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The Sandman Episode 9 Recap

Corinthian takes Jed to a hotel that is hosting a cereal fair, and then calls Rose and asks her to pick him up. When checking in, Jed was surprised that there was no cereal at the cereal fair, and the people who attended looked a little strange. It turned out that it was a party organized by a perverted killer.

Jed was attracted by a funny fat man, and the two had a pleasant conversation. Seeing that, Corinthian hurried over and announced to the fat man that Jade was his prey, and brought Jade to the guest room. Jed quietly left the room, ready to wander around. When the host announced that Corinthian was also attending the party, everyone applauded him, and everyone applauded him. Corinthian is a mythical figure in the industry, and everyone has taken this name as a title.

Corinthian noticed that there was a handsome guy watching him, and he wanted to invite him for a drink after the meeting. But Corinthian and the party host said that the name of the handsome young man died three years ago and that he was a fake. After investigation, it was as Corinthian said, so the perverted door was going to chop up the impostor who sneaked into the party.

Rose, who received a call from her brother, checked the address of the hotel and was about to go. But she found that her friend Hall’s stomach suddenly became bigger, she couldn’t believe her eyes, the other day was normal the day before. Rose thought of her whirlpool identity. She should have weakened the boundary between dreams and reality, causing Hall, who was pregnant in the dream, to bring the child back to reality.

Tenant Gilbert learns that Rose has found her brother to go alone, so he volunteers to go with Rose. Hall was having fun with her husband in a dream, and suddenly felt an earthquake. The two walked out of the house and found nothing unusual, but what they didn’t know was that the grassland in the distance was covered with cracks.

In the Dream Palace, Pumpkin Head was about to report to Lucian about the earthquake, but found Morpheus standing there with a gloomy face, trying to escape but was called back. At this time, the earthquake also affected the palace, and the glass windows in the palace were broken. Morpheus realizes that something is wrong, and he goes to the library to find Lucian for his help. Sandman already regretted the dismissal of Lucian before, but he couldn’t take down the dignity of the king. Lucian believes that there are only two people who can influence the dream world so much, one is Morpheus, and the other is Vortex Rose.

Rose in the car fell asleep on the way to the hotel and entered the dream of her friend Hall. And Morpheus also came here, he already knew the cause of the earthquake. When Hall and Rose entered the room and found Morpheus standing beside her husband, Morpheus told them that ghosts couldn’t escape their fate by hiding in dreams all the time. And Hall, a living person, can’t escape pain with this.

It is precisely because of the existence of the two of them that they have caused damage to the world. He cannot allow such a thing to continue, and let the two say their final goodbyes to each other. Hall couldn’t accept this ending, and let Morpheus get out of his home, which touched the anger of the king, and the Sandman waved his hand and turned the man into smoke and dissipated it in the air.

Sandman looked at Hall’s belly and said, the child is still yours for the time being, but he was conceived in a dream, so it belongs to a dream, and one day he will take the child away. Hearing this, Rose couldn’t help but wanted to speak, but Morpheus interrupted her dream. Unexpectedly, Rose returned to the palace with Sandman, asking him why he killed her husband in front of a friend, and threatened to take away her child. Morpheus tells Rose that she’s weakening the boundaries between dreams and dreams.

Rose said that she didn’t do it on purpose, and she didn’t want Morpheus to get close to herself and her friends in the future, so that he would stop interfering in the affairs of her universe.

Rose woke up and found that she had arrived at the hotel. Gilbert found that the topic of discussion at the exhibition was very bloody, and he saw Corinthian at this time, and the two seemed to know each other. He came to the front desk in fright, ready to leave a message for Rose and escape from the hotel.

Gilbert appeared in the dream world, and it turned out that he was a core member of the dream world. He reports to Morpheus that Corinthian wants to take advantage of his friend, and the two are stunned to hear that his friend is Rose. If Rose falls into Corinthian hands, great harm will be done. At this time in the hotel, Corinthian and the other three were about to kill the handsome guy, but Jed accidentally saw him during the collection process, and he was so frightened that he ran away.

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