The Gray Man storyline & Ending Explained: Will there be a sequel?

“The Gray Man” is a Netflix movie with a production cost of 200 million US dollars. The plot is tense and suspenseful. The male protagonist Ryan Gosling plays the killer in this film, and the female protagonist once played the 007 Bond girl. It seems that the United States produced by Netflix Action movie benchmark 007. The big villain is played by Captain America, who is really bad in this film.

Netflix The Gray Man storyline

The film tells the story of the male protagonist who was tortured by his father’s extreme domestic violence when he was a child. He couldn’t bear it and killed his father. He was imprisoned at the age of 15, and he was imprisoned for 36 years. When he was released from prison, he became an old man. At this time, his benefactor appeared, the CIA’s Fitzroy chief, who had a good eye for talent, and wanted to train him to be a super killer. He had no identity or personal information, and only obeyed Fitzroy’s shadow killer SixGray Man (Ryan Gosling). ).

Years after the timeline came, Dani Miranda, an agent of the Central Military Bureau, had an assassination mission and needed a shadow killer, and the person who came was Six. They want to get back information that endangers national security from the target person. At this time, the commander of their mission is no longer Chief Fitzroy, he is replaced by the newcomer Carmichael. And this Carmichael has the support of politicians behind him, and after he kicked Fitzroy, he started to act indiscriminately and kill indiscriminately all over the world.

Soon, Six took a look at the American precision weapon to lock on the target, and just as he was about to pull the trigger, a young boy broke into the shooting range. Six asked for new instructions, but Carmichael urged immediate action, without harming innocents. This made Six extremely unhappy, deliberately saying that the gun was jammed because he wanted to do the task in a different way. Like a ghost, Six quietly killed the bodyguard behind the target person. As he approached the target step by step, Dani Miranda’s gunshot alarmed everyone, and the target person jumped out of the window and fled. Six followed closely, and the two fought each other amid the constant spray of fireworks.

During the fight, Six knew that the target was a master, but in the end he was stabbed by Six. Before his death, the target said that he was also recruited in prison by Fitzroy, and he was Gray Man 4. Carmichael sent someone to kill No. 4 because he had evidence that Carmichael did bad things, and No. 4 gave Six the USB drive around his neck. Six was suspicious and decided to find out the truth, so he didn’t hand over the USB flash drive to Carmichael. He secretly went to the Internet cafe to check the secrets in the USB flash drive. It was exactly as No. 4 said, but the important information was encrypted and there was no way to open it. Six packs the USB stick, mails it to his trusted retired agent for help, then calls Fitzroy and asks him to arrange a plane to pick him up, because the next Carmichael to kill is Six.

Carmichael sent someone to find what he wanted on the dead No. 4. He suspected that the USB drive was taken by Six, and immediately summoned his minion Lloyd Hansen to issue a killing order. Lloyd Hansen is an absolute fiend and he executes all of Carmichael’s bad things. To get what Carmichael wanted, he first kidnapped Fitzroy’s granddaughter, a little girl that Six knew too.

Lloyd Hansen captured Fitzroy and used the little girl’s life to give him an order to kill Six. As a result, Six not only found out long ago, but also killed all the killers in the plane, and one operation caused the plane to crash and kill everyone, the only one alive. It was him who left, as Fitzroy had expected. Lloyd Hansen was so annoyed that he mobilized all the killers to join the operation.

Six, who escaped from the plane, desperately needed a new identity, but unexpectedly fell into a trap. It turned out that the hacker wanted to exchange Six for money. Lloyd Hansen, who got the news, turned the direction of the plane and personally led the team to arrest him, but waiting for him was a trap designed by Six to kill them. Lloyd Hansen is worthy of being a villain. He immediately killed the hacker. Other killers found Six. When he was about to shoot, Six detonated a bomb, and the two killers were blown away.

