The Killer: A Girl Who Deserves to Die ending explained & review

The Killer: A Girl Who Deserves to Die Plot Synopsis storyline

The latest Korean action movie “The Killer: A Girl Who Deserves to Die” in 2022 mainly describes the story of an uncle saving a young girl. The male protagonist, Bang Ui Gang, is a tough guy with a handsome appearance and a gentle heart. Why do you say he is gentle? It can be seen from his expression that he is a man who loves his wife. As long as his wife Sung Yeon acts a little coquettish, Bang Ui Gang will immediately soften his heart. This time, Sung Yeon’s request was to take care of the neighbor’s children, because the two were going to travel. Although Bang Ui Gang is good at talking, taking care of children is his weakest link. In desperation, Bang Ui Gang compromises and takes care of children.

After putting Sung Yeon and the neighbor on the plane, Bang Ui Gang picked up the neighbor’s daughter Kim Yoon Ji as agreed. She belongs to a half-old child who has just passed adolescence. She has developed very well and has perfect body proportions, which makes Bang Ui Gang very shy. It’s more or less inconvenient for such a big girl to live in her own home. Kim Yoon Ji asked to stay at a classmate’s house for a few days, which is exactly what Bang Ui Gang wanted, so he gave her some money and separated, but Bang Ui Gang kept his mind and secretly left a track for the money. Qi, Bi Jing promised his wife to take good care of the children, and he couldn’t afford any mistakes.

But just when Bang Ui Gang was about to leave, he found that this Kim Yoon Ji was mixed with a group of bad boys. Worrying about Kim Yoon Ji, Bang Ui Gang followed him and found him according to the tracker he had placed earlier. In the end, as Bang Ui Gang feared, Kim Yoon Ji fell into the trap set by the punks. Just when he was about to do it, Bang Ui Gang stepped forward. As a result, needless to say, several thugs were beaten to pieces.

Judging from the skills of Bang Ui Gang, plus the previous tracker, he should not be an ordinary person. But Kim Yoon Ji didn’t ask much. Bi Jing and the two didn’t know each other very well, and Bang Ui Gang didn’t need to tell her, because he was just protecting Kim Yoon Ji’s safety, and when his wife Sung Yeon came back, he would complete the task. But what he didn’t expect was that this brave act of righteousness got him into big trouble.

On their way home, Bang Ui Gang and Kim Yoon Ji found that they were surrounded by police. After inquiries, it was learned that the gangsters who had been taught a lesson were killed, which made Bang Ui Gang very puzzled, and he didn’t play such a heavy hand. At this time, Bang Ui Gang gradually realized that he might be in trouble.

Not long ago, the policeman came over, because Bang Ui Gang’s vehicle was found in the surveillance of the crime scene, so he asked if he had seen any suspicious persons, but all were rejected by Bang Ui Gang. It seems that he doesn’t want to cooperate with the police, but the strange thing here is that the policeman knows Kim Yoon Ji’s situation well, saying that she is often isolated at school, so she is only accepted by the punks. I also learned that Kim Yoon Ji has no father at all, so I asked Bang Ui Gang what is the relationship between the two. But Bang Ui Gang still ignored it, and the police returned without success.

As soon as the police left Bang Ui Gang, they received a call. It was the previous female gangster who called. Since Bang Ui Gang had left fingerprints when they beat them, the female gangster threatened him to come over and die. If he didn’t come, he would hand over his fingerprints. to the police. Bang Ui Gang didn’t want to go, so he passed by without saying a word. As a result, the other party played a dirty trick and directly ambush him at the destination, and then the two sides started a fierce hand-to-hand fight.

What Bang Ui Gang didn’t expect was that this was just a trick, their real target was Kim Yoon Ji at home. Fortunately, before leaving, Bang Ui Gang asked Kim Yoon Ji to wear the bracelet he gave, so that Bang Ui Gang made me go to Kim Yoon Ji’s place again. But by the time he arrived, Kim Yoon Ji had been moved to another place, and only the previous gangster was found, and they had already discovered the tracking device that Bang Ui Gang had left behind. But what the female gangster didn’t expect was that the real identity of this Bang Ui Gang is actually a professional contractor, a professional killer who collects money and does errands. His only characteristic is that in order to protect the target, he will do whatever it takes to deal with such stubborn people, and Bang Ui Gang naturally cannot show mercy. They tortured him directly. Under the severe pain, the female gangster quickly recruited and told Bang Ui Gang that Kim Yoon Ji was transferred to a hotel called Don’t Tell Dad.

The Killer: A Girl Who Deserves to Die ending explained & review

Bang Ui Gang rushed to the hotel immediately. Although there were heavy weapons in it, they used some cold weapons. How could they know that Bang Ui Gang had guns in their hands. The gangsters fell one by one, and finally the remaining 3 gangsters saw the general trend and went to prepare to escape, but they were directly forced to stop by the Bang Ui Gang. At first, they begged Bang Ui Gang to spare their lives, but they used the wrong method, in exchange for the pornographic services of the little sister, begging Bang Ui Gang to let them go. Bang Ui Gang didn’t give them a chance to live, and shot them directly. At this moment, the previous policeman came over to me again, and Bang Ui Gang wondered how a small policeman in the district could have such a high tracking ability.

