The Good Neighbor review (2022 movie)

The Latvian thriller The Good Neighbor, directed by Stephan Rick, tells the story of a pair of neighbors, Robert and David, who try to cover up a hit-and-run accident.

The Good Neighbour Plot Synopsis

In the film, David is a journalist who recently moved to Latvia after a breakup, living opposite Robert the lonely, and soon the two neighbors become friends. As David and Robert got to know each other better, they went to a club for a few drinks. All went well that night, and they drove home before it was too late.

On the drive back, the two chatted, exchanged cigarettes, and adjusted the car’s radio. Just then, David was distracted, he didn’t see a cyclist in front of him, the car hit her.

David stopped immediately, but upon investigation, the pair found the woman dead. Fearing dire consequences, David was instigated by Robert to leave the crime scene and the two drove away.

The next day, Robert destroyed David’s car and the two fabricated an alibi. But as the investigation into the cyclist’s death unfolded, they soon found themselves involved in the case.

The Good Neighbour review

If you’ve seen any kind of dark thriller over the past few decades, especially the intimacy between a group of people, this movie feels like a collection of various films in one. In the movie “The Good Neighbor”, there is a shadow of “I Know What You Did Last Summer 1997”. The next minute, it turns to the déjà vu of “Single White Female.”

In short, if you want an earth-shattering, highly original thriller that breaks the mold and redefines the genre, you won’t find it here. What’s particularly fresh about the film, all the twists and turns have been done, and for the most part, it’s just going through the motions.

Still, The Good Neighbor isn’t a particularly bad movie. In fact, its biggest downside is that it’s so generic. While I’m not going to praise it because I’ve seen this kind of movie time and time again, I’m not going to be too critical of it either.

Story is largely the problem, and if The Good Neighbor’s script could inject some clever elements into the process, or come up with some imaginative ideas, it could have the potential to be an even stronger movie.

The Good Neighbor review (2022 movie)

On the plus side, though, Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ role as Robert is pretty good, and he helps fill in some of the script’s shortcomings, and Robert’s David obsession looks interesting. Without Meyers on board, the film would have lost some of its edge. As for the others, and other aspects of the film are more ordinary.

The Latvian movie “The Good Neighbor” is like that, nothing more. To describe it as anything extraordinary would be a false exaggeration.

If you want to watch something simple that you don’t need to pay much attention to in a few hours, The Good Neighbor has you covered.

The Good Neighbor Actor

Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Luke Kleintank, Eloise Smyth, Bruce Davison.

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