The Sandman Episode 8 Recap Playing House

The Sandman Episode 8 Recap

Rose came to the Dream Palace and asked her brother Jed’s whereabouts. Sandman thinks that Jed is with one of his dream demons, and that if he finds Jed, he will be able to retrieve the dream demon. Rose still didn’t understand her abilities, so Morpheus gave her a brief introduction. Every few years, a mortal with extraordinary dreaming ability is born, and she can walk into other people’s dreams, just like Rose came. It’s the same as the Sandman here.

No matter where Gott the Dreamer hides Jed, if Rose can find the Sandman in the dream, she can find her brother. Then Murphy sent Matthew the Raven to follow Rose during the day, and at night to search for Gott and her brother in a dream together. After Rose left, Morpheus came to the library to investigate, why Rose could find herself, and the reason why Gott went to Jed. Lucienne told the master that on the day he was imprisoned, many people around the world fell asleep and did not wake up. Come on, only one woman survived and woke up the day Morpheus got out of trouble, and this woman was Rose’s great-grandmother,

Morpheus felt that it was his departure that led to the birth of the whirlpool, but the dream whirlpool has always been a natural phenomenon, and no one has ever known why the whirlpool was born, but this time it was not a coincidence. At this time, in Jed’s dream, the dream demon Gott changed into his mother’s appearance and guided him to defeat one enemy after another.

In Jed’s dream, he became the teenage version of the superhero Sandman, possessing the treasures and abilities of Morpheus to save the town’s safety. But this time he was attacked by a group of mice and woke up to find a mouse biting his finger. He looked at the bleeding finger, walked up the escalator and knocked on the door to ask for help. But the couple who adopted him outside the door were indifferent, because Jade was their meal ticket, and the couple lived on receiving the government’s $800 monthly adoption subsidy.

In order to reassure Rose’s concerns, the staff at the foster care agency contacted the couple for a home visit to learn about Jed’s life. The man calls Jed up to him and threatens to put him back in bed if he behaves well during the home visit. If you embarrass them, put him in the basement and break the bones.

Dream Demon Collins found Rose’s great-grandmother and learned about Rose’s whereabouts from her. Just as Rose was posting missing people notices all over the town, Collins came to her neighborhood, but he found Rose talking to Matthew the Raven and realized that Morpheus was protecting him and could only leave temporarily.

After the foster care agency came to Jade’s house, Jade quietly put the distress note into the other’s bag by hugging. When the agency personnel returned to the office, Collins also visited and killed her, and from the file he learned the address of the adopted Jade couple.

Rose’s friend Hall has been waking up late lately because her recently deceased husband kept appearing in her dreams. Hall has never been able to forget each other. The husband in the dream loves her very much. He also built her a dream villa and told her that as long as she stays in the dream, she can be with him forever, and specially prepared for their children. got a room. In the dream Hall’s belly began to grow, as if she was 10 months pregnant. In reality, when she woke up and saw herself in the mirror, she was actually pregnant.

At night, Rose woke up from a dream after falling asleep and came to the house where she lived with her younger brother when she was a child. At this time, Jed appeared in the form of the Sandman, and the Dream Demon Goth appeared in the form of their mother, but was restored to his original shape by Morpheus. After Jed told his sister about his community and the name of his adopter, Morpheus left with Gott and ended Rose’s dream.

Back in the dream world, Gott told Morpheus that he didn’t want to rule the child’s dream, but wanted to protect him. Gott wanted to be a dream, not a dreamer, to inspire rather than terrify. But Morpheus believes that everyone cannot choose the attributes of birth, and everyone is born with their own responsibilities, including the Sandman.

The dream demon was created to let people experience fear in a dream and face it head-on. Gott still disagrees, thinking that the dream demon also has dreams, even if it is locked in endless darkness by Morpheus. Lucienne’s unbearable eyes also stimulated Morpheus, and asked her to be her own librarian and stop managing dream events.

Rose rushed to the address where her younger brother was adopted, but found that the house was surrounded by police, the adopted couple had been killed, and her younger brother Jed had disappeared again. At this time, Jade was sitting in the car of the dream demon Collins. It turned out that he found Jade first.

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