Bang Ui Gang took the policeman’s gun but did not kill him, but took him to the pier, which should be to prove to the police that these actions were only to save the child. Because Bang Ui Gang always prepares for the worst, he has placed more than one tracking device on Kim Yoon Ji.

Quickly found the location of Kim Yoon Ji, and killed all the gangsters with one person, but this time it was reversed. When Bang Ui Gang dialed the gangster’s cell phone, the policeman’s phone rang. No wonder he can get me to Bang Ui Gang every time. It turns out that he is with the gangsters. However, Bang Ui Gang did not expose and report him, but made a deal with the police, that is, let him say who is the mastermind behind the sale of such girls. The police said that they can’t say now and need to investigate. But the police wondered how Bang Ui Gang found out that he was an insider. Bang Ui Gang said it was very simple, because when you escaped before, you found a female body in the trunk of your car. This made the police never think that now that Bang Ui Gang has the police’s handle, he can only choose to stand on the side of Bang Ui Gang and help him investigate the mastermind behind the sale of girls.

Then Bang Ui Gang found an old man who had worked with him before and asked him to help him get a sniper rifle. The old man thought he was going back to his old business, but he wasn’t. Bang Ui Gang just doesn’t want this kind of trouble to end, he knows that as long as this kind of organization is not completely eradicated, he will not have a clean life in the future. It didn’t take long for the police to find the mastermind behind the scenes. It turned out to be a well-known local justice. He had ties to the Russian mafia and used these girls to trade power and sex.

The police advised Bang Ui Gang to stop interfering in this matter. How can you fight against the organization alone. However, Bang Ui Gang said that you don’t need to worry about it, and then he contacted another senior, who was specializing in dealing with the aftermath. What caught my eye here was that this old man was actually Cha Taixian, the male protagonist in “My Sassy Girl”. It seems that the years have been unforgiving, and the little fresh meat back then is now full of vicissitudes.

Bang Ui Gang brought a gun and came to the lair of the all-evil justice. What he didn’t expect was that this place was as luxurious as a palace, and there were clouds of beauties inside, but the judge had a hobby, that he only liked high school students. Since you are so perverted, then don’t blame Bang Ui Gang for being ruthless, and directly open the Peace Elite mode, one bad guy with one shot. Surprisingly, the police also rushed over here. Could it be that he found out with his conscience and was going to kill the people with Bang Ui Gang? Of course not, of course he couldn’t let go of this opportunity to make a guilt and meritorious service, and finally pointed the gun at Bang Ui Gang and brought him to the front of the justice.

The justices asked the police to put Bang Ui Gang to death and promised him a post of director. Just when the police were triumphant, the reversal struck again, and it was just the Bang Ui Gang’s tactic. How could Bang Ui Gang not see it, what the police were thinking. To catch the police is to see the justice.

The Killer: A Girl Who Deserves to Die ending explained

Just as the justice was ready to enjoy the pleasure of the flesh after bathing, Bang Ui Gang suddenly appeared in front of him. Seeing that his situation was over, the judge proposed the last deal, that is, to be a good judge in the future, and to be a good judge who does his duty, this matter will be written off. At the same time, he also confessed to another behind-the-scenes master, the big snake head code-named Mother Pig. She is the devil head who is specially in charge of the eyesore girls. All high school girls are transported here through her. However, Bang Ui Gang shot the justice directly.

So who is the pig mother who was invited? It turned out to be Kim Yoon Ji’s mother, the neighbor who went on a trip with Sung Yeon. In fact, she is not Kim Yoon Ji’s biological mother, but the devil who sells girls. The reason why I approached Bang Ui Gang was because I heard from Sung Yeon that she had a rich husband, so she wanted to get Bang Ui Gang’s handle through this kind of sex trade. She thought that no man would resist the temptation of high school girls, but what she never thought was that Bang Ui Gang was the man who hated this kind of power and sex trade. Because his daughter lost her precious life because of this tragedy, and she never gave Mother Pig a chance to live. In the end, Kim Yoon Ji dramatically became the adopted daughter of Bang Ui Gang.

The Killer: A Girl Who Deserves to Die review

This is a decent hero saving beauty movie, the fight scenes are okay, the plot is suspenseful, and there are many twists, but it is very old-fashioned. South Korea dares to write about politically sensitive topics, the plot is simple and clear, and does not even require logical thinking. The director also played with open hands, immersed in the aesthetic of violence, obsessed with the dimensional space of revenge and resentment. A long one-shot close-to-the-end hand-to-hand combat, a 90-minute short and powerful.

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