The Law Cafe episode 3 Recap

The Law Cafe episode 3 Recap

When Lee Seung Gi came to chat with Lee Se Young over instant noodles, Lee Seung Gi tapped Lee Se Young’s forehead, and some unintentional intimacy made Lee Se Young’s heart beat so fast that he couldn’t breathe again. Lee Se Young didn’t understand that this was heartbeat, and thought that something was wrong with him. Lee Seung Gi suspects that she has a panic attack.

Lee Se Young’s panic attacks started when he was in high school. After his father passed away, Lee Se Young had the first attack, and his heart was beating wildly, as if he was about to die. After that, it happened once every two months, and every time Lee Seung Gi carried her to the health room or the hospital. But when she arrived at the destination, she miraculously recovered, and she later learned that it was a heart attack.

Lee Seung Gi suspects that Lee Se Young is suffering from an old illness and insists that she see a doctor. Lee Se Young felt that the other party was making a fuss, but she went to the doctor for consultation. The doctor advised her to shift her attention the next time she got sick and focus on what she saw or heard in front of her eyes.

Soon Lee Se Young developed symptoms again, she was busy in the cafe, and Lee Seung Gi came to her. Seeing the other party, Lee Se Young’s heartbeat began to speed up uncontrollably. She tried to divert her attention, but all she could see was Lee Seung Gi’s every move. Lee Se Young’s symptoms did not ease in the slightest, and she finally ran away.

Lee Se Young came to the hospital to visit the man in the house, and the man was going to sue Dohan Construction Company. Hearing that Lee Se Young also started to prepare materials, Lee Seung Gi repeatedly discouraged her, this is a war that is doomed to fail, but Lee Se Young still decided to give it a go. The representative of Duhan Construction was still bothering about the novel. He was sure that the author must be an insider, otherwise it would be impossible to know so many unknown details, but the publishing house also knew the author’s detailed information, so the representative had to put pressure on the publishing house. Order them to suspend updates.

Lee Se Young called the residents to mobilize everyone to join the lawsuit, and Lee Seung Gi complained again about her behavior of violating the rules for mass gatherings. Lee Se Young explained to the residents that the noise of this building was due to Dohan Construction’s cutting corners, the construction company’s loopholes in the system, and the actual construction situation was seriously inconsistent with the approved design drawings. Lee Se Young believes that as long as this can be proven, he will have the upper hand in the lawsuit.

But Lee Seung Gi poured cold water on her, even if she wins the lawsuit, after deducting various costs, the residents will not be able to share the money at all, and the apartment has been completed for 16 years, and the period of the defect guarantee has already ended. The news of the lawsuit will only make housing prices plummet. No results were achieved, and everyone broke up. Lee Se Young angrily questioned Lee Seung Gi, if you don’t help yourself, why do you want to add fuel to the fire instead. Lee Seung Gi believes that for residents, the so-called justice and fairness are meaningless, and how to solve the noise problem is the most practical.

Lee Se Young couldn’t help but ask Lee Seung Gi, is it because he thinks nothing makes sense, that’s why he hides here all day doing nothing? Lee Seung Gi was deeply touched by this sentence. In the evening, Song Hwa, a resident who did not have time to attend the briefing session during the day, came to see Lee Se Young. Song Hwa’s husband passed away the year before, and the house she lives in now is her and her husband’s marriage room. She wants to continue living here with peace of mind, so she intends to participate in the lawsuit.

The next day, several residents came to Lee Se Young to help with the lawsuit, and they all wanted to live as long as Song Hwa did. That’s it, Lee Seung Gi has also joined Lee Se Young’s team. He learned that Duhan Construction has built in another place, surpassing Yuhu’s apartment villa, and it is about to be completed and accepted. This is the most important project of Duhan Construction at the moment. They definitely don’t want to cut corners at this juncture. rumor. If you want to win, you must make a big fuss in the apartment villa, so that Duhan Construction will be under the influence.

In order to make things worse, Lee Se Young and Lee Seung Gi pulled a few acquaintances and formed a makeshift band with black-eyed men who played music. They played their instruments in different rooms of the noisy building, and thanks to the sound insulation, they could hear each other’s voices in different positions, and successfully completed a floor noise concert. After the noise video was posted on the Internet, it really caused a heated discussion. The video finally revealed the behavior of Duhan Construction’s cutting corners, and mentioned the apartment villa that was about to be inspected, saying that its sound insulation condition was also excellent.

