Will Tyler and Carly be together in Locke and Key Season 3?

Netflix Locke and Key tells the story of the Locke brothers using the magic key from generation to generation. They use keys for fun, but keys also attract some powerful enemies. The family has suffered a lot along the way, leaving them longing for a normal life before the keys were discovered.

Tyler, the eldest of the Rock family, is particularly focused on living a normal life, even if it means forgetting all keys and magic. Carly in season three gave him hope, and Taylor had to sort out some of Matheson’s problems before they could get together. Has he made it? Is he with Carly? Here’s what you should know.

Will Tyler and Carly be together in Locke and Key Season 3?

Will Locke and Key Season 3 Taylor end up with Carly?

There is a cost to using key magic, and no one knows that better than Tyler Locke. His love life with Jackie was good until the key ruined everything for them. When Dodge managed to get the Devil’s Key, she turned Jackie into a Devil, hoping that through her, she could gain access to Taylor’s siblings. To save her, Tyler created the Alpha Key, which removes the demons from her body. Finally killed the demon, and also killed Jackie.

Tyler blames himself for Jackie’s death because he knows that the only reason Dodge is looking for her is to look for him. If he kept his distance from her, or didn’t tell her about the keys, he might have succeeded in saving her.

Tyler left Keyhouse to travel alone. While working as a construction site worker in Montana, he met Carly. She’s an upbeat person who likes Taylor. Even though he liked her too, he was still haunted by Jackie’s death. So he kept his distance from her. He returns home for Uncle Duncan’s wedding, but the burglary worries his family. So, he decided to stay for a few more days.

During this time, Carly tried to contact him, but he did not return her text messages. Tyler deals with confusion about the magic key and things he can no longer understand as she ponders why he doesn’t get back to her. It’s very similar to what his mother went through in the first two seasons.

With Tyler missing for several days, Carly decided to find out his whereabouts, and one day she popped up at Keyhouse. She was relieved to find Taylor safe and sound. He invites her to come and stay for a few days, especially considering that she runs so far just to make sure he’s okay.

She told Taylor to be kind to his family, thinking he was lucky to have them. Realizing that she was right, he chose to stay and let Carly go back to Montana.

They kissed the last time they met, but Carly was still skeptical about seeing Taylor again. To her surprise, he called her. He plans to return to Montana and find his job again. But before that, he and Carly planned a road trip across the country. Tyler assured the family that he would be home for Kinsey’s birthday, and hinted that Carly might be with him. That means the two of them are clearly together, and Tyler Locke got a happy ending.

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