this day, the boss summoned the descendants of various famous families in Jiuchuan City to come to his private cinema to watch the short documentary. The people who appear on the screen are all the ancestors who built the city and the ancestors of everyone present. The boss is the leader of the previous generation, and the person with the most voice in Jiuchuan City. Compared with the rich and powerful children who rely on their parents to live a good life, the boss actually values ​​the mayor very much, and it seems that he intends to designate him as his successor. Seeing that the mayor was proud of Chunfeng, Gong Ji Hoon was very angry, and then transferred his hatred to Big Mouth. It was because he was defrauded of 100 billion yuan that the big guy disappointed himself.

Kdrama Big Mouth episode 7 Ending

Gong Ji Hoon and the prosecutor started planning to take Park Chang Ho out of prison and torture him to get a confession. In order to complete this plan, Gong Ji Hoon chose to use Jerry, he helped Jerry settle down with his grandma outside, and also paid the settlement money so that he could be released immediately. The purpose is to let Jerry give Park Chang Ho a bottle of poisoned drink when he bids farewell to his cellmates. Park Chang Ho suffered from abdominal pain soon after drinking the drink. Jerry, who had already left the prison, saw the ambulance whizzing by, and was still very worried, for fear that something would happen to Park Chang Ho.

It was at this time that Go Mi Ho and his father-in-law came to the prison. Jerry then told Go Mi Ho that Park Chang Ho had a sudden abdominal pain and was leaving in an ambulance. Go Mi Ho and father-in-law immediately drove to chase, and Jerry also came into the car. But after driving for a while, Go Mi Ho realized that something was wrong, and there was no large hospital in the direction of the ambulance. She asked her father-in-law to speed up to stop the ambulance, and personally ordered Park Chang Ho to be sent to Jiuchuan Hospital for treatment.

While Go Mi Ho and his father-in-law went to thank Jerry, a prison guard slipped into Park Chang Ho’s ward, took Park Chang Ho’s finger and fingerprinted the bail consent form, and handed the document to Gong Ji Hoon and the prosecutor. official. After Park Chang Ho woke up, he got into the escort car and was about to return to the prison, but the vehicle suddenly turned into another road on the way. The prison guards next to him also controlled Park Chang Ho, forcibly injected stun drugs, and sent him to a mental hospital. A ward has been prepared for him here. The seventh episode of the Korean drama “Big Mouth” is over.

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