The Sandman EP 3 Dream a Little Dream of Me Recap

The Sandman EP 3 Dream a Little Dream of Me Recap

The Sandman EP 3 Recap

Constantine was the one who photographed the Dream King sandbag. Morpheus said that he and the Constantine family had known each other for centuries, and hoped that she would return the sandbag to him. But Constantine resented his tone of command. At this time, a crow next to him attracted Morpheus’s attention. The crow said that his name was Matthew, and he had just died in this world.

Morpheus said that the last crow died in order to save himself, and he no longer needed the help of the crow. Matthew said at least let him help Morpheus find Constantine who just ran away.

Constantine was sleeping at this time, and Morpheus directly used his ability to enter Constantine’s dream and saw the other party’s nightmare. Morpheus told her that as long as she found the sandbag, she could get rid of this nightmare. Constantine began to search for the sandbag in the room, saying that he had never opened it since he bought it.

Morpheus saw the photos of Constantine and his girlfriend, which reminded her that she forgot the sandbag at her girlfriend’s house. Because of his identity, the people around him are always hurt by demons, and it is safer to leave the other party.

When they came to his girlfriend’s house, Constantine asked Morpheus to wait downstairs and went up to find his girlfriend. Just as the two were reminiscing about the old days, Morpheus, who was waiting, found that the crow was a talker, and began to say that humans are not trustworthy. If he is Constantine, he will reach an agreement with his girlfriend on it to replace the dream sand in the bag with ordinary sand, and then take the dream sand to auction to make a fortune.

At this time, the girlfriend upstairs said that Constantine was a selfish and ruthless coward, whoever met her would be unlucky, and then gradually disappeared into dust. Morpheus’s call rang in her ears, and at this time she realized that she was still in the corridor, not entering her girlfriend’s room at all, everything was a dream under the action of sandbags.

After opening the door, he saw his girlfriend who was overly capable of using sandbags, and she was not far from death. Morpheus took the sandbag and wanted to leave. Constantine said that he only cared about his sandbag and strength, not the life and death of human beings at all.

In the end, Morpheus used the dream sand to let the other party leave the world with a beautiful dream. After helping Constantine to relieve her nightmare, the two said goodbye. Morpheus prepares to go to hell to retrieve his helmet and take the crow to the hell world.

On the other hand, Ethel defeated the dream demon with the amulet exchanged with the devil, and found his son John. It turned out that her son stole the ruby ​​from her collection many years ago, and learned from the dream demon that the King of Dreams had escaped, and she wanted her son to give the ruby ​​to her. But she was invisible before, which made John lose trust in her, and the son found out that his father was Burgess, and he didn’t want to give up Ruby.

In order to save her son, Ethel took off the amulet that had protected him for more than 100 years, asked the other party to use the amulet to protect him, and returned the red treasure to its original owner. Ethel, who lost his amulet, grew old at a speed visible to the naked eye until he died.

The guards who heard the shouts shot at John, only to be reduced to shreds by the power of the amulet. John walked out of the laboratory where he was locked leisurely, and all the guards who shot at him along the way were counterattacked by the amulet.

Just as John walked out the door and looked at the street scene he hadn’t seen for a long time, the dream demon Collins appeared in front of him and took off his coat and gave it to him.

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