After seeing the video, an emergency meeting was held within Duhan Construction, and the representative asked his subordinates to contact the website immediately and request the video to be removed. Lee Seung Gi and Lee Se Young immediately started the next step after receiving the contact from Dohan Construction. Lee Seung Gi put on a suit, and his handsome appearance was different from his usual appearance. Lee Seung Gi and Lee Se Young came to Dohan Construction as lawyers and used a formal lawsuit as a negotiating condition for reconciliation, demanding compensation from Dohan Construction.

The negotiators of Dohan Construction didn’t take Lee Se Young and the others seriously at first, but after Lee Seung Gi threatened him, he was immediately dumbfounded. The other party asked the leader to propose compensation, and Lee Se Young was very dissatisfied. The compensation amount was simply fooling people. Lee Se Young took the lead, forced the other side to make concessions repeatedly, and finally negotiated a satisfactory amount.

Just after signing the contract, Lee Se Young immediately called another group of people. She introduced her other identity again, and the Residents’ Representative Committee of the Apartment Villa consulted a lawyer. The people she called were all the residents of the villa, and there were problems such as water leakage before they moved in. This time she came to negotiate with Duhan Construction. Lee Se Young’s plan was a great success, costing Dohan Construction, and helping the residents get actual compensation. Lee Se Young was in a very happy mood and rushed into the rain to feel the scouring of the rain.

Lee Seung Gi reminded her inopportunely not to catch a cold in the rain like many years ago, while warmly wrapping her coat. Lee Se Young’s heart started racing again, and the symptoms continued into the night, and with her was Lee Seung Gi. Lee Seung Gi was worried about Lee Se Young’s health and wanted to send a message of concern, but he didn’t send it for a long time.

The next day the residents gathered at the cafe again, and Lee Se Young brought the good news of the compensation. There was cheers in the coffee shop, everyone thanked Lee Se Young for his help and dedication, especially the man with dark circles. Seeing that Lee Se Young was so concerned about the case, he was very grateful. Now that he hears the noise from the floor again, he is not as disgusted as he used to be, all thanks to Lee Se Young. Lee Se Young was also relieved to see the man showing a long-lost smile.

Residents who did not participate in the lawsuit saw that others had received compensation and asked Lee Se Young to make trouble. But the black-and-white contracts did not contain the names of the residents. Lee Se Young reminded them that, at first, they were afraid of falling house prices and were reluctant to take risks, but now they come here to get something for nothing. There is no such reason. Lee Se Young suggested that if they wanted to get the money, they would file another lawsuit for settlement, but Lee Se Young would not take this case again.

The representative of Dohan Construction was dissatisfied with the final negotiation result, and he investigated who Lee Se Young was, and found out that she had worked under lawyer Hwang. He called Lawyer Huang for questioning, and Lawyer Huang could only laugh in embarrassment.

To celebrate the success of the cafe’s first case, everyone gathered, Lee Se Young was so drunk that no one noticed that someone was spying on them. Lee Se Young clamored to play Truth or Dare after getting drunk, Lee Se Young asked Lee Seung Gi why he dumped himself? Friends know that the two have been dating. But Lee Seung Gi didn’t admit it, thinking they were just pretending to be dating.

It turned out that the man Lee Se Young was dating at that time stepped on several boats and made Lee Se Young handsome. Afraid of losing face at the class reunion, Lee Se Young pretends to be in a relationship with Lee Seung Gi, who sticks together every day. Coincidentally, Lee Seung Gi didn’t want others to mess with him, so he came together with Lee Se Young.

Lee Se Young wanted to disregard the past and invited Lee Seung Gi to be by his side, and she would treat Lee Seung Gi well. Lee Se Young wanted Lee Seung Gi to be his partner, but was ruthlessly rejected by Lee Seung Gi. At this time, Han Seo Yeon had a sudden pain, and the baby was born shortly after being sent to the hospital. Seeing the newborn Lee Se Young finally sobered up.

Lee Se Young and Lee Seung Gi were on their way back together. Lee Se Young made an offer to Lee Seung Gi again, but Lee Seung Gi still refused. Lee Se-young wants to know the reason, and Lee Seung-gi throws a pack impatiently because he thinks Lee Se-young is annoying. This remark hurts Lee Se Young, who returns to the cafe to find a mess inside. Lee Se Young was frightened and had hallucinations, and she saw a figure in the mirror. But when he came back to his senses, he found that the figure had long since disappeared. Lee Se Young looked at the liquid falling from the wine on the ground with a dazed expression, when Lee Seung Gi covered her eyes and picked Lee Se Young up.

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