Under Her Control review & Ending Explained:Is Beatriz dead? Did Sofia get rescued?

Netflix’s “Under Her Control” is a Spanish-language thriller. It covers topics such as immigrant exploitation, surrogacy and motherhood. The plot revolves around two women, Beatriz (Aitana Sánchez-Gijón), a self-made millionaire, and Sofía (Cumelén Sanz), an ambitious immigrant from Buenos Aires. After Sofía got a job at Beatriz’s company, she found out she was pregnant and began to worry that she would be fired, when Beatriz made her an offer she couldn’t refuse… About the ending of the movie “Under Her Control”, Here’s everything you need to know.

Under Her Control review

“Under Her Control” is a slow-paced film that relies heavily on narrative, character building, and mild drama rather than huge thrills and twists. Despite its slow pace, this is a captivating film with dark undertones that grabbed my attention from start to finish. The film depicts the relationship between two very determined and opportunistic women. Thanks to a strong core performance, leads Cumelen Sanz and Aitana Sánchez-Gijón are a nice combination, and the rendition brings heft and depth. They both play hard-hearted characters well, and much of the film’s strength lies in their performances, which inject a lot of energy into the story.

My only problem is that both actors have to wait until the end of the movie to really take their acting up a notch. It’s the story’s problem, not any of the cast’s, it’s just a shame they didn’t get a chance to reach new heights early in the film.

If there’s one major criticism I have of this movie, it’s that I don’t feel like it’s living up to its full potential, certainly not in the climax. With some tweaking, it could be a bit grander and darker, so it does feel like a bit of a missed opportunity. While I’m not entirely convinced that every audience enjoys this Spanish film, Under Her Control worked for me.

Netflix Under Her Control Ending Explained: Is Beatriz dead?

While the moment Beatriz dies is not onscreen, we can safely assume that she will die at the end. We know that Beatriz once lost a child and now has a locked room in the house with all the toys she bought for the child. Beatriz desperately wants to be a mother, but now that she’s older, pregnancy can have many complications for her. Beatriz tries to date, but results on dating apps are rarely what she wants.

From Sofía’s perspective, Beatriz controls every aspect of her life. Sofía cannot leave the yard, which Beatriz claims is for her safety and to keep the pregnancy a secret (deal). After Sofía convinced Tati to show her the locked room, Beatriz fired the Vietnamese woman, further alienating Sofía. Sofía also realised that she was constantly being watched by multiple cameras in the house, and Sofía also discovered that Beatriz had taken her phone.

The power between the two women leans heavily towards Beatriz. Sofía soon realized that she couldn’t leave unless she had a baby. In the end, the two fought and Sofía stabbed Beatriz with scissors. While we didn’t see Beatriz’s death, there’s a good chance it’s happening offscreen.

Is Sofia going to GET arrested? Is Sofia going to die?

When Sofía tried to leave, her water broke. It didn’t take long before she fell to the ground, and the film ended without a firm conclusion. Given that she was in an uninhabited place and had no phone to contact anyone, the chances of her and her child being rescued were slim. However, there’s always the chance that someone will drive by and notice her, and luck often favors the protagonist of the story.

Is Nacho dead?

Yes Nacho is dead. One day, when he realized something was wrong, he stormed Beatriz’s office and forced one of the employees to give Beatriz’s home address. As it turned out, his hunch was correct. He came to Beatriz’s house and spoke to Sofía through the security on the door. At the same time, Beatriz also learned about Nacho’s situation, and just when Nacho tried to call the police, Beatriz drove Nacho to death. Afterwards, she hid Nacho’s body and car.

Under Her Control review & Ending Explained:Is Beatriz dead? Did Sofia get rescued?

Under Her Control Plot

Netflix “Under Her Control” (aka La Jefa). Directed by Fran Torres, the film stars Cumelen Sanz and Aitana Sánchez-Gijón. Sofía is an immigrant from Argentina who came to Madrid in search of a better life. She lives with her boyfriend Nacho (Alex Pastrana), a promising real estate agent. Sofía doesn’t have a college degree, but that didn’t stop her from applying for an internship at Beatriz. She lied about her certificate, but with her composure, Sofía impresses Beatriz and gets an internship.

It didn’t take long for Sofía to prove her worth to Beatriz, who gave the young woman a permanent position, which convinced Sofía that her life would be better. However, she then found out she was pregnant and began to worry that she would lose her job, and her fears grew.

Sofía, a devout Catholic, briefly considered abortion and told a priest about it. The priest told her explicitly that abortion was considered a sin in their faith. Ultimately, she decided not to, and she didn’t tell Nacho. After an accident, Beatriz found out. Beatriz offered to take care of Sofía during her pregnancy and become the child’s mother afterward. Sofía signed the contract after securing double the offer. Sofía agreed to accompany Beatriz during her pregnancy, so the outside world will never know about their arrangement. No matter what, Beatriz will be the mother of the child.

Sofía has also been assured that when this is over, she will still have the job. Now, the only thing she has to deal with is Nacho. Sofía told him that for the company, she went to London for half a year, not because she didn’t love him anymore. Sofía seemed to lie easily, she hadn’t told Nacho she was pregnant. While Nacho expressed his anger and dissatisfaction with the whole thing, he couldn’t do anything else.

Beatriz then took Sofía to a house on the outskirts of the city, and as they entered the compound, Sofía noticed that barbed wire was installed on the surrounding walls. When she woke up the next morning, she met Tati, a Vietnamese chef hired by Beatriz, who spoke neither English nor Spanish.

While Sofía initially enjoyed being in the picturesque house, she gradually realized that she was a glorified prisoner, kept in a golden cage. As she begins to resist, a conflict between her and Beatriz simmers and ends in violence.

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