The Old Man Season 1 Ending Explained: Who is Parwana?

The Old Man Season 1 tells the story of former CIA agent Dan Chase (Jeff Bridges). The show explores Dan’s feud with Afghan warlord Faraz Hamzad, who has a secret feud with the super spy. As the plot progresses, viewers learn that Dan has eloped with Hamzad’s wife Belour, and they start a new life in America.

However, the final episode of the first season brought a new twist to the feud between Chase and Hamzad by introducing Parwana. Of course, viewers must be eager to know more about Parwana and her whereabouts on the show.

Who is Parwana in The Old Man Season 1

Parwana is a character who first appeared in the last episode of the first season of the American TV series “The Last One”. In this episode, Dan Chase and Harold Harper race to uncover Faraz Hamzad’s true motives. Meanwhile, they must figure out a way to save Angela Adams, who is actually Dan Chase’s daughter, Emily.

As Dan Chase explained to Harper, Faraz Hamzad and Belour have a daughter. After Chase and Belour escaped from Hamzad’s camp, they smuggled the little girl to the United States. That girl grew up to be Emily Chase, and her fake identity was Angela Adams. However, in reality she is Faraz Hamzad’s biological daughter, Parwana.

This shocking turn confirms that Emily is neither Dan Chase’s nor Harper’s daughter, even though they both treat her like a father. Additionally, Emily doesn’t know her true identity, only hearing her real name for the first time at the end of the episode.

The Old Man Season 1 Ending Explained: Who is Parwana?

Where is Parwana now?

Parwana, also known as Emily Chase, is the protagonist of the show’s first season finale. In this episode, Angela is held hostage by Agent Waters and his team, by order of Morgan Bote. Bote used Angela as a bargaining chip to force Chase to hand himself over to Faraz Hamzad. However, Harper learns from Waters that the base where he is holding Angela is being threatened by a group of mercenaries. So Waters and his team moved Angela to a safer location. On the other hand, Chase and Harper abandon plans to go to the airport so that Chase can meet Hamzad in person. Instead, they found Waters’ van, hoping to find Emily/Angela.

By the time Chase and Harper arrived at Waters’ location, the scene was already bombarded with bullets. Mike and Waters are dead and Angela is missing. That’s when Chase reveals to Harper that Hamzad is Emily’s biological father. So the answer to where Angela and Emily are is clear, Hamzad’s men took her to Afghanistan.

This is also confirmed when Angela arrives outside Hamzad’s estate in the final moments of the episode. Hamzad welcomed his daughter home and mentioned her real name, Parwana. So how the truth about Angela’s biological parents will affect FBI agents, and her relationship with Chase and Harper, will be an exciting conflict in Season 2 of The Old Man.

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