Warriors of Future review & ending explained: Great action, weak story

Yesterday, I finished watching the latest release of “Warriors of Future”, and I will briefly talk about my impressions. It is rumored that the cost was 450 million Hong Kong dollars. The reason for seeing this sci-fi Hong Kong film is because the protagonist Gu Tianle himself is a mecha lover, and the dream comes from love. This sentence is not false at all. Let’s talk about my film review views around the three parts of this film.

Warriors of Future review

Warriors of Future CG part

It is mainly produced by Gu Tianle’s own film and television company. In fact, if you look at it as a film, you can really feel the taste of the mainland. Although there is a gap from the first-line level of Hollywood, I think it has reached the highest level of the current stage of Hong Kong films, at least I did not play because of special effects.

The CG production of the fighting scenes is based on the real ones. For example, the protagonist group is driving a car while fighting with robots on the overpass. The buildings next to it are changing, and the weather is also changing. The whole scene is very exciting. The two automatic combat robots, one named Xingtian and the other named Qiongqi, acted as ruthless killing machines throughout the film, and when they debuted, it meant money was burning. The body movements are smooth enough without obvious violations. When fighting with the protagonist wearing armor, it is difficult to tell that it is a special effect synthesis.

Regarding the design of the mecha, it is said that the foreign gods of 3A games are invited to design. I personally feel that the style is strong and metallic, and it tends to be simple and realistic rather than gorgeous and exaggerated. Although the robot fights are synthesized by computer, they are full of blows, and their movements are varied and sharp.

Hong Kong movies have never disappointed the audience in terms of martial arts directing, but I have to point out a flaw, that is, the camera lens is too shaken and shaken during the fight, which makes me feel a little uncomfortable. Panning creates what is called a sense of presence. In fact, many scenes in the film are special effects, city scenery, disaster scenes, air force, alien creatures Pandora, and creeping monsters bred by Pandora, etc. It is no wonder that a 99-minute film takes so long. “Warriors of Future” promotes more than 1,700 special effects shots, a large number of fine and realistic special effects shots, and the construction period is really not a year or two.

Warriors of Future review & ending explained: Great action, weak story

Warriors of Future Actor

Veteran Hong Kong actor group, Gu Tianle, Liu Qingyun, Carina Lau, and Zhang Jiahui starred in friendship. After watching the behind-the-scenes video, Gu Tianle said that he was wearing a 33-pound battle uniform to shoot, and he had to run back and forth desperately. When he and Liu Qingyun were filming, the average age was 50.

A sci-fi movie with such an old protagonist is still a cool movie with action fighting. I only remember Tom Cruise’s “Edge of Tomorrow”. Anyway, I have mixed feelings in my heart. There is really no fresh blood in Hong Kong movies. As for the acting skills, I don’t need to say anything. For these old actors, they are as solid as ever.

Warriors of Future plot

This is the key part I want to evaluate. I can give full marks to the visual effects of “Warriors of Future”, but if a sci-fi film wants to become a classic and be remembered by the audience for a long time, the visual effects are only one of the secondary aspects. The audience’s satisfaction in this area has an obvious upper limit. Examples of sci-fi films with delicate and real special effects, but the box office hit the street, have been common in Hollywood in recent years. A good story with twists and turns is the most important and most moving one. I am so straight to the point, if I score each link of “Warriors of Future”. The special effects are 100 points, I can’t fault the special effects personally, but I really can only give 60 points for the plot, which is barely a passing level.

The whole story has two layers. The first layer talks about the issue of environmental pollution. This time, we have adopted the theme of science fiction films and films about the issue of the global warming effect. The earth in the future will become dilapidated and depressed because of this problem. The future has become a world similar to the unwhite wasteland, and the human army has thus established a protective shield called the sky screen.

The second layer is the part of alien creatures. One day, an inter-type meteorite landed and brought the alien creature Pandora, which was extremely powerful. Occupying the land for a while, seriously threatening the lives of 5.6 million people. Ironically, Pandora has the effect of purifying the air and cannot kill it, but to transform it with genetic weapons. The military leader played by Gu Tianle is responsible for leading the team to carry out this dangerous mission. In the process, he discovered a conspiracy and trick. I believe that you feel that this script lacks innovation and innovation.

In fact, the plot design is too cliché and too mediocre to guess. Who is the human villain, what is the plot reversal, and how the protagonist will escape when his life is in danger, all are expected. No surprises, no wow. The development of the story is as expected, commonly known as the first-class special effects third-class script. I personally feel it is quite a pity. I heard that the script has been changed several times. It can only be understood that the post-production exhausted the vitality of the crew, and there is no extra energy to design a story that is more ups and downs.

Don’t talk about the human part, just talk about the alien creatures that the audience loves to watch. There are actually many points for expansion of a plant-type monster like Pandora, such as its source, its abilities, and its internal structure, but the film seems to only talk about its influence, wasting the hard-working creatures and scene modeling .

In recent years, Hong Kong movies have had a lot of embarrassing plot slots, which made me feel that they were too flattering on the commercial side and abandoned the logical and rational level. Why is there a little girl in a high-risk no-man’s land? How did she survive the monster-infested terrain?

And the setting of the human villain is also very strange. Not only is his motive inexplicable, but his whole existence is very detached. It’s too sloppy and blunt, but I can’t help laughing when I appear on the stage. The one-eyed dragon character played by Jiang Haowen, he used to live in a civilian area, and there are many places that can be expanded, but the film shows very little. In terms of plot, what comforts me is that the protagonist as a soldier has no love scenes, only his family affection. Love scenes only happen to supporting roles, and they are controlled as much as possible.

Warriors of Future ending explained

Judging from the ending of the film, it is obvious that there is a plan for a sequel (rushing out of the earth), and it depends on whether the box office can make a return. To sum up, the advantages and disadvantages of “Warriors of Future” are very obvious. The advantage is that the level of special effects does not live up to expectations, and the mecha battles are hard-core, and the whole process is full of surprises. From start to finish, wave after wave, basically never stopped.

The disadvantage is that the story is weak and cliché, and after reading it, only artillery fire is left in the mind. In addition, limited by the physical environment of Hong Kong, this film gave me the feeling that the map is very small, and there are only a few scenes that come and go. There is no sense of grandeur and grandeur that the whole world is in crisis. This is also the limitation of Hong Kong films. No type of film feels atmospheric enough, it’s like a gunfight movie with infinite bullets. Of course, the biggest shortcoming of this burning cool positioning film is that the duration is too short! 99 minutes is simply not enough to watch! I stopped abruptly when I wanted to explore the world view further. I heard that the original version had 112 minutes, and the public version had 13 minutes deleted for some reason. Maybe it’s the 13 minutes that caused the incoherence and smoothness of the literary drama, and I don’t know if there will be an extended version or the like.


The overall evaluation of the whole film is 10 out of 10, and I am willing to give it a 7.5. If Qiao Ruo can see the sequel in space, I hope that the lack can be made up in the sequel, and give more encouragement and support to the Hong Kong sci-fi works produced by conscience, especially the tickets I bought are very cheap and totally worth the price. Has “Warriors of Future” opened the door to Hong Kong’s science fiction? I’m not good at commenting. I can only comment. It fired the first shot of Hong Kong’s sci-fi cool movie. I can comment responsibly. Viewers who have watched the film can express their opinions in the comment area.

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