The Sandman Tools Explained: What Are Sandbags, Helmets and Rubies for?

Netflix The Sandman tells the story of a supernatural myth, Dream also known as Morpheus or Sandman. He rules the dream realm, which everyone comes to when they leave the waking world to go to sleep.

The show’s story begins when a group of warlocks capture Dream, and they take Dream’s Tools, leaving Dream completely powerless. Although Dream is powerful in itself, he needs his own tools to unleash his power, and Tools play a very important role in maintaining the balance between the dream world and the waking world. Why are Dream’s Tools important? What is their function? Here’s everything you should know about them.

The Sandman Tools explained

While Morpheus can create dreams and nightmares out of nothing, his use of Tools will make his job easier, here’s a look at the capabilities and power of each Tool.

The Sandman Sandbag

The first tool Dream went out to find was his sandbag, which contained only a fraction of his power. Using sand, Dream allows anyone to enter or exit a dream. Although the bag looks small, the magic is that the sand inside never runs out.

Dream puts people to sleep by throwing sand into their eyes, putting them into eternal sleep. We saw Dream blowing sand in people’s eyes, and he did the same to Alex, putting him in eternal sleep as punishment.

In addition to making people fall asleep, sand can also make dreams travel across the country. Whenever we see him in between the dream or the real world, a vortex of sand appears. Sand holds the essence of dreams, and it is too dangerous for mortals to get it. We can see its effect on Rachel, Johanna Constantine’s girlfriend, sandbags soaking up her youth as she lays in her own bed to slowly rot.

The Sandman helmet

Dream’s helmet is the most charming of all Tools, especially in appearance. The helmet is designed like a gas mask to breathe. Made by Morpheus after slaying a god whose skull and vertebrae were used to forge and wear it when Dream fought. Wearing it also makes him look intimidating and shows his strength. Retrieving the helmet is also important to Dream and will help him regain his strength.

As for the inspiration for the helmet, Neil Gaiman said: “The first DC Comics character named after Sandman wore a gas mask. He wanted a visual tribute to that gas mask, and the idea was to use metal, leather and bone. The completed gas mask is essentially made of the spine.”

The Sandman Ruby

Dream’s most powerful tool is the ruby, which contains most of Dream’s power, which can create and destroy things. Ruby can make your dreams come true. In the fifth episode, John used ruby ​​to do something, causing chaos in the whole world.

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