The Black Phone Plot and Ending Explained:Finney is no longer weak

The Black Phone plot summary

In a small town in Colorado, there are frequent cases of missing juveniles, and the media has nicknamed the serial killer The Grabber. Finney is often bullied at school, but has a good friend Robin who often helps him. Sooner or later, Robin told Finney, you have to stand up for yourself. Finney’s sister, Gwen, has the ability to predict dreams, and two police officers find her. It turned out that the town boy Bruce was missing. Gwen had a dream that Bruce was taken away by a man with a black balloon. The police said they found two black balloons at the place where Bruce disappeared. There was also a black balloon left at the scene of the disappearance of another teenager, Griffin, but the police never announced it to the public, so the police found Gwen and asked her why she knew about the black balloon.

The police also found the place where Finney’s father worked. The alcoholic father didn’t like his sister’s old dream and beat her. Since my mother committed suicide, my father has changed and the family atmosphere has become very depressing. The ring incident happened shortly after, and Finney’s good friend Robin was also taken away. Gwen looked at her brother unhappy, she prayed to God, let herself dream at night, and dream of who the murderer was.

The police found Gwen again the next day, trying to get some clues from her. And Finney, who lost Robin’s care, was beaten up by school bullies, and only his sister was willing to stand up for him. Finney was walking home after school and found a strange car parked on the side of the road. A strange man ran out and dropped the things in his hand. The man claimed to be a magician and wanted to perform magic for Finney. By holding a balloon, he held Finney and stunned him with anesthetic gas. When Finney regained consciousness again, he found himself locked in a basement, and the masked weirdo was obviously the famous The Grabber (Ethan Hawke).

Finney checked the house and found that the door was locked, there was a toilet and a window, and there was an old telephone that was out of line. When Gwen learns of her brother’s disappearance, she is so anxious that she prays to God, hoping to dream of her brother’s whereabouts. In the basement, the phone rang suddenly, and Finney was about to answer when The Grabber suddenly appeared and told him to hang up. The Grabber told Finney to be honest, adding that the basement was completely soundproofed, so no one would hear him even if he yelled.

Finney asked The Grabber if he had killed the kids, but The Grabber said it wasn’t him who killed them, but someone else. The Grabber seemed to be shy about the phone, saying he heard it ring in the basement as a kid. After The Grabber left, Finney tried to yell for help, but of course no one could hear it, and the ventilation windows were too high to escape. Then the phone rang again, and Finney connected but no one spoke. When Finney was sleeping, he suddenly heard a strange sound from the phone. What Finney didn’t expect was that The Grabber appeared behind him quietly watching him sleep, which made Finney even more scared.

After The Grabber was gone, the phone rang again, this time someone called Finney’s name. Finney hung up in horror, the phone kept ringing, and Finney decided to connect it anyway. The speaker couldn’t remember his name, but Finney recognized him as the teenage Bruce who had gone missing earlier. Bruce gave Finney an important tip, he dug a hole under the floor, maybe Finney could try to keep digging and escape.

Gwen dreamed about Bruce’s past, and she also dreamed that her brother was locked in a red brick house by The Grabber, so Gwen began to look around. Finney found the hole and he started digging and flushing the dirt down the toilet. Not long after The Grabber brought food to Finney, the door didn’t close after leaving, Finney was about to go out and the phone rang again, this time it was another teenager speaking, he told Finney not to go out, it was a trap set by The Grabber . Finney recognizes him as the missing teenager’s newsboy – named Billy. Billy told Finney, don’t even think about escaping now, The Grabber will be waiting for him at the door, and if Finney tries to escape, he will be beaten.

Finney opened the door and walked up gently, only to find The Grabber at the door holding a belt, as if waiting for him to throw himself into the trap. Finney had to go back and eat something to save his energy. In the middle of the night the black phone rang again, this time it was Billy. He told Finney that there was a gap between the wall and the floor where a cable was hidden. You can try to escape through the window with a rope, but Finney tried to climb up and tried to open the window, but the whole person fell down.

Gwen was in the school lounge and had a dream of Billy being taken, and she had a dream of The Grabber’s room. Gwen told her father about it, and his father told Gwen that the reason why he didn’t want Gwen to use the power of precognitive dreams was because her mother also had it, and she took her own life because of it. Gwen convinces her father to take her to the red brick house, while the police are trying to find the missing child, going door to door asking people if they have seen Finney.

A man named Max was so fascinated by the case that he analyzed the case with the police. The police learned that he was just here to play with his brother and lost interest in him. What Max didn’t know was that Finney was actually locked up in his brother’s basement.

Something strange happens in the basement at night, and Finney sees a boy floating in mid-air. The boy pointed to the phone, and Finney picked it up. The boy told Finney that The Grabber hadn’t slept much the past two days because his brother Max had been at his house, and Max had been obsessed with who I was The Grabber, which made The Grabber even more careful. Finney recognizes the caller this time as Griffin from Missing Boys. Griffin says The Grabber is a principled pervert who is waiting for Finney to make some bottom-line moves to find an excuse to kill Finney.

Griffin also said that The Grabber is now asleep and that Finney now has a chance to escape. But the second gate was locked and needed a code to open it. The lock came from Griffin’s bike lock. Griffin doesn’t remember the code now, but he carved the code on the wall while he was alive. After Finney found the code, he walked upstairs cautiously and found that The Grabber was indeed asleep in his chair. He walked to the door and started trying the code, and finally opened the door. At this point The Grabber’s dog barked and woke The Grabber. Finney ran wildly on the road, but The Grabber caught up with him in a car, knocked Finney unconscious and threw him back into the basement.

That night, Gwen didn’t dream of any clues, and she was so angry that she blamed God. Finney got another call, this time from a cranky boy, Vance, the town’s young man. Meanwhile, Gwen dreams of Vance. When Vance was playing games in the arcade, he had a conflict with a boy and beat him severely, and engraved a line of numbers on his hand. After Vance was taken away by the police, Gwen followed him into the police car, the voice of Finney talking to Vance suddenly appeared on the radio, and the police car drove to The Grabber’s house, at which time Gwen woke up from a dream.

Vance tells Finney a new clue. Behind the wall opposite the toilet is a storage room. Although the way to the storage room is blocked by a large freezer, Finney can dig through that wall and escape from the freezer. Finney did as Fons told him, digging the wall with the toilet reservoir cover and using the parts inside to open the freezer divider. But to Finney’s desperation, the freezer was locked and there was no way to escape.

Finney was disheartened and burst into tears. At this time, the phone rang again. This time, it was Finney’s friend Robin. Although he was dead, his soul was always by Finney’s side. Robin said it was time for Finney to step up and be a tough guy again. And Robin didn’t want to die for nothing, at least help Finney escape. He taught Finney to practice boxing and teach him how to attack.

Finney practiced over and over as Robin said. Finney was a member of the baseball team, and his arms had enough strength. Robin said it was their last phone call and hoped he could escape. Finney fills the phone with dirt, confirms it’s heavy enough, and prepares for a showdown with The Grabber.

Gwen was still frantically searching for the house she saw in her dream, when five boys suddenly appeared in the middle of the road, scared Gwen fell off the bike, and then really found The Grabber’s home. Gwen hurriedly called the police, who believed she chose to act immediately.

At this time, Max looked at the map he made and suddenly realized something. He hesitated for a long time and finally opened the door of the basement. Finney was ready to fight The Grabber. Max opened the door and was surprised to see Finney. Max quickly said that it was his brother who kidnapped him. Unexpectedly, The Grabber suddenly appeared in the next second and killed Max with an axe. The Grabber said he had to kill his brother because of Finney, he decided not to play games with Finney anymore and killed Finney today. By this time the police and Gwen had met in front of the house, they opened the door but it was empty.

The Black Phone Plot and Ending Explained:Finney is no longer weak

Movie The Black Phone Ending Explained

The Grabber drew his axe and barked his dog, who guarded the door. The Grabber raises his axe to attack Finney, but Finney ducks. Finney knocked The Grabber down with a set trap, letting him fall into the hole he dug earlier. Finney attacked with a dirt-filled phone, The Grabber grabbed him, but Finney ripped off his mask, The Grabber had to cover his face, Finney took the opportunity to slam him and wrapped the wire around his Oh throat.

The phone rang again, and the kids who were killed by The Grabber finally got their revenge, and Finney killed The Grabber. The police were about to leave when they found the door to the basement, and they went down to find where The Grabber buried the dead boy.

Finney lured the dog away with meat, Gwen saw his brother go out of the house opposite, rushed to hug Finney, and this thrilling kidnapping game was finally over. The father came crying and begging Finney to forgive himself. When Finney returned to school, he had become the focus of discussion among his classmates. Finney was no longer weak and had the courage to stand up for himself.

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