“The Bunker Game” Plot storyline and ending: The heroine shocked the audience.

Today I bring a new Italian movie “The Bunker Game” 2022, which will be released in March this year. The level of suspense and horror is great, and the final reversal shocked me. This is another feminist film, and the director may be telling the dudes that if you don’t use birth control properly, you may lose your life.

The Bunker Game Plot storyline

The story begins with the historical background of World War II. The United States dropped two atomic bombs on Japan, and it was the first time in human history that the power of nuclear weapons was recognized. So in order to prevent such a nuclear strike, two friends of Japan, Germany and Italy, dug burrows frantically, but in the end what they were worried about happened.

In 1955, the United States started a nuclear war over Germany and Italy. Hitler was not to be outdone, and in the end, with his revenge, he started the first nuclear war in human history, and the world ceased to exist. Only a few survivors hid in previously dug cellars, and while they were the last of humanity, they also became the origin of humanity.

They will start anew here, and soon it will become a small society with a very clear division of labor. There are jobs, services, and consumers, forming a living environment that is very familiar to human beings. Then there are some rules and regulations to maintain the order of life.

The headmaster here, the bearded man, believes that the cellar is so big and the resources are very limited, so he advocates that the population should not be expanded indiscriminately. Whenever a woman is pregnant, everyone is brought together to judge whether the child will be born or not. In fact, it is just to see the mother, if she is beautiful, she is allowed to be born. If she is short and ugly, she will definitely be rejected.

Due to the influence of conditions and environmental factors, this kind of thinking has gradually taken root in people’s hearts. Only Gregorio felt unreasonable, and was immediately arrested by the bearded man and put on trial by the people on the charge of traitor. It is very ironic here. Gregorio, who opposed anti-human ideas, was finally sentenced to death for anti-human crimes and was immediately pulled into the gas chamber.

But an interesting thing happened. It turns out that everything here is just a role-playing game, which means that the nuclear war that happened above is actually the assumption of Gregorio’s group. Their purpose is to conduct an experiment to see whether those anti-human thoughts can be accepted by people under certain circumstances and conditions, and the answer is yes.

Gregorio was very excited by this surprising experimental result. It seems that the so-called rationality of human designation is actually not reasonable. A dance was then held, ready to end the experiment with laughter and laughter. As a result, an accident happened at this time. The power of the dance party was suddenly cut off, and the entire cellar was shrouded in darkness, which also caused everyone to panic. In order to avoid unnecessary casualties, the experiment was ended early, and everyone was invited out of the cellar.

After that, all the characters returned to the cellar, ready to clean up the scene, but a strange thing happened at this time. On the way back, the power was suddenly restored, which made the characters very puzzled, but they did not know that this was the beginning of the dream. As soon as they returned, the door of the cellar was inexplicably closed, which meant that they were locked in the cellar. Then another strange thing happened, and Gregorio disappeared, and the last person to see him was Laura.

According to Laura, Gregorio left after saying he wanted to check the power system, but Robin said that the power system was so perfect that there was no need to check it at all, and Gregorio must have done something else. Later, Laura said that instead of guessing here, it is better to find him as soon as possible and ask clearly, so everyone began to search separately.

However, to their dissatisfaction, in order to make the experiment closer to reality, the rented venue is a real underground bunker cellar, which means that the space here is very large. Finding Gregorio was not as easy as they thought, so Laura decided to split up.

First, the bearded man and the blue-clothed woman found an iron gate, but after entering, they found that they had returned to the starting point. This also indirectly means that it is more like a labyrinth, and they don’t know much about the structure inside. Followed by the wheelchair man and Robin, who also found nothing, and went back because their sight was really bad.

It was Laura and Harry. They found an iron door that said no entry, but Laura found that the lock on it was not gray, indicating that someone had entered not long ago. Laura broke in despite Harry’s dissuasion, but at this time a terrifying scene happened. A female ghost suddenly appeared, scaring Laura to run away.

Laura told everyone the terrifying news. Of course, no one believed this kind of metaphysical statement. What age is this. There is also a key problem, that is, the accompanying Harry said that he did not see any female ghosts, so that no one believed Laura’s words. This is very embarrassing. Gregorio didn’t find it, but found a female ghost who didn’t know whether to believe it or not.

