The Most Dangerous Game 2022 review:Poor acting and slow setting

he Most Dangerous Game is a 1932 classic that stunned audiences with its twists and turns, but sadly, the 2022 remake isn’t worth watching at all. The film follows the exact same plot, where people on a wrecked ship find themselves on a forgotten island…

The Most Dangerous Game review

The Most Dangerous Game 2022 is arguably one of the worst movies of the year, with low-level acting, minimal action, predictable plot, and little else to watch. Movie star Chris Tamburello has been a fan favorite on MTV’s reality show, and maybe he should stick to his job. His performance failed, and the other actors weren’t much better.

Chris Tamburello seems to be made for action movies, and maybe he is. Honestly, a lot of the problems stem from the script. In this film, Chris Tamburello claims to be from New York, but his signature Boston accent betrays it, leading the writers to make an odd choice.

“The Most Dangerous Game” has a lot of rambling dialogue that feels unnatural, and when combined with the botched performances of the actors, it almost becomes laughable. Even for those who know nothing about the film and have never seen the original book (which does stand the test of time), the story is predictable. Everything dragged on for the first 30 minutes, and when the big twist finally came, it was no surprise. In fact, the way it’s handled is annoying.

To avoid spoilers, we won’t reveal the details, except that the hunt with a lot of people ends up being more of an uneven one-on-one fight. The film’s ending was enough to send audiences out of theaters in anger. Unfortunately, the edit didn’t bring anything either. A lot of the transitions are black, with some extra time in the already stretched film.

With a plot like this, there should be more action scenes and shocking scenes. Instead, viewers are forced to watch very simple kills, which often take place off-screen with little bloodshed. There are some cool traps used in the movie, but they don’t add any substance to the movie.

The Most Dangerous Game 2022 review:Poor acting and slow setting

“The Most Dangerous Game” can be compared to the “Predator” series of films. A chase, a manhunt, and a whole bunch of big action scenes with brutal murder, but it’s a low-profile version of the Predator at best.

Overall, The Most Dangerous Game doesn’t succeed in delivering what its predecessor promised. The poor acting, slow setting, missing action, and predictable plot make this movie simply not worth watching. It’s a shame because with such potential it feels like almost every aspect is wasted.

The Most Dangerous Game Plot Synopsis

In this remake of the 1932 classic, a father and son take a steamboat to the Alaskan wilderness on a great hunting expedition, only to be shipwrecked on a mysterious island. The only inhabitants of the island received these people warmly, they drank and ate, and then they talked about hunting.

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