Six was attacked by Lloyd Hansen, who sprayed his eyes with chilli water. Lloyd Hansen thought he had won, but it was all in Six’s plan. He gave Lloyd Hansen a grenade, and with a loud noise, the two were blown out of the window. When Six escaped, Lloyd Hansen caught up again, and suddenly a needle was shot behind him and Lloyd Hansen fell to the ground. It was Dani Miranda. She didn’t kill Six, she wanted to arrest Six and return to the headquarters to prove her innocence, because Carmichael and Six partnered to steal important information.

To prove that Carmichael is the bad guy, the Six travel to Prague to find the retired British agent. The old agent unlocks the encrypted file, which is full of insider stories of bad things Carmichael has done, assassinations, torture, and more. No wonder Carmichael is so anxious to get the USB drive back, it’s a scandal, and once the content of the USB drive is made public, he will fall. Agents Dani Miranda and Six are stunned by what they see, but they don’t yet know that death is approaching.

After Lloyd Hansen found out the address Six sent his emails to, he dispatched killers in the UK to attack them. The powerful confrontation left the house riddled with holes and exploded. In a critical moment, the old agent let Six hide in the secret passage. When the killer broke in, she detonated the gas and perished with the enemy.

Six, who escaped, was arrested by the police as a suspect and locked in a chair in the factory. At this time, Six knew that a large number of killers from Lloyd Hansen would come soon, and that innocent people would be killed and injured. He immediately grabbed the police’s gun to disperse the crowd and avoided a killing.

The killers sent by Lloyd Hansen began to attack in the direction of Six, the SWAT police arrived after hearing the news, and Lloyd Hansen’s second and third batch of killers continued to join, and the SWATs were killed by professional killers one by one. Lloyd Hansen was commanding the slaughter on Allied turf from a distance, and he was absolutely lunatic. Six can survive only if he saves himself. At the critical moment, he picked up the pistol and broke the handcuffs and escaped. What happened next was the most exciting scene of the shootout in the film, which cost 200 million production costs.

The Gray Man storyline & Ending Explained: Will there be a sequel?

The Gray Man Ending

Gray Man ending: Lloyd Hansen, who was unwilling to fail, activated the super killer Avik San, and finally won and took away the USB flash drive. But it’s all Six’s plan to sneakily follow Avik San to Lloyd Hansen’s lair. Dani Miranda uses a bazooka to kill the helicopter in the open, destroying the war room to attract Lloyd Hansen’s attention, and cover Six to rescue Fitzroy and the little girl in the dark. He was attacked by Lloyd Hansen and the killer while escaping. Fitzroy was unfortunately shot and died heroically in order to cover Six and save the little girl.

At the same time, Avik San and Dani Miranda were fighting for their lives in order to snatch the USB flash drive. Unexpectedly, Avik San gave up the USB flash drive and gave it to Dani Miranda, because the arrogant Avik San would not be an accomplice in killing the little girl. This plot twist is really eye-opening.

The two male protagonists in the film are fighting in the pool. Who is the strongest is the real meaning of the fight, but I didn’t expect that Lloyd Hansen actually took out a dagger, and the balance of victory favored Lloyd Hansen, who was blessed with weapons. Six was hit by several knives, and was pressed into the water by Lloyd Hansen. At this moment, Six remembered the miserable childhood. He suddenly jumped out of the water like a beast, like he did against his father back then, and violently strangled him. Live by Lloyd Hansen’s neck.

Suddenly there was a gunshot and someone shot Lloyd Hansen. This person was actually Suzanne Brewer, who was sent by Carmichael to work with Lloyd Hansen. She used to save the little girl as a bargaining chip and let Six testify and put all the blame to death. Lloyd Hansen, so she and Carmichael can be at peace with each other. And the kind-hearted Dani Miranda also lived for the little girl and could only be silent.

Just when Carmichael thought everything was under their control, he didn’t expect Six to do this as a tactic of power. After recovering his injuries, he immediately killed the guard and ran away. He found the place where the little girl was under house arrest, killed all the agents and rescued him. little girl. At the end of the film, although the two bad guys didn’t get the punishment they deserved, it’s a pity! It should be for the sequel, and Six competes with them again to become a classic series like 007.

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