So Robin proposed to implement plan b. It seems that they have already prepared, so what is plan b? Very simple, just leave everyone and let the police handle the matter. When they went upstairs, they found that the door had already been locked, which was obviously artificial, because the door could only be locked from the outside. Everyone thought it was a prank by Gregorio, and everyone’s emotions gradually got out of control. Could it be that this is really another secret experiment performed by Gregorio? Watch what humans do when they are afraid?

The good thing is that there is a radio transmitter downstairs, and then they are going to use this to try to get in touch with the outside world, but at this time something strange happened, that is, for some reason, there was a terrible song in the cellar. But at this time, Laura took out a voice recorder, which she found when she was looking for Gregorio before, and she took it out and heard the words Gregorio left her. Tell her this is the end of the game and let her enjoy the game. Laura understands that it might all be a prank by Gregorio, and he’s still in the cellar.

Next, is the cat-and-mouse game that I used to play as a child. Find Gregorio, get the key and leave safely, it’s that simple. After that, the characters began to look for them again, but Laura didn’t participate, but went to take a shower, ready to relieve the tension. As a result, the terrifying thing happened again at this time, that is, when she looked in the mirror, the female ghost from before appeared again and brought Laura into another dimension. It turned out that this place was really a Nazi lair before, and the female ghost used to sing here, but at the same time she was also doing special services, but it was soon attacked here.

Laura wakes up from the daze, followed by another more terrifying event, which is the accidental death of Robin, and then the wheelchair man dies in the toilet. This made everyone stunned, could it be Gregorio? At this point, the remaining 4 people dared not to separate again, so they gathered together to explore slowly. But another strange thing happened at this time, that is, in a leftover videotape, I saw the female ghost that Laura had always seen.

It turned out that when the Nazi base was ambushed, the female ghost was also seriously injured and died. She was pregnant at that time. Laura’s stomach also had severe pain. It turned out that she was also pregnant now, and it was a coincidence that the child’s father was Gregorio. It turned out that she and Gregorio were in a relationship, which made the bearded man furious, thinking that she and Gregorio were both accomplices, so he began to ask Laura where the key to the door was, and if he didn’t say it, he would be rough with her. As a result, at this moment, the bearded man was pulled away by an unknown force, which was done by the female ghost. Needless to say, he died on the spot.

This scene made Harry faint, but Laura felt that the female ghost didn’t want to hurt her, but wanted to protect the child in her belly and let her be born. It was only then that Laura realized that the person she was looking for was not Gregorio at all, but this female ghost. As long as she found her, all her questions could be answered.

"The Bunker Game" Plot storyline and ending: The reversal was shocking

The Bunker Game Ending Explained

Laura then found the place that appeared in the tape, but did not find the female ghost in it, but found Gregorio. Gregorio was already a cold corpse, and at this moment it also ushered in a reversal. Harry walked in, and when Laura saw the look in his eyes, she instantly reacted. It turned out that Harry did all of this, killing Gregorio because he had a crush on Laura for a long time, but Gregorio took the lead.

According to Harry’s understanding, Gregorio was found to be a playboy and had affairs with many women in the laboratory. Harry killed Gregorio in a fit of rage, and finally decided to silence all the staff here in order to hide his crimes. Laura, who now knew the truth, naturally couldn’t escape Harry’s pursuit. But at this time, the female ghost appeared again, and it seemed that she was not here to harm Laura, but to help Laura. Laura was possessed by a female ghost to gain power, successfully killed Harry, and then successfully escaped from the cellar, leaving her alone on the staff.

At the end, a scene that made me realize that the clothes on Laura’s body turned into clothes worn by female ghosts. This made it clear that Laura was actually the murderer. In the film, after Gregorio knew that Laura was pregnant, he did not agree with her to give birth to the child, so he left irresponsibly, which made Laura very sad, and also turned from love to hate. Laura took advantage of Harry’s admiration for her and borrowed a knife to kill. She had known for a long time that Harry killed Gregorio, and then advocated that everyone find the disappeared Gregorio with only one purpose, that is, to expose Harry’s crimes. What Laura didn’t expect was that Harry had to kill himself, so Laura had to kill him.

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