The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Season 1 episode 2 Recap & review

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Season 1 episode 2 Recap

Nori accidentally found the man in the fireball. At this time, his best friend also heard the movement and rushed over, but one accidentally pushed Nori into the fire pit. Fortunately, the flames in the pit were not warm, so she did not burn her. Just when she tried to wake the man, the man woke up unexpectedly, and the surrounding flames suddenly rose into the air, and then the man turned his head and continued to fall asleep. The best friend asked Nori to leave here quickly, but Nori insisted on taking him away, so the two got a trolley and put him on it. During this period, her best friend was very puzzled. She didn’t know why Nori risked her life to save the man. Nori is not very clear, she just feels that it seems to be destined.

The camera came to Arondir’s side, he and Bronwyn came to this burnt tribe, it was like a waste, and all the residents were missing, and then the two found a hole in the house. Arondir sensed the crisis and sent Bronwyn back to report, while he went to the cave to investigate.

Elrond also came to Erigion, the artisan kingdom, where he also saw the hammer that made the Silmarillion. The owner of the hammer is Feanor, Finn’s eldest son, and Celebrimbor is a descendant of Feanor. Then Keller told Elrond that he always wanted to complete his own great works, just as his ancestor Feanor made the Silmarillion. But he has been in Middle-earth for a long time, but has not achieved any results, so he asked Elrond to help.

Then Keller showed him his blueprint. It turned out that he planned to build a huge furnace, and this thing is an upgraded version of other ordinary furnaces, and the weapons created must be the best of the best. So Elrond suggested that he could ask dwarves to help him build. After all, dwarves are the gods of craftsmen and descendants of Oli, and their ability to build has always been their proud skill.

Soon the two came to the nearby Khazad-dum, the dwarf empire built by Durin I. In Lord of the Rings, this place is called Moria Mine, because when the dwarves were mining in the mountains, they awakened the ancient Balrog, which led to the destruction of the dwarven empire. Finally in this timeline we can meet Khazad-dum in his heyday.

Elrond boasted to Keller that he and Prince Durin were good brothers. As long as he opened his mouth, the other party would definitely meet his requirements. As a result, Elrond was closed as soon as he got to the door, which was a bit embarrassing. We can also reach the unfinished gate of Noria, which is not invisible yet.

Unable to enter, Elrond asked for a Durin ceremony with the dwarves, and he was taken away by several dwarven soldiers, leaving Lord Keller to wait outside. Taking the opportunity of Elrond to challenge the Durin ritual, we can finally see the full picture of Khazad-dum. The dwarves have built countless palaces in the mountains, and with the background music of the dwarves, it is like a paradise in the mountains.

Elrond was led by the dwarves to a hall, and Prince Durin appeared. When he heard that Elrond was going to challenge the Durin ritual, he couldn’t wait to take on him. The so-called challenge ceremony is that two people knock stones at each other until one of them can’t knock them. If the challenger loses, he will be banished by the dwarves forever. It was obvious that the dwarves looked down on the emaciated elf in front of him, and the game began. Under repeated knocks, Elrond finally exhausted his strength and lost the game.

Elrond thought that the Prince of Durin was just joking with himself, but the next second he was surprised. The Prince of Durin really expelled him, and he was later informed by inquiries. It turned out that Elrond had not been in touch with Prince Durin for twenty years, and had also missed his wedding and his son’s full moon wine. Although twenty years is short for elves, it is a lifetime of youth for dwarves. That’s why Prince Durin was so angry, but in the end, with Elrond’s sincere apology and the coordination of Princess Durin, the two of them released their previous suspicions. Prince Durin promised to help the dwarves and elves join forces.

The camera came to Kailan Duer’s side. With perseverance and perseverance, she actually swam in the sea for a day and a night, and finally she met a group of people who were shipwrecked. A kind woman chose to rescue her. After inquiries, it was learned that these people were here because they were attacked by an unknown giant beast. As a result, the giant beast attacked again before the words were finished, and the woman was so frightened that she kicked Galadriel into the sea again, thinking that Galadriel had lured it. of.

The beast charged at them, smashing the raft in the fight, and only a man named Halbrand and Galadriel survived. During the chat between the two, Galadriel learned that the man chose to flee because his hometown was attacked by orcs. Soon she thought of Sauron’s conspiracy, so she hoped that the man would take her to find the orcs. But now the two are still in the vast sea, and self-rescue is a problem, so there is no mood to look for orcs.

The mysterious man who fell from the sky has also woken up, but he doesn’t seem to speak, and his behavior is very strange. Nori’s sudden appearance made him scream, and the sound would turn into a terrible storm. Fortunately, he finally recognized Nori as his savior, but there were still problems with their communication.

Arondir found traces of the Orcs in the cave, and it seems that these evil creatures have been hiding by digging tunnels. Right now, he was in unfavorable terrain, so he planned to leave here first. Unexpectedly, the orcs followed his trail and came over. During the escape, Arondir accidentally fell into the water hole and swam out of the water only to find that there was a dead end in front of him, and he could only draw out his dagger. Just as Brother Arondir was about to fight to the death, a lot of claws suddenly appeared behind him and took him away.

Bronwyn has returned to the village. Although she told everyone about the situation in Horton Village, no one believed her, so she had no choice but to go home to check the situation. Unexpectedly, a big hole had appeared on the floor of the house, and the orcs also ran out through the hole. Fortunately, the son was hiding in the drawer and was not found. At this time, another orc crawled out of the hole, so frightened that Bronwyn also hid in the closet, and was finally found by the keen orc. Fortunately, the son rescued the mother in time, and the two fought the orc for a long time, and finally succeeded in beheading it. When the villagers saw the head, they knew that something was wrong, so everyone hurriedly organized to escape. When his son left, he took the broken sword with him, and he also found that the broken sword would recover by sucking his blood.

In the evening, Nori came to find the mysterious man again. It turned out that her father accidentally injured his ankle while working in the morning. You must know that the hairy foot tribe often migrates around. Father. This time she wanted to say goodbye to the mysterious man. At this time, the mysterious man got inspiration from the lantern in their hands. He summoned the fireflies in the lantern and gathered them together and whispered to his mouth. Unexpectedly, the firefly could understand him and flew into the air to make a pattern, and the girl seemed to understand the intention of the mysterious man, and said that she knew where the thing he was looking for was.

Galadriel had a huge storm on her side, and a wave knocked her into the sea, and she nearly drowned because of the rope still tangled around her. In the end, Brand desperately rescued her. After a night of tossing, the two finally met the fleet the next day.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Season 1 episode 2 Recap & review

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Season 1 episode 2 review

The above is the plot of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Season 1 episode 2. At present, the plot unfolds in four different directions, but the final clues will point to Sauron, the final villain. The next episode should feature the Dendans of Númenor and the ancestors of Aragon. I have to say that the production of these two episodes is really excellent. No matter from the scene or the props, you can see that the producer has spent a lot of thought. The plot of these two hours adds up to a movie. In terms of the plot, apart from the awkward relationship between the magic changes, other original characters feel okay, and I hope that the development in the future will not go astray.

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