The Sandman Episode 10 Recap Ending Lost hearts

The Sandman Episode 10 Recap

Finally, in the 10th episode of Sandman, Rose will witness how much harm the dream vortex can cause. All her friends and younger brother are out of control and are involved in the dream vortex, and the only way to save them is her own death.

After the dream demon Corinthian rescued Rose and her siblings, she told Rose Morpheus that the reason why she paid attention to her was that once she fell asleep and started to push down the boundary between people’s dreams and dreams, she would come to execute her. But if someone protects Rose, she’ll be at the heart of the dream, making Morpheus powerless, and Corinthian free.

Corinthian attended the killers’ convention as a special guest, and his words in his speech spoke out the hearts of the killers in the audience. Finally, he asked everyone to close their eyes and see their hearts clearly. As the killers reminisced about their perverted behavior, Morpheus appeared offstage, saying that Corinthian had let him down too much. Originally he was his own masterpiece, a dark mirror that reflected everything that human beings were unwilling to face. But over the past 100 years, there has only been one more thing that humans fear, and nothing else has been gained.

Corinthian was reluctant to capture it and found his own pocket knife. Morpheus smiled and wanted to deal with himself with that knife? But when Sandman was about to use his ability to destroy Corinthian, he stabbed a hole in his palm and couldn’t recover. It turned out that Rose’s power in the hotel was growing every second, while Morpheus’s power was constantly weakening.

Rose is wandering in the dreams of all killers, gradually absorbing power to become the center of the dream. After Sandman and Corinthian entered Rose’s dream, they began to persuade Rose separately. Morpheus said that he once failed to perform his duty, which caused a universe to disappear. Here he is talking about the story of the first dream vortex in the original work. It was an ordinary and kind-hearted alien girl. Although she threatened the order and existence of the entire universe, Morpheus was reluctant to take her life easily. He hesitated for 3 days and 3 nights and could not do it. In the dream, this vortex has destroyed all life on the planet, and even began to absorb all matter and energy, until the girl herself realized the horror of this fate and prayed to the Sandman for death.

Under the strong persuasion of the God of Death and the God of Destruction, Morpheus killed him in order to avoid the destruction of the entire universe. The Sandman changed from a god who was gentle and did not easily intervene in the real world to a god who was indifferent and fearful. Back in the play, Rose told both of them to shut up. She wanted to find her own way out and exited the dream directly.

Seeing that the situation was over, Corinthian took off his sunglasses, saying that he just wanted to experience the feeling of being a human being. And Morpheus only cares about his own dreams and the rules he made. Morpheus turned Corinthian into the state at the beginning of creation, and took away the dreams of all the killers in the audience. From this moment on, they will understand how cruel and selfish they are, and feel the pain of those they slaughtered.

Rose also drove away with her younger brother, and received a call from Hall on the way, her baby was about to be born. After the two rushed to the hospital, Rose and her great-grandmother said goodbye to Hall, asking them to help take care of her younger brother Jed if she was killed by Morpheus in her dream at night.

When Rose entered the dream, she found herself entering the dreams of her friends again. But not long after, a huge vortex appeared on the ground, involving them one by one. Rose wanted to wake them up, but couldn’t do it. She could only watch her friends die. In the end, the younger brother Jed was also swept away by the whirlpool. At this time, Morpheus appeared and told her that this was the horror of the dream whirlpool, and the only way to save them was to kill the whirlpool.

Gilbert appears and says that he is willing to trade his life for Rose’s life. It turned out that he was the Greenland of the Fiddler, but Morpheus said that that would not solve the vortex problem. Gilbert bid farewell to Rose and returned to his original appearance.

Rose is willing to give her life to save her friend and brother. But when Morpheus started, he was interrupted by Lucian and his great-grandmother who came. The great-grandmother said that she was the whirlpool of this era, but because Morpheus was imprisoned in the dream, her fate was transferred to the descendants. Then she asked Rose to find out what made her a whirlpool, and Rose found a red glass heart from within herself. Seeing this red heart Morpheus seemed to understand something. After the red glass heart was broken, the great-grandmother in reality had died, and the great-grandmother in the dream said that she had no regrets. If he hadn’t met a man with golden eyes and gave birth to a beautiful daughter, he might have brought the vortex into dust in his own generation.

The Sandman Ending

Morpheus heard the golden-eyed man and thought of his brother’s desire. It turns out that everything is a trick of desire. Both Rose and Jed are the great-granddaughters of desire, and Morpheus almost killed his own relatives.

Morpheus came to his exhibition room, picked up the communicator of desire, and teleported it directly to the other party’s palace. He questioned why the other party did this, but the desire showed no sign of repentance. The Sandman grabbed Desire’s head and said that if he dared to interfere with my realm, don’t blame me for not caring about siblings. Desire watched Morpheus blow away, but instead smiled, thinking about how to make his brother splatter blood next time.

Morpheus was imprisoned in the dark Gott and reshaped it. He admitted his mistake to Gott, and promised that he would listen to everyone’s words and create a new era together. The Sandman then asks Lucian to help him take over the dream again.

The matter of the whirlpool was finally resolved perfectly, but what Sandman didn’t know was that another conspiracy was unfolding against him and his realm in hell. The great demons in hell asked Lucifer to lead them to invade the dream world, and the lord of hell decided to do something that had never been done before, something that would definitely make God angry and make the Sandman surrender to himself.

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