The Sandman Episode 6 Recap the sound of her wings

The Sandman Episode 6 Recap the sound of her wings

Sandman Morpheus is known as one of the endless entities, and his six siblings are Death, Desire, Fate, Despair, Zeal and Destruction, all of which have abilities corresponding to their names.

After taking back the three magical tools, Morpheus was lost. When he found his sister Death, and told her that he was captured by mortals, the only thought in his heart was revenge. But revenge didn’t give Morpheus the kind of satisfaction he expected. During his imprisonment, his kingdom also fell apart, and the instruments were stolen and scattered. After escaping, he began to search for them, and recovered all his mana when he found them. Before he had a real pursuit, but after reaching his goal, Morpheus felt lost and empty.

My sister started her daily work with Sandman. You can see that Death is an interesting and optimistic person. Her personality is in stark contrast with Morpheus, who is a poker face. . Morpheus said that the person who caught her originally wanted to catch her sister, but she said that she already knew.

Death once again picks up a man who accidentally drowned, leaving Morpheus in doubt. Ask my sister how to pick up everyone before they die. The god of death said that because this is my job, she has been there since the first life appeared.

The Grim Reaper believes that the existence of the Endless Family is not for the pursuit or meaning other than their own duties, but to do their own work well is the meaning of their existence. They all exist for human beings, and they would be meaningless without human beings. This made Morpheus think of a human friend he had not seen for a long time. After saying goodbye to his sister, he came to a deserted house.

Recall that in 1389 his sister brought him here and introduced him to a man named Gadrin. The other party is full of expectations for life and longs for immortality. Morpheus didn’t understand Gadrin very well at the time, because he believed that humans would lose interest in life as they lived long. He made a bet with his sister and gave each other immortality, and agreed with Gadrin to meet at this tavern every hundred years.

The two met here again and again, and Gadlin lived a different life every time. Sometimes he got along well and became a noble with an enviable family; The whole witch’s family was executed, but he escaped alone, unable to eat a single bite of food. But the other party never once was willing to give up life and accept death.

Until the last time they met, Gadlin thought that Morpheus met him every hundred years, not to see if he gave up his immortality, but because he was lonely and lacked friends. As the king of dreams, the Sandman was told by the poor human in front of him that he needed his friendship, which made Morpheus angrily and left.

Gadlin said that he will be here in 100 years, and if you come, you can prove what you said. But after a hundred years, Gadlin waited for a long time and did not wait for the Sandman, and learned from the tavern owner that the tavern was going to be demolished and built into an apartment. At that time, Morpheus was imprisoned by the Boggs family for a hundred years, so he did not attend the appointment.

After the enlightenment of the god of death, Morpheus thought that he still had an unfulfilled appointment. According to the sign, he came to a newly built tavern on the side, and he saw Gadlin’s figure in the tavern. Morpheus saw him showing a smile of reunion with an old friend, and Morpheus also began to face his heart frankly, admitting that the other party was his friend. What Morpheus didn’t know was that at this moment, his younger brother Desire was in his palace and seemed to be planning a new plan with Nightmare Corinth to deal with Morpheus. It seemed that the other brothers and sisters of the Endless Family, Not all are as kind as death.

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