Vengeance 2022 review:Philosophy is bigger than story

The 2022 film Vengeance is not only written and directed by BJ Novak, but he also starred. The character design is excellent and elevates the basic storyline quite a bit. A lot of times when a director chooses to be in a movie, something can get lost in the process. Fortunately, that’s not the case with Vengeance.

Vengeance tells the story of podcaster and journalist Ben, played by BJ Novak, who tries to find out the details of the murder after the girl he hooked up with dies unexpectedly. The girl’s family thought their relationship was much closer than it actually was because her brother also wanted revenge.

Vengeance 2022 review

The story sounds simple at first, but as the film progresses, many characters elevate it. In addition to BJ Novak, Boyd Holbrook, who played the late girl’s brother, is really handsome. Dove Cameron also starred in the film, but didn’t have enough screen time.

This movie is so real, so scary, so unexpected. The trailer does reveal a little bit about the podcast and how people make up lies and theories, and the film is dark in its final twist. For those who haven’t seen the trailer at all, the movie will have many unexpected points.

The character Ben, while less resonant, is surreal, with a near-perfect arc at the end. What makes the film so thrilling and sometimes terrifying isn’t the jumping horror or the bloody creatures, but how realistic the idea is.

The whole movie revolves around the idea of ​​always sharing, the new age of media, the idea/meaning behind all the story pacing that makes it worth watching. Sometimes you hear the podcast, sometimes you hear the live version of what’s going on, but sometimes both happen at the same time.

Vengeance 2022 review:Philosophy is bigger than story

If you’re a true crime movie fan, this might be for you, but the film definitely has more impact on the philosophical level than the story. The villain of Vengeance is not very good, and while the third act is really good, it will leave a strange feeling to most viewers.

Overall a great movie that connects the state of podcasting with the state of America. All of us who listen to podcasts know that in order to accumulate traffic, analyze various principles and reasons, and accumulate various professional vocabulary and hearsay, which emerge one after another. However, real life is another way of perception, and the sense of fragmentation created here is like the difference between people with different opinions.

Vengeance 2022 Plot Synopsis

B.J. Novak’s debut feature, Vengeance, is a dark comedy thriller about journalist and podcaster Ben Manalowitz, who travels from New York to West Texas to investigate the death of the girl he was dating.

The cast of the 2022 US film Vengeance also includes Issa Rae, Ashton Kutcher, Boyd Holbrook, J. Smith-Cameron and Dove Cameron.

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