The Sandman Episode 5 24/7 Recap

The Sandman Episode 3 24/7 Recap

The Sandman Episode 3 24/7 Recap

Sandman Morpheus never thought that his ruby ​​magic weapon was used by mortals to deal with him, but he was powerless to resist.

John, who retrieved the ruby, came to a restaurant. He picked up the ruby ​​and said to Betty, the waiter, that the gem can make people’s dreams come true, and his dream is that this world will become a world without lies. It seems that his mother concealed his life experience since he was a child, which caused him to hate lies very much.

Then came a lovelorn girl, a boy who was about to interview, and a couple who were married for 10 years. John uses his ruby ​​powers to trap everyone in the restaurant and make them start telling their true thoughts.

A lot of things get weird when people can only tell the truth. The happy couple turned out to be in love with each other only on the surface, the wife is the CEO of the company, and the husband is like a vase. In front of his wife, she is obedient, but behind his back he does all kinds of bad things.

The seemingly cheerful Betty actually likes Marcy, the chef of the restaurant, but no matter how she confesses to the other party, the other party is not very moved. After Ruby’s power comes into play, Chef Marcy finally reacts to her, asking if her son is home. It turned out that Marcy didn’t have any interest in Betty, he was interested in Betty’s son. Every time I went to Betty’s house for dinner, I would sneak into her son’s room at night.

The boy who was interviewing knew that the wife of the couple was the boss of the company he was about to interview. During the conversation between the two, the wife began to complain about her husband. When the husband came back and saw the two of them hugging each other, the husband and the boy got into a fight.

The TV news was also reporting that the world was in a frenzy of violence, with a series of attacks and senseless random killings. Accidents and disasters, train collisions, plane crashes. Betty remembered what John said when she entered the restaurant. She thought it was a joke at first, but she didn’t expect it to come true.

John said he just got rid of the lies, and you do the rest, do what you want to do. After a bloody scene where everyone in the restaurant is dead except Betty, Betty comes to John and questions how this could be a better world? Then he stabbed himself in the eye with a screwdriver.

Sandman Morpheus came to the restaurant and told John that the purpose of the ruby ​​was not to eliminate words, but to bring dreams to all. Then he said, the inner dream of everyone in the restaurant, the wife’s dream is to escape to a place where no one can find her; the husband’s dream is to prove himself to his father; Betty’s dream is to write something about people meaningful work.

All are encouraged to live by their dreams, and if their dreams are taken away, all will die as they are now. Morpheus says his ruby ​​is a curse, stealing his mana every time he uses it. John said that he wanted to use the ruby ​​to steal all of Morpheus’s mana, and he would be the king of dreams himself. Morpheus told him that if he wanted to take away the mana of the Dream Lord, he had to go to his realm to take it.

John found himself at his father’s mansion, and a woman in a blue robe appeared in front of him to seduce him. When he couldn’t wait to take off the other party’s mask, he found out that the other party was his mother when he was young. Watching her look at her baby self, and then he came to the Sandman’s palace. John used the power of ruby ​​to set the palace on fire, and used it to deal with Morpheus. He wanted to use the gem to absorb the other party’s ability, and he replaced the other party as New Sandman.

When he thought he had defeated Morpheus, John in his dream gripped the ruby. However, the ruby ​​in the real world was crushed into pieces by him. All the power in the ruby ​​returned to Morpheus. Instead of killing John, he put her to sleep forever.

Morpheus, who got 3 magical tools, plans to rebuild the two worlds of reality and dreams. But what he didn’t know was that there was someone behind him watching him go away. It was his brother’s desire in the endless family. His gender would change according to the people around him. What trouble would he bring to the Sandman?

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