The Sandman Episode 1 sleep of the just Recap and review

Humans have always insisted that reality is the only real world, as if dreams had no bearing on their choices. In fact, as long as they close their eyes, they will enter the world of Morpheus, the Lord of Dreams. When people are tired and tired in the waking world, sleep leads them to seek freedom and adventure. Whether it is a good dream or a nightmare, it is managed by Dream, so that people will not be attacked or destroyed by the dream!

The Sandman Episode 1 sleep of the just Recap

Dream decides to go to a human world that does not belong to his own territory in order to capture the nightmare he created – Corinthian, which also comes with huge risks. Somewhere in England in 1916, Burgess’ eldest son was killed in a brutal war. He decided to use a forbidden magic book to cast a spell to summon death to bring his son back to life, and soon they began to prepare for the ritual of summoning death.

In the night in Berlin, Germany, the killer Corinthian, who was brutally gouging out other people’s eyes, has been found by Dream. Corinthian violated the rules of the creator, that is, the created things can only stay in the dream, not wandering in the world, killing people for fun. When Dream was about to arrest Corinthian, he was taken away by the Summoning Ritual.

Dream was summoned to the old man’s castle by a spell, and lost his powerful divine power under the spell. Burgess stole Dream’s magic tools, namely sandbags, rubies and Dream’s headgear, but they don’t know how much danger this will cause to dreams and humans.

After Dream was captured, patients who could not wake up continued to appear all over the world. In other words, some people were trapped in a dream forever. Soon the killer Corinthian finds Burgess, because he already knows his master has been captured, but he is not here to rescue, but to ensure that Dream will never disturb his killing again. He told Burgess that the god he had summoned was the king of dreams, as well as the gods of death, desire, and destiny. This directly shows that the old man summoned the wrong god, Burgess originally wanted to summon the god of death.

Corinthian said that although the wrong person was caught, Dream’s magic weapon can still make the old man stay young forever and gain the power to control others. In order not to let his master escape, Corinthian also urged Burgess to strengthen the barrier. For example, put Dream in a glass ball, and remind him not to let anyone sleep in front of Dream, and finally he reminds the old man to beware of the raven, which is the entourage of the king of dreams.

The original idea of ​​the old man Burgess was to call death to save his son. As long as Dream promised to help him realize his wish, the old man would release Dream and return the magic weapon. But Dream is more rigid in his work. He believes that this is something that human beings should not get, and those who require him to be unable to do it directly choose not to speak.

Dream God was imprisoned for 10 years! It can be said to be quite a tragic god. In 1926, Burgess relied on Dream’s magic weapon to live forever, and love gained a lot of supporters. Burgess also had a son Alex who he despised.

On this day, the guards had to go first because of an urgent matter, and Alex agreed to guard Dream. In fact Alex is sorry about Dream’s situation, and he also thinks Dad’s actions are wrong, in a sense he does want to let Dream go. This scene was seen by the father, and he was beaten and scolded at the unskilled son. After all, Burgess also understands that if Dream is released, Dream will definitely take revenge!

It’s been 10 years and they still haven’t killed the raven, and Burgess has left the killing to his son. The raven sneaked into the house and set it on fire, then came to Dream’s side, kept hitting the glass to save him, but was shot by Alex in the next second. Now a mortal enemy of Dream.

Burgess’s mistress, Ethel Cripps, became pregnant unexpectedly, and he demanded that the child be aborted. But this strong mother is not simple. In order to protect her child, she decided to abscond and stole 200,000 pounds and Dream’s law. Burgess was very angry and went to Dream again, trying to make his wish come true. But this time it is his own immortality and prosperity, but in the face of Dream who has not spoken for 10 years, he still has no choice. During the period, he also had a quarrel with his son, and was accidentally killed by his son. Alex wanted to take the opportunity to release Dream, but chose to give up because he was afraid of retribution. Although Alex lost his father, he ushered in love.

The escaped woman, Ethel Cripps, also gave birth to child John nine months later. Alex proposes to Dream that Ai will let Dream go free as long as Dream promises not to hurt them. But Dream chose not to speak again, maybe he really couldn’t forgive Alex (Alex killed the raven), Dream is too straight!

Decades have passed, and Alex’s lover thinks they are dying of old age. Feeling apologetic, he wants to let Dream go, so he accidentally breaks the barrier with a wheelchair. Dream used the guard to destroy the glass cover, and the first thing he did was to get revenge on Alex. Revenge is really kind, putting Alex, who was dying of old age, into eternal sleep.

Nightmare Corinthian knew right away that his master had escaped, and he would definitely do something to fight it. Dream finally returned to Dreamland, but only the librarian Lucienne was left to welcome him.

The Sandman Episode 1 review

After watching the first episode, I will give full marks immediately, the texture is quite good. What a magical drama, with both a fairy tale and a sense of reality, the dream king is too pure and innocent, and finally has a bit of human touch, which is more than expected than in the preview. I really love this kind of subject matter, the rhythm is tight, the story is fascinating, and Netflix has a rare good-looking new drama this year.

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