The Sandman EP 4 A Hope in Hell Recap

The Sandman EP 4 A Hope in Hell Recap

The Sandman EP 4 Recap

Morpheus, the king of dreams, came to the gate of punishment at the entrance of hell, but there is a regulation between each realm. A king cannot enter another king’s realm without invitation. So he rang the gong at the door, and a tall demon came across the door. Morpheus said that he was the king of dreams and wanted to see the king of hell. But the demons laughed at him for not even having a crown. It seems that his helmet was sacrificed to hell, which has become the laughing stock of many demons.

Morpheus directly threatened him. If he didn’t want to be entangled by dreams in the future, he quickly opened the door and took himself to the palace. On the way, Morpheus told Matthew that the scenery of hell changed with Lucifer’s interest, and the ruler of hell was not just the devil. When the other party was still an angel, he had dealt with her.

At that time Lucifer was the most beautiful, wise, and most powerful angel, and the most powerful creature besides the Creator. One person and one bird followed the demon to a huge palace, and the gate of hell carved with a burning five-pointed star slowly opened for them.

The King of Dreams met Lucifer, the Lord of Hell, and Lilim, her subordinate. Lucifer greets his family as if it were an official meeting, and Morpheus says it’s a private visit, offering to hope the demons in hell return their helmets.

Morpheus took out the sandbag and sprinkled it on the ground, gradually forming a whirlwind that summoned a demon holding his helmet. This demon is a duke and is unwilling to return the helmet, because it was exchanged for a human amulet, and all transactions are legal and compliant. If Morpheus wanted to get the helmet back, he had to defeat himself. Seeing that a little scoundrel dared to challenge himself, Morpheus agreed.

If you win the helmet and return it to Morpheus, if you lose, Morpheus will be a slave to the devil forever in hell. Lucifer asked Morpheus who he would choose to fight on his behalf. Morpheus, who was alone, of course chose himself, but when asked about the demon, the other side chose Lucifer to fight on his behalf. It turned out that all this was a conspiracy, and the other party had long wanted to leave the king of dreams in hell.

Of course, the duel between the two monarchs is not like that of duelists, but the divine power is injected into the language to attack each other. From beasts to birds, from worlds to supernovas, from the universe to the darkness that ends everything, Morpheus gradually fell to the ground.

Matthew the Crow tells him that it is the Dream King himself who is fighting against the anti-life, because dreams will never die. When Morpheus said he was hope, Lucifer knew he had lost the battle because nothing could kill hope.

The victorious Morpheus just wanted to leave, but Lucifer still didn’t give up to keep him, even if he got his own helmet, he was no match for the hell demon in hell. Morpheus smiled, admitting that he really had no power in hell, but to say that dreams had no power in hell would be a big mistake. If all those who are in hell cannot dream of heaven, will hell still have power?

Then the Dream King took his helmet and left the hell world in the eyes of the other party’s unwillingness. After recovering most of his mana, he went directly to the location of the ruby, but the moment he picked up the ruby, he realized that something was wrong, his gem was manipulated, and he stunned him directly.

On the other side, John, who escaped from the lab, was almost hit by a car while picking up his shoes on the road. The female driver said that her name was Mary and she was willing to give him a ride. But it didn’t take long for her to regret it, because John said on the way that he had killed someone, and Mary was so frightened that she secretly wanted to use her mobile phone to call the police. John believed that people are inherently selfish and that lies are selfish, but Mary said that maybe they lied because they were afraid.

The two came to a gas station, and Mary quietly told the shop owner to let him call the police, but John found it. The shopkeeper shoots to save Mary, but is blown to pieces by the counterattack of the amulet. Then John came to the warehouse where the ruby ​​was placed. He didn’t find Morpheus who fainted in the corner, picked up the ruby ​​and left.

Just when Mary thought that John wanted to kill herself, the other party took out the amulet and gave it to her, saying that she was a good person. John has a ruby ​​that can make his dreams come true, he no longer needs amulet, unfortunately good people rarely survive in this world, with this amulet Mary will no longer be afraid because no one can hurt her, including John himself.

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