The Sandman Episode 7 Recap the doll’s house

In the palace of the god of desire, he told his sister that the god of despair and the god of dreams had returned. The God of Desire thinks that his brother is still as self-righteous as before, feeling that his situation is superior to theirs. From the conversation between the two, it turns out that Morpheus had been imprisoned for more than 70 years before, and they also participated.

The God of Despair thought that she would use tricks to target Morpheus, but her repeated failures made her almost despair. Desire told her that this time is different from the past, and now there is a dream whirlpool. Here I will explain it to my friends who have not seen the original work. The so-called dream vortex refers to the existence of destroying the wall between the dream and the real world. Only by killing the dream vortex can the two worlds be kept separate from each other. After all, there are not only beautiful things in dreams, but also all human desires and ugliness. And only Morpheus can kill the dream vortex, and Morpheus may also be destroyed by the other party.

As Morpheus regained his mana, the dream world began to gradually come back to life. Librarian Lucienne learns of a rumor about the whirlpool from Yabo’s mouth while taking the census of the world. Back in the palace, he reported the census results to Morpheus, and 3 great nightmares escaped the world while Morpheus was trapped. They are Gault the Shapeshifter, Corinth the Dream Eater, and Greenfield the Fiddler. Morpheus was puzzled by the escape from the third green space, which had been conscientiously managing an area before.

Lucienne then told the owner of the whirlpool rumor, but Morpheus said it was not a rumor but a fact, and he had been observing the other party for a long time. The whirlpool of this era is a mortal, and the Endless Family cannot act on mortals who have not yet posed a threat. Morpheus thinks this vortex will attract the 3 nightmares who escaped from the dream world and help him find them.

Lucienne thought it would be safe to send someone to the awake world to monitor each other, so this task was handed over to Matthew the Raven. Later, Lucienne found out that the dream whirlpool was a 21-year-old girl named Rose Walker in the dream library. After her parents died, she has been looking for her younger brother Jed, who was adopted a few years ago. Pumpkinhead heard that Matthew, a newcomer, was going to be sent to monitor the girl, and began to teach him to pay attention to any abnormal behavior, especially signs of fright or trauma.

At this time, Rose and her friend Hall came to a private nursing home in England, where someone was said to have clues about her younger brother. Then she met an old man who had suffered from encephalitis lethargica as a child and had just woken up eight months ago. In the picture she recalled, it was the girl who fell into a coma after Morpheus was imprisoned in episode 1. The old man told them that the life in the dream was very wonderful, and he gave birth to a child with a man with golden eyes. But when she woke up, she found that everything was not true, except for the child.

The old man gave birth to a child in the hospital while sleeping, and her child gave birth to a girl. It was Rose’s mother. It turned out that the old man was Rose’s great-grandmother.

Rose heard someone calling her at the door of the storage room, and then saw the three gods of fate in one, telling her that she was at a crossroads of fate at this time, be careful to guard against Collins and Morpheus, and then the other party disappeared.

The old man hopes to hire Rose to find his great-grandson, and her family is not short of money. It’s a pity that I can’t go out, and I gave Rose a golden hoop that was inherited from the family. Then Rose came to Florida, where she lived as a child, and learned at the adoption center that her younger brother had been adopted. But the staff believed that she should not interfere in her younger brother’s current life. The younger brother was taken in by their father’s friend and should be living well. And Rose doesn’t have a job now and doesn’t have the ability to support her 12-year-old brother by herself. What she didn’t know was that her brother Jed was running wildly on the road and screaming for help, and then he was locked in the trunk of the car and caught back.

The dream demon Collins came to Rose’s previous home and found that Rose was not there. He saw a news report and left. It turned out that someone in the human world imitated his way of killing people to poach people’s attention. He found the other party. It turned out to be a perverted killer organization that collected the organs of the dead. They were going to host an industry gathering and wanted to invite Collins to attend. Collins agreed and said he would bring a partner named Vortex, who should be referring to the girl Rose.

Rose woke up from her sleep. She seemed to hear someone talking about her outside the door, so she opened the door and walked out. Dreamworld Morpheus told Lucienne that Jed was alive in the mortal world, but he couldn’t find him. All human beings have a connection with dreams, and cutting this connection requires extremely high wisdom and mana. Lucienne said that he found out that the last dream that Jed had before disappearing was one of the escaped big dream demons, the shapeshifter Gott. She suspected that everything had something to do with Vortex Rose. At this moment, a voice interrupted their conversation. The dream Vortex Rose they mentioned actually appeared in the palace and asked about the whereabouts of their younger brother Jed.

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