‘The Gray Man’ Is Fitzroy Really Dead and Will He Appear in the Sequel?

Netflix’s “The Gray Man” stars Ryan Gosling as Agent Six, an undercover agent for the CIA known for executing plans the CIA wanted to keep secret. When he learns of the corruption of the new boss, who tries to kill Six, he runs away.

Former boss Fitzroy is Six’s closest person, is Fitzroy, played by Billy Bob Thornton, dead? Here’s what you should know.

Is Fitzroy Dead in The Gray Man?

The last time we saw Fitzroy, he was near a bomb going off. So, there’s a good chance he’s already dead in The Gray Man. His tragic fate seems to be doomed from the beginning of the film.

The reasons behind Fitzroy and Six’s close relationship are revealed at the beginning of the film, with the latter being recruited by the CIA as a top-secret spy program. It’s a personal project for Fitzroy, who ties in with each agent after carefully investigating their past behavior. They gradually trust and respect each other, to a degree that Fitzroy entrusts the safety of his niece Claire to Six.

Claire is Fitzroy’s only family, and he sees the girl as more important than anything in the world. He likes Six, but in order to save Claire, who was imprisoned by Hansen, he betrays Six without hesitation. Still, he trusted Six so much that in the end, he knew Claire would be well taken care of.

Fitzroy was shot while fleeing Hansen and his men. His wounds made him sluggish, and with Hansen closing in on them, Fitzroy decided to make a sacrifice to save them.

As “Six” escapes with Claire, Fitzroy detonates a bomb, hoping to stop and kill Hansen. Fitzroy is definitely going to die, further evidenced by the fact that we don’t see Six trying to find him later. While Fitzroy may be dead, that doesn’t mean this is the last time we’ll see him.

The Gray Man is telling the story in flashbacks, and we’re looking forward to seeing Fitzroy in the prequel or sequel. Since Fitzroy is the most important part of Six’s time at the CIA, he’ll definitely be in the scene before this movie takes place.

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