The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Season 1 episode 1 Recap & Ending

After the success of the movie version of “The Lord of the Rings”, it has once again ushered in the adaptation of the film version. The story of the TV version of “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” will unfold from the perspective of Galadriel, the Noldor, is the Elf Queen Galadriel in the movie version. The story line in the Silmarillion in the album version has been changed quite a lot, so that it is obviously different from the story line in the book. Let’s see what the adaptation of the show looks like. At the same time, I hope that this new work will not be the same. will let us down.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Season 1 episode 1 Recap

The story begins in the Holy Land of Valinor, when Galadriel was still a maiden, the granddaughter of Finwe, the leader of the Noldor, and the embodiment of wisdom and beauty. Galadriel wrestled with the little boys who smashed the boat she made with small stones. As a result, this move was seen by the passing brother Finrod, who gave Galadriel a lecture.

Then the big villain Morgoth appeared and destroyed the double holy tree, so the world without light fell into darkness, and the various wars in the Silmarillion were mentioned here. Basically, the Noldor left the holy land of Valinor and went to Middle-earth to fight Morgoth for a long time. As for the Valars and the Sindar elves, there is no mention in the album, only that the Noldor elves finally achieved victory at a painful price. But the darkness still did not recede, Morgoth’s subordinate Sauron still led the orcs, lurking in the darkness, waiting for an opportunity.

Galadriel’s brother Finrod paid the price of his life in pursuit of Sauron, and left Sauron’s mark on his body. In the end, Galadriel took over the burden of his brother and continued to hunt down Sauron. With the passage of time, most of the elves have been immersed in peaceful days, and they have long forgotten the mighty king of the great devil. Only Galadriel believed that the darkness would come back, and she led the team to the bitter cold land in the north, trying to find the trace of Sauron here. Although this behavior was questioned by her subordinates, she still insisted on her original intention, and finally found the abandoned castle left by Morgoth.

In the abandoned castle they found Sauron’s mark again, and learned that he was performing some kind of secret ritual. Then a snow troll suddenly appeared and attacked everyone. In the face of such a giant, no one in the team could compete with it. At the critical moment, Kelan Hall shot and slashed the snow troll. Just when she was about to continue chasing the enemy, the other teammates put down their swords but chose not to follow.

Then the camera turned, Galadriel returned to the Elf Kingdom of Linton, which was an important territory of the Noldor during the Second Era, and the following plot was more magical. The first to greet Kellan Hall turned out to be Elrond, and the two were very warm in their gestures. I believe everyone is familiar with the identity of Elrond. He is Elwyn’s father in The Lord of the Rings. And Galadriel is actually Elrond’s mother-in-law, but a magic change was made in the album, and Galadriel and Elrond became good friends.

Galadriel then complained to him about the disagreement of the expedition, and she also wanted to see the High King, asking him to send another army for her to go north. But Elrond told the truth, in fact, all the High King wants is peaceful days, if the dark forces are grass, then Galadriel is the wind, only the spring wind blows deep. In the following commendation meeting, the High King kept implying Galadriel to give up his actions in his speech, and even in recognition of her achievements, he promised her the privilege of returning to all Valinor, the blessed land of the far west, the undead Develino.

The camera came to the southern human village, and a dark-skinned elf appeared in the tavern. His name was Arondir, and he was responsible for monitoring the dark forces Morgoth. Because this was the domain of Morgoth before, but according to his conversations with the locals, the residents here were very unfriendly to him. They think the elves are interfering in their lives, but there is a bright side to everything. A woman liked Arondir very much and gave him a bottle of precious medicine.

On his way back to the outpost, Arondir’s comrade tells him that the union of humans and elves always ends in tragedy. After all, elves are immortal, and human beings have a limited lifespan and will eventually face death. At this time, the Supreme Lord announced that the time of peace had come, so all the outposts in the south had to be evacuated. This news made Arondir unable to adapt for a while, and if he evacuated, it meant that he would not be able to see his beloved Bronwyn again. So he came to Bronwyn’s door the day before the evacuation, ready to confess to her. As a result, a farmer interrupted their conversation. It turned out that the farmer’s cows didn’t know what was wrong with their stomachs, and Bronwyn, the village doctor, went to see.

Arondir milked the milk by hand and found it was black. It was clear that the cow must be under some dark magic, so he took Bronwyn to the vicinity to check the situation. As a result, when they rushed around, they found that an entire tribe’s house had been burned, and the people were nowhere to be found.

Bronwyn has a son who took advantage of the departure of his mother and Arondir, and came to a wooden house with his friends. It turned out that they had found a mysterious object in the wooden house before. It was a short sword with Sauron’s mark engraved on it.

The camera moves to the east of the Anduin River, where a mysterious group of hairy feet is active, who are the ancestors of the Hobbits. At this time, they were still in a relatively wild period, still living a nomadic life. But in such a large group, there is a restless girl, her name is Nori. Compared with the clansmen who are indifferent to the world, she is more eager to explore the outside world. But her mother told her that every creature in Middle-earth has different habits, and the characteristic of the hairy feet is that they are carefree and walk in a group on the footsteps left by their ancestors. The intention at the moment is to dispel the illusion of the daughter.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Season 1 episode 1 Recap & Ending

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Season 1 episode 1 Ending

Galadriel came to the statue of her brother. Although she had the opportunity to go to Valinor, she was not happy at all. She thought that the evil had not dissipated, and even if she was alone, she would continue to pursue Sauron. Elrond appeared behind her now, and he persuaded Galadriel that he had fought long enough and that it was time to return to Valinor to recuperate. And he also pointed out that blindly pursuing the darkness will only kill more people in the end.

At Elrond’s persuasion, she finally decided to return to Valinor. Galadriel boarded the swan ship to Valinor the next morning, and the ship slowly sailed towards the Misty Sea. The next scene was very shocking. A group of white birds flew out of the foggy sea, pointing out the light ahead for them. The elves sang involuntarily, but Galadriel did not sing.

The entire swan city was shrouded in holy light, and everyone was addicted to the light in front of them. Galadriel looked at his dagger and remembered what his brother had taught him. At this time, a fireball suddenly appeared in the sky, and it was rapidly falling towards the Middle-earth continent. And Galadriel’s heart was also shaken, her body involuntarily moved back, and the figure of Finrod appeared in her mind again. Finally, when the ship entered the golden light, she resolutely jumped off the swan ship and chose to stay as sergeant.

Then the gate to Valinor closed before her eyes, and Galadriel was left at sea alone. The High King called Elrond, and he gave Elrond a task to assist Celebrimbor, the lord of Eregian City, to create an item.

The city of Erigion is the artisan kingdom of the Noldor, and Celebrimbor is the most famous artisan among them, from which the famous One Ring was forged. Then they also saw a big fireball falling from the sky. They saw that the fireball went all the way to the south, and finally plunged into the land near the hairy foot tribe. It just happened that Nori, the hairy-footed tribe, saw this scene. She followed the trajectory of the fireball and came to a big pit, and there was a man lying inside. As for who he is, let’s wait for a while, and continue to explain in the second episode.

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