The Sandman Episode 2 Imperfect hosts Recap and review

The Sandman Episode 2 Imperfect hosts Recap

In the century since Dream was kidnapped, the Dreamland has changed dramatically. The dream was in pieces and rotten, and the residents and subordinates here also left for various reasons. Only Lucienne, who never left, was waiting for Dream, who was one of the most loyal subordinates. Dream also decided to recast the glory of the past, but Dream later found that his power was too weak, and now the most important thing is to get the magic weapon back.

The escaped woman, Ethel Cripps, has come to live in the United States incognito. At this point Corinthian came to visit, saying that they were in the same boat. Because Ethel Cripps did not have a holiday with Dream, but the magic weapon finally fell into her hands, so Dream would definitely find a way to find it.

Butler Lucienne thinks Dream should go to his siblings for help, but Dream is not happy, after all, when he was imprisoned, none of his siblings came to help. They must have known about it for a long time but deliberately didn’t come to help. From this, you can see the complex family relationship. Dream finally decides to trade things for information about the Sisters of Destiny.

Dream now needs to replenish his strength to complete the summoning. He found the two brothers who had not left and decided to absorb the little dragon he created earlier. Although the two brothers protested, it was ineffective. After all, Xiaolong agreed. Both brothers were created by Dream, the first to murder and the first to be killed, so the relationship is a relationship of love and killing. In order not to make the brothers uncomfortable, Dream found a new dragon for them to comfort them.

Dream came to the waters to find some treasures to exchange with the Sisters of Destiny. Dream found some treasures in the dream world, and immediately summoned the Trinity Sisters of Destiny. After sacrificing the treasure, fate decides to answer 3 questions, the first question is where is Dream’s sandbag, the answer is that the sandbag was sold in London, and the last buyer is Johanna Constantine; Dream then asks the second The first question is where is the helmet, and the answer is that the helmet was traded with a demon in exchange for an amulet; Dream’s third question, where is the ruby, the answer is that the gem was passed from mother to son!

Meanwhile, Corinthian is still negotiating with Ethel Cripps, but the killer soon discovers that Ethel Cripps is lying and decides to goug out Ethel Cripps’ eyes to find out. But Ethel Cripps took precautions and melted Corinthian with a talisman, like the Eye of Scadi!

Ethel Cripps came to a medical facility to visit his son John, who was locked in a ward. From the dialogue, it can be seen that John was forced to be locked here. He is more like a prop or experiment used by his mother. Of course, this is just speculation. Although they are mother and son, they look similar in age! Mom came to find her son because of Ruby and Dream.

Dream has made up his mind to go to the terrifying world of waking up again to find the magic weapon. The last time the raven died tragically, he decided not to bring anyone this time. At the same time, Corinthian, who was killed by the amulet, was reborn in a dream again. He also learned that Dream had gone to the awake world, and he wanted to follow up and kill Dream immediately.

The Sandman Episode 2 review

The plot of the prison is very good, and the revenge and the recovery of the magic weapon should be quite exciting. This is DC’s most stylish drama this year. It is both novel and unique. Sandman shuttles between life and death, dream and reality, and the story is warm and moving.

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