The Sandman How did Lyta get pregnant and why is the baby Daniel so important?

The Sandman How did Lyta get pregnant and why is the baby Daniel so important?

“The Sandman” tells a very strange story that catches viewers off guard. There’s a lot of weird stuff going on in the show, and even weirder characters. From the love-and-kill of brothers Cain and Abel to Barbie and Ken, you never know what characters are waiting for us and how the show will end.

We see strange things happening to a woman named Leta who accompanies Rose in search of her missing brother. In the process, Leta became pregnant in her own dreams, how did this happen? And how important this kid is in season two, let’s find out.

How did Lyta Hall get pregnant?

Leta is married to Hector, who tragically died in an accident a few years ago. His death hits Letta hard, and she seeks solace in her dreams, where she can meet Hector. At first, these were ordinary dreams that would shatter once Leta woke up. Because there is a clear line between her dreams and the real world, she knows that Hector only exists in her dreams now. This situation was changed by the arrival of the dream vortex.

Leta’s dreams become more real every day as she gets closer to Ross. One day, Hector begs her to leave the waking world and stay with her, the house he also built for Leta. Seduced by the offer, Leta decides to accept it when the unbelievable happens.

In the dream, Leta is pregnant with Hector’s child. When she woke up, she realized she was really pregnant. Rose discovers that she is a dream vortex, and her powers begin to tear down the wall between dreams and the real world, distorting reality in the process. As the gap between dream and reality narrows, what happens in the dream remains true in the real world.

Why is baby Daniel in The Sandman so important?

When Morpheus discovers that Rose’s abilities are causing Leta to become pregnant in the real world, he decides to step in. He tells Leta and Rose that Hector is a ghost, not a dream. When he sent Hector away, Sandman claimed that the child belonged to the dream because it was conceived in his kingdom. Sandman tells Leta that one day he’ll come and take that baby, and it’s laying the groundwork for the future.

In the comics, Leta’s son, named Daniel, inherits the mantle from Sandman. Daniel was conceived in Leta’s dream and became a reality because of the whirlpool of dreams. Daniel is connected to Morpheus in some form.

In the comics, a few years after Daniel was born, Leta became increasingly concerned that Morpheus was about to take the baby. After Daniel disappeared, she believed Morpheus had kidnapped him, which led her to plot a series of events that culminated in Morpheus’ downfall. With Morpheus gone, others had to take on the mantle of dreams, and Daniel was the one closest to Morpheus, who became the heir.

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