The Sandman Ending Explained:Will Lucifer and desire work together against dreams?

Netflix’s latest fantasy TV series “The Sandman” is based on a comic book of the same name by Neil Gaiman. The world view setting and overall immersion are very attractive, and it is the most expensive live-action series for DC and Warner.

The first season introduced audiences to endless myths, the conflicts between them, and the obstacles that must be overcome to keep the dream realm in balance with the waking world. Morpheus, aka Dream, is the central character of the story. The series’ story begins with his arrest, and by the end of the season, too many characters have been added to it.

While Dream managed to solve most of his problems, more challenges lay before his eyes. The finale set the stage for the second season’s plot, leaving Dream’s future looking rather bleak. Here, we take a look at the season one finale of The Sandman.

The Sandman Ending Explained:Will Lucifer and desire work together against dreams?

Dream vortex has the power to create or destroy the universe, can destroy the border between dream and dream, destroy the waking world and dream world. Dream’s job is to solve this problem, and Dream vortex is Rose Walker. Her power grows as Rose searches for her missing brother. At first Dream watched her in the dream, and later sent the crow to watch, when Lyta Hall was pregnant in the dream and brought her baby to the real world, Dream thought that Rose should be killed. In the end, Rose also succumbed to her own destiny and prepared to sacrifice, but then a secret revelation changed the situation completely.

It turned out that the original Dream vortex should be the great-grandmother Unity. When Dream was captured by Burgess, sleeping sickness enveloped the whole world, and Unity became the victim. She spent her entire life in her sleep, where she met the “golden-eyed man” and they had a child who eventually became Rose’s grandmother. Because Dream was imprisoned, Unity’s fate did not become vortex, it was passed on to her descendants, and Rose became Dream vortex.

In order to save her great-granddaughter, Unity took Rose’s heart and eventually Unity became Dream vortex. Once this heart is broken, Unity dies. Dream vortex is dead, Dream has no reason to kill Rose, and Rose is back with her brother and friends.

The reveal at the end also sets the stage for the second season, with Desire’s confrontation with Dream increasingly in focus. As soon as Unity mentioned that “Golden Eyed Man” was Desire, Dream knew that Desire had meddled in his own affairs. If Desire hadn’t impregnated Unity, Rose would never have been born, and the whole Dream vortex situation would have been resolved with Unity dying in her sleep.

Killing Rose was also a big deal for Dream, since Desire was her great-grandfather. While the show hasn’t explained why Desire wants to destroy Dream so much, or why they want Dream to kill Rose so much, it must have something to do with the historical feud between the families, this arc is explored in detail in the comic books, I I won’t talk about it here.

Obviously, we’ll see more of Rose’s story, as her relationship with Desire remains to be explored further. Both she and her brother Jed are the Infinity Sons, which means this isn’t the last time we’ll see them.

Desire and Lucifer’s ambitions coincide, and in the future they may become allies, uniting to destroy Dream’s kingdom, and the next season will open up more myths. Such as Reaper and Destiny, which might split them into factions, with some supporting Dream and others supporting Desire, which might make it easier for Lucifer to make his dreams come